Get rid of lizards with these easy affordable methods

Ways To Get Rid Of Lizards
Get rid of lizards
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Happily dwelling in the corners of our homes, the dreadful lizard wreaks havoc by making unwelcome appearances when we least expect. No matter how many times people say lizards are harmless, let’s face it: they’re still classified as creepy crawlies.

To see an unwanted scaly guest scurrying across your floor is terrifying indeed. So let us end this uprising, once and for all with these ways that can help get rid of lizards.

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1. High-frequency electronic pest repellers

electronic ultrasonic pest repeller

Image credit: Lazada

Technology saves the day yet again with this ultrasonic insect repellent machine, which works by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves that drive away pests. All you have to do is plug it into a wall socket.

This is a non-toxic alternative that’s harmless to humans and pets. You can buy this from Shopee at $4.73.

2. Lemongrass essential oil or tea bags

Lemongrass tea leaves can help get rid of lizards

Lemongrass is a spa essential, can be made into a soothing drink, and most importantly, is a natural insect repellent. Fresh lemongrass or lemongrass essential oil is generally more effective in repelling lizards, but a cheaper and more accessible alternative would be to use lemongrass tea leaves.

Simply place the tea leaves in small bowls around your house and replace them every couple of days. The smell will keep lizards out and make your house smell like a spa at the same time. 

3. Ridsect Lizard Repellent

Image credit: NTUC Fairprice

Lest karma strikes and you end up as a lizard in your next life, here is a product that offers a more “humane” alternative to getting rid of lizards – that is, one that doesn’t kill them. 

Ridsect is a repellant that keeps lizards from clinging onto your wall surface. Just spray this on walls, lights and entry points of your home to prevent the lizard from entering. You can get this spray at NTUC Fairprice for $13.30

3. Spicy ingredients like tabasco sauce and chili peppers

Tabasco sauceImage credit: @SauceDuChef

Lizards are deathly afraid of spicy scents and will scurry away when they encounter a lethal dose of Tabasco. Mix Tabasco sauce and pepper for a potent blend of spiciness, and spray this diabolical brew in nooks and crannies that lizards love to chill at.

4. Magnetic insect screens for windows

magnetic windows get rid lizardsImage credit: Removable Insect Screens

Lizards are pros at scaling walls, making the windows of our HDBs an ideal entry point. Save yourself the trouble of running around the house with a can of pest spray, and invest in magnetic window seals instead. 

With magnetic strips around its frame, the mesh netting easily snaps into place over your window. These are 90% invisible, easy to install, and will still allow your house to have proper ventilation. 

5. Naphthalene balls

napthalene balls get rid lizards
Image credit: Shopee

Also known as mothballs, these pellets are cheap and effective in helping to get rid of lizards as well as other pests. That being said, mothballs are poisonous, so keep them out of reach of children and pets.

6. Garlic and onions

onions and garlic get rid lizardsImage credit : @ mybrightlife_gillsmulders

As much as onions and garlic are essential for adding flavour to dishes, they’re a huge turn off for lizards. Just hang garlic around the house or keep cloves of garlic near doors and windows to keep them away.

7. Eggshells

Birds are natural predators to lizards and using unwashed eggshells will trick lizards into thinking that they are in dangerous bird territory. So after cooking your breakfast omelette, wipe the shells dry and put them in lizard hotspots around your place!

8. Coffee powder

Image credit: Eat Your Coffee

Even though freshly brewed coffee is one of the best smells to us, lizards abhor it and will stay as far as possible from the smell. Place a bowl of coffee powder or freshly used grounds into a bowl to get rid of lizards lingering on your walls.

9. Cold water

Cold water get rid lizards
Image credit: IKEA

Yes, you read that right. Lizards are cold-blooded creatures that prefer warm environments so spraying them with ice-cold water can get them to skedaddle. Besides, it’s a more humane way of getting rid of them than using poison.

10. Lizard Trapping Box

lizard trapping box get rid lizards
Image credit: NTUC Fairprice

If nothing seems to be working, a good ol’ lizard trapping box will get the job done. Simply follow the instructions to make the box and place it at areas where you usually find lizards. 

Easy hacks to get rid of lizards

 While your home may be seemingly infested with lizards, it might not be necessary to call in a pest exterminator. Simple methods like these can go a long way in keeping your house pest free.

Original article published by Natalie Khoo on 16th March 2018. Last updated by Clarice Chua on 20th April 2020.