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Gong Cha’s New Outlet At Takashimaya Sells Only Their Most Popular Drinks With Promos On 7-12 December

Gong Cha has opened at Takashimaya


Update: For 7 Dec only, students can flash their student pass between 3pm-6pm at Gong Cha Takashimaya’s counter to get a $1 Taro drink (M Size)! The promotion is limited to one cup per person.

Bubble tea and I go way back. Before I even had my first boyfriend, BBT took on the role of comforting me on sad days, cheering me on during exams, and walking home with me after school. As Gong Cha was located near both my school and home, it was the one I developed long-lasting feelings for. 

So imagine my sadness when GC was taken over by LiHo earlier this year. And it was such a last-minute announcement at that. To have to say goodbye to my Oolong Milk Tea with Pearl, less ice and 0% sugar level in short notice is a memory I never want to relive. 

gong cha takashimaya open

Needless to say, when Gong Cha reopened at SingPost Centre last week, I fervently Telegrammed the whole world about it. Yet, as someone who lives nowhere near Paya Lebar, I couldn’t bring myself to make an hour-long journey on a very crowded train just to meet my reborn lover.


Gong Cha Takashimaya serves only their top 22 drinks


gong cha new menu

gong cha new drinks

But blessed is me, because that’s not gonna be a problem anymore with Gong Cha opening its second outlet at Takashimaya on 7 Dec! Unlike the SingPost Centre outlet, which is more like a cafe as it offers seats, light bites and Gong Cha cookies you can bring home, the Taka outlet focuses only on 22 of their most popular drinks. Some familiar names are Milk Foam Alisan Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea w 3J, and of course, my beloved Oolong Milk Tea.

gong cha new drinks

Those who like to experiment with new things can check out delicious-sounding concoctions including Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea, Peach Black Tea w Rainbow Jelly, and Milk Foam Black Forest, which I’m definitely getting my hands on ‘cause it sounds like my favourite cake in a cup. 

Plus, there are insane promos for the first six days, which makes the queue extra #worthit.


Opening promos from 7-12 Dec at Gong Cha Takashimaya


gong cha cup tumbler

From 7 to 12 December, the first 99 in line each day will get a free limited edition Gong Cha tumbler (U.P. $12.90) with every purchase of 2 drinks. 

gong cha drinks

The next hundred in the queue will get a free limited edition Gong Cha mug (UP $9.90), also with every 2 drinks purchased. 

If you are number 200 to 400, don’t be sad. Just buy two drinks and you’ll be able to get both upsized for free. Each customer is eligible to purchase a maximum of 2 drinks, so remember to jio your squad down to get more lobangs!

Find out more about Gong Cha’s latest promos!

Address: 391A Orchard Road, Basement 2 (Food Hall), #208-7, Takashimaya Department Store, Singapore 238873

This post was brought to you by Gong Cha.