Fried chicken delivery in Singapore

We all take our health seriously but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in a bucket of fried chicken. Spicy wings, soy garlic tenders, and honey-coated drumettes – they’ve all won our hearts a million times over. Pair them with a side of mash or coleslaw and we’ll be overjoyed in a split second.

We’ve rounded up 8 fried chicken stores in Singapore and all of them deliver straight to your doorstep. With super affordable delivery prices, there’s every reason why you’ll be ordering fried chicken everyday. Winner, winner, chicken dinner indeed.

P.S.: You can find all these fried chicken stores on foodpanda – many have free delivery and affordable bundle meals!

1. Texas Chicken – crispy chicken tenders

Image credit: @makankhakis

Texas Chicken is an all-time favourite, mostly for their fried chicken that comes exceptionally crispy and tender. They occasionally have unique seasonal flavours: we’ve tried their Korean Sticky Chicken and Mala Chicken, and both come packed with savoury goodness.

Fried chicken - Texas Chicken

Image credit: @sm.theheartyeater

Choose one of their many combos – their 3 Piece Chicken Meal ($11.20) is a classic set that comes with a mashed potato, honey butter biscuit, and drink. If you’re sharing with a large group of people, they’ve also got party sets with 25 pieces of crispy chicken.

Order Texas Chicken here.

2. Bonchon – spicy Korean fried chicken

Fried chicken - Bonchon

Bonchon offers more than just your regular fried chicken – it’s a Korean joint that offers fusion dishes like Breaded Mushroom Rice Balls ($9.52) and Fried Mandu (Korean dumplings, $9.52). But of course, it’s their fried chicken that’s the star of the show. With glazes like Soy Garlic and Spicy Sauce, every bite promises a savoury kick.

Fried chicken - Bonchon

There’s an array of fried chicken to try: Boneless Chicken (from $13.80), Whole Chicken Parts (from $18.08), and Wings (from $9.52). For a hearty meal, order up some Korean stew too – they’ve got the likes of Spicy Chicken (from $17.01) and Budae Jigae Army Stew ($31.99).

Order from Bonchon here.

3. Arnold’s Fried Chicken – homegrown & halal

Fried chicken - Arnold's Fried Chicken

Image credit: @stephanielikeit

Singapore might be renowned for their chicken rice, but homegrown halal Arnold’s Fried Chicken proves that our little red dot does their fried chicken perfectly too. All our greatest fried chicken fears – dry, undercooked, tasteless – are soundly put to rest. The fried chicken here has a crunchy crisp outside but is oh so tender on the inside.

Fried chicken - Arnold's Fried Chicken

Order a Couple Meal ($23.10) to share between 2 – it comes with 5 pieces of fried chicken, and sides like coleslaw and mashed potato. They also offer sides like Spiral Fries ($3.60), Onion Rings ($3.60), and their signature Fried Bun ($0.60).

Order Arnold’s Fried Chicken here.

4. Jollibee – the Philippines’ most famous fast food chain

Fried chicken - Jollibee

Image credit: @jollibee

This fast food joint from the Philippines is undoubtedly one of the more famous fried chicken chains out there. They’ve got a huge array of dishes with everything from peach mango pies to chicken sandwiches, but it’s their ChickenJoy that has our full respect.

Fried chicken - Jollibee

Image credit: @foodmeetsmarc

Like KFC, it comes served in a bucket filled with piping hot fried chicken. The batter’s perfectly crisp, and there’s even a small dish of chicken gravy for you to dip into. Order up the 6 Piece ChickenJoy Bucket (from $18.50) – it’s ideal for 4 people to dig into and you can also choose either Rice or Spaghetti.

Order Jollibee here.

5. Popeyes – Sides like Cajun cheese fries & sweet biscuits

Fried chicken - Popeyes

There something addictive about the fried chicken that hails from Louisiana – it must be some sort of secret ingredient since they’ve got the deep-fried crispness and flavour down pat. But over at Popeyes, it’s not just the chicken that we’re gushing over. Their sides are equally delicious, with Cajun Cheese Fries ($4.40) and Biscuits ($1.70).

Fried chicken - Popeyes

Split the Friend’s Combo ($20) between 2 – it has just the right amount of food with 2 pieces of fried chicken, 4 tenders, and an array of sides like biscuits and cajun fries. They occasionally release special flavours too: try their Spicy Coconut Chicken Waffle Set ($13.50)* – it comes with a fusion mix of coconut, kaya, and nacho cheese.

*Available till 13th May 2019.

Order Popeyes here.

6. 4Fingers – crackly fried chicken skin

Fried chicken - 4Fingers

As a homegrown brand, 4Fingers has certainly gained a solid rep in the fried chicken world. It knows exactly what our local tastebuds crave: spicy, with plenty of flavour. With choices like Soy Garlic and Hot & Spicy, the chicken here comes unlike other fried chicken joints – the skin’s fried to a crackly texture and the meat separates easily from the bone.

Fried chicken - 4Fingers

They’re generous with their seasoning and the best part is – there’s no MSG at all!

You can order their wingettes and drumettes separately but go with the combo meal to add on a fries and drink. If you’re throwing a party, they also have conveniently massive sets that range from 50 pieces ($62.15) to 150 pieces ($162.95). Besides fried chicken, they also do chicken burgers like the B.F.F. (from $8.95) which comes with a hearty chicken chop drizzled with roasted sesame dressing.

Order 4Fingers here.

7. Jinjja Chicken – kimchi salt chicken

Fried chicken - Jinjja Chicken

Image credit: @eatttraveljoy

We just can’t get enough of Korean fried chicken, and Jinjja Chicken knows exactly that. With their range of flavours, from Soy Garlic to Yangyeom (Sweet & Spicy), there’s an abundance of flavourful fried chicken to try. We’re eyeing the Kimchi Salt K-Pop Chicken ($4.50) for its subtly spicy and savoury flavour.

Fried chicken - Jinjja Chicken

Image credit: @pamelachuaaa

They also have a range of Korean-inspired sides, such as Sesame Seaweed Fries (from $2.50) and Chicken Kimbap (from $7.90). For larger groups, order up their sets: the Big Bang Set A ($44.90) includes 16 Jinjja wings, 4 drumsticks, and a variety of other sides including 4 drinks.

Order Jinjja Chicken here.

8. Wing Zone – boneless wings

Fried chicken - Wing Zone

One of the classics when it comes to fried chicken in Singapore: Wing Zone. One impressive dish here is their Boneless Wings, a brilliant feat when it comes to enjoying fried chicken without getting down and dirty. Prices range from $8.45 for 6 pieces to $20.95 for 16 pieces.

They’ve also got hand-breaded chicken tenders that are marinated for at least 24 hours, and a wide range of burgers – the Cheesy Mozzarella Burger ($9.95) looks especially delish.

Order Wing Zone here.

Bonus: Vatos Urban Tacos

Fried chicken - Vatos Urban Tacos

While Vatos Urban Tacos is the go-to spot for Korean and Mexican fusion cuisine, they also deliver up an excellent fried chicken choice: Honey Tequila Chicken Wings ($20.33). These come coated in an equally sweet and spicy sauce – made from honey tequila – with a generous scattering of jalapeno peppers.

Fried chicken - Vatos Urban Tacos

There’s even a dollop of blue cheese dipping sauce on the side for added flavour. The perfect option if you’re looking for something more exotic.

Order Vatos Urban Tacos here.

Fried chicken delivery with foodpanda

foodpanda - fried chicken delivery

Food delivery is undeniably a godsend, especially when your stomach’s growling and you’re already all snug and cosy in your PJs. And one thing’s for sure: there’s nothing better than tucking into a bucket of fried chicken when you’re streaming the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

foodpanda - fried chicken delivery

You can opt out of using plastic cutlery with foodpanda

With foodpanda’s wide array of food delivery, it’s never been easier to get fresh, piping-hot food right at your doorstep. Whether it’s Jollibee’s delish fried chicken with gravy or Wing Zone’s boneless wings, you’ll get a hearty chicken dinner meal right in front of you in no time.

As an exclusive for all TSL readers, use the code “TSL” to get $10 off your first foodpanda order*!

*Min. order of $25. New foodpanda customers only. Valid till 31st December 2019.

foodpanda - fried chicken delivery

You might even get free delivery too – depending on how far the restaurant is from you. Even when ordering during peak dinner hours between 6PM to 8PM, there aren’t any surge charges whatsoever! With such affordable delivery, it’s super convenient to order up a feast of fried chicken, no matter if you’re ordering for yourself or a party of people.

Order fried chicken with foodpanda here

This post was brought to you by foodpanda. 
Photo credit: Aisyah Sham and Wei Shin Heng.

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