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11 Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Pamper New Mums, Since The Baby Always Gets All The TLC

Best gifts for new mothers that prioritise self-care

There’s no time more stressful for a mother than the first few months of having a baby, also known as the “fourth trimester”. They’re probably overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and isolated.

If a friend or family member just became a mum recently, it’s time to give them some TLC. Here are some gifts for new mothers they will love, even beyond Mother’s Day.

1. Frank Body – The Baby Mumma Kit 

gifts for new mothers - look fantastic
Image credit: Look Fantastic

Taking care of a baby can be mentally and physically draining, especially for new mums. So why not gift them some at-home pampering? The Baby Mumma Kit ($63) makes for a thoughtful and aesthetically-pleasing gift.

The kit comes with 3 luxurious scrubs: Original Coffee, Coconut Coffee, and Express-o Coffee. It also comes with a sleep mask for your favourite baby mama to catch up on beauty sleep. Plus, the bundle is packed in a cute bag, which they can reuse to transport essentials for their newborns whenever they head out of their homes.

Where to buy: Look Fantastic’s website

2. Aleyda Mobile Spa – At-home postnatal massage

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes one’s body. A non-traditional postnatal and postpartum massage can help alleviate stress and restore one’s body to pre-pregnancy conditions. For those looking to split a gift with friends, treat the new mum in your friend group to an at-home postnatal massage ($199) with Aleyda Mobile Spa.

Image credit: Aleyda Mobile Spa 

They don’t even need to worry about leaving their homes as a certified massage therapist will travel to their location. The package also includes an ergonomic treatment table, fresh spa linen, aromatherapy oil that’s safe for mom and baby, and expert care from a qualified massage therapist.

gifts for new mothers - aleyda mobile spa
Image credit: Aleyda Mobile Spa 

Plus, you can even add on $69 for a medical-grade binder, which will help with recovery after delivery.

Where to buy: Aleyda Mobile Spa

3. Nurture – Digestion + Immunity Gift Pack 

gifts for new mothers - nurture
Image credit: Nurture 

Taking probiotics is essential for mums who have just given birth, especially if they’re breastfeeding. After all, a probiotic can rebalance the gut bacteria and has been shown to reduce the duration and intensity of postpartum depression.

New Zealand-based health brand Nurture has a Digestion + Immunity Gift Pack ($29.95) with 12 probiotic sachets and a stirrer. It comes in an adorably-designed package, too – so you don’t have to spend more on wrapping. The best part is that it’s easy to consume – just add 200ml of water, empty a sachet into a glass, and stir.

Where to buy: Nurture

4. Bynd Artisan – Love, Mum Book 

Image credit: Bynd Artisan 

While the arrival of a new baby is a great time of joy and celebration, the postnatal period can be a lonely and stressful time for new mums. Bynd Artisan’s Love, Mum ($68) is a 21-themed letter kit created by 2 mothers.

Image credit: Bynd Artisan  

Your loved one can flip through the book and find wise quotes and reflections on life topics, from friendships to love, beautifully packaged in single envelopes.

Where to buy: Motherswork

5. Shopee – Mini massage gun 

Image credit: Shopee 

A baby crying in the middle of the night and postpartum body aches can make for a disastrous recipe for new mums. Fortunately, the latter can be alleviated with this mini massage gun ($16.80-$18.80) from Shopee. They’re portable and especially great for backs and legs post-pregnancy.

It has different massage heads to choose from: ball head, air head, bullet head, and U-shaped head – to adapt to various muscle groups. Plus, your loved one can easily switch between 6 different speed frequencies.

Where to buy: Shopee

6. Fourth Wellness – Restore Kit C-Section & Vaginal birth kit  

gifts for new mothers - fourth wellness
Image credit: Fourth Wellness 

Fourth Wellness has Restore Kits for C-section ($49) and vaginal birth ($56), for some self care for mums. The C-section kit comes with Bare Mum Herbal Postpartum Pads to provide healing comfort in the middle of postpartum bleeding, a Lavender Flax Seed Eye Pillow and Perineal Wash Bottle. Meanwhile, the vaginal birth kit includes an Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray, which provides extra relief to the sensitive perineal area.

Image credit: Fourth Wellness

For both kits, there’s even the option to add a handwritten personalised greeting card as well as a 2NutGuys Mummy’s Nutmond Butter for $28.90.

Where to buy: Fourth Wellness

7. Sojao – Organic Cotton Women’s Lounge Pants 

Image credit: Sojao 

If your new mum is going through confinement, a period for them to recuperate from childbirth, they’ll appreciate loungewear that are both stylish and comfy. Let us present to you these organic cotton lounge pants ($52) by local brand Sojao. Yes, the same ones known for their super chio bedsheets.

They come in 5 different colours: stone, navy, cloud, ice, and forest. And they can even be paired with a matching loungewear shirt ($70).

Where to buy: Sojao

9. Wonderbly – Personalised Survival Guide for New Mums 

gifts for new mothers - jessica's survival guide
Image credit: Wonderbly 

For an adorable coffee table book that might make your new mum chuckle, check out Wonderbly’s Personalised Survival Guide for New Mums ($52.99). It’s not another generic book either, you can personalise it by adding your friend’s name and customising her character, including personalising the outfit. Think of it like building a character on The Sims.

gifts for new mothers - book
Image credit: Wonderbly

You can even add her partner’s name and character, as well as baby’s name, character, and gender. But that’s not all – you can write a loving dedication that will be printed on the first page for free, as well as a choice of 4 colours for the cover.

Where to buy: Wonderbly

10. Weavve – Weighted blanket 

Image credit: Shopee

Forget 8 hours of sleep, sometimes new mums would be lucky to even get 2-3 hours, especially when they’re taking care of their baby all night. So, it’s important to get some quality rest when they do get some snooze time.

That’s why a weighted blanket (from $189.05) from Weavve makes for a thoughtful gift. Instead of cotton, weighted blankets contain materials like glass beads to make them heavier, resulting in weight that’s evenly distributed across the body for a deep touch pressure.

Weavve has different blankets in different sizes and weights – Single (3kg and 5kg), Super Single (5kg and 7kg), Queen (7kg and 9kg), and King (9kg and 11kg).

Where to buy: Shopee

10. Eu Yan Sang – Traditional Essence of Chicken 6’s

gifts for new mothers - eu yan sang
Image credit: Eu Yan Sang 

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with chicken essence. It’s a great, practical gift for new mums as it helps them recover from childbirth, providing them with the nutrients they need to support their milk supply.

Eu Yan Sang’s Traditional Essence of Chicken ($19.90) comes in a pack of 6. It’s the only essence of chicken in Singapore that does not contain caramel colouring and is certified halal, which makes it suitable for Muslim friends.

Where to buy: Eu Yan Sang 

11. Hegen – Breast milk storage system ($50) 

gifts for new mothers - hegen​​​
Image credit: @hegen via Instagram

We know what you may be thinking, gifting a breast storage milk system may be a little too TMI. But hear us out, Hegen’s breast milk storage system ($50) is actually a practical gift for breastfeeding mums. They come in a 4-pack of 150ml air-tight storage containers, perfect for the baby’s first few months of feeding and breast milk storage.

And when the baby grows older, the containers can easily be repurposed as snack boxes for their child. You can also add a gift message on the packaging for $1.

Purchase from: Hegen

Get these gifts for new mums 

Childbirth is a beautiful time that should be celebrated, and that includes the new mother as well. WIth these gift ideas for new mums, you no longer have to wrack your brains thinking about what to get your loved one.

If gift giving is your love language, check out the best Mother’s Day deals or gift ideas for difficult people in your life.

Cover image adapted from: Aleyda Mobile Spa & Fourth Wellness