Gem Cat Cafe in Jalan Besar, Singapore

There are only 2 types of people in the world – those who love cats and those who haven’t actually played with a cat before. If you fall in the first group, skip ahead to the good stuff. And if you belong to the second one, we’re quite sure you’ll change your mind about the feline kind once you visit Gem Cat Cafe.

Play & cuddle with British shorthair cats

Most cat cafes in Singapore will feature a variety of cats under one roof, but not Gem Cat Cafe. All 6 of their cats are British shorthairs. If you’re chronically online, yes, this is the same breed as the meme cat that can has cheezburger.

gem cat cafe - british shorthair cat
Image credit: @gem_stone_village via Instagram

These cats are easily identifiable by their round faces, big eyes, and thick fur. Together, they make one for one adorable kitty.

gem cat cafe - cute british shorthair cat
Image credit: @gem_stone_village via Instagram

If you aren’t charmed by their cute looks, they’ll win you over with their personality. British shorthair cats can be quite affectionate and appreciate a cuddle or two.

gem cat cafe - pick up british shorthair cats
Image adapted from:
@gem_stone_village via Instagram, Kang Jonathan via Google Maps

In fact, Gem Cat Cafe allows patrons to pick up the cats for a hug. Just be sure to follow proper holding techniques demonstrated by the staff and you’re likely to get a purr out of the cats.

They’re also playful things and enjoy chasing after string toys and batting at feathers. You’ll find plenty of such cat toys available at the cafe, so pick one, wiggle them about, and watch the cats go ham.

Get a free scoop of gelato or feast on warm toasties at the cafe

Even if you’re not that into cats, the cafe is vibe-y enough to chill at with its raw industrial aesthetic thanks to its exposed concrete, wood flooring, and warm lighting.

gem cat cafe - front interior
Image adapted from: @gem_stone_village via Instagram

The cafe is split into 2 parts, mainly to keep cats and guests in separate groups so the kitties don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of people. But each side also has its own IG-worthy photo ops. Over in the front is a giant cat statue decked out in streetwear, while the back has fairy lights strewn across the ceiling and a leafy tree. 

gem cat cafe - scratching post tree
Image credit: Gem Cat Cafe via Google Maps

The tree is meant to be a scratching post for the cats but it’s aesthetically pleasing enough that you’ll want a snap in front of it.

gem cat cafe - interior with cats
Image credit: Kang Jonathan via Google Maps

It’s a cafe so naturally there’ll be food and drinks. Entry fee ($15/hour, $25/2 hours) includes a free scoop of gelato. If that’s not filling enough, get toast sandwiches ($6.50) that come with fillings like bolognese beef, chicken ham with scrambled eggs, and tuna mayo. Wash that all down with drinks such as black or white coffee (from $4), fruit teas ($5), and homemade sodas ($4.50).

Visit Gem Cat Cafe to play with British shorthairs

If your only exposure to cats are the ones living at the HDB void deck or videos on the internet, it might be time to get face-to-face action with them at Gem Cat Cafe. With their friendly demeanour, you’ll soon realise there’s a cat person within you.

Book a reservation to Gem Cat Cafe here

Address: 107 Desker Road, Singapore 209629
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12pm-10pm | Sat-Sun 10am-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 9677 2851 | Gem Cat Cafe website

Cover image adapted from: @gem_stone_village via Instagram, Kang Jonathan via Google Maps

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