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The comfort of an ergonomic chair accompanied by an air-conditioned office is the perfect atmosphere for sleep work. However, unless your morning cup of coffee is spiked with Red Bull, it’s common to feel sleepy in the office by 3pm. Some of us even function a lot better outside of a super rigid office environment. I know I’m one of them.

As cool millennials, we gravitate to occupations that grant flexibility to own our schedules and work that’s fulfilling. Sure, admin work is to be expected in every job, but you shouldn’t be confined to it! This compilation of career options prove that jobs don’t have to be desk-bound or caged within rigid working hours. Plus, they pay well. *Throws fist in the air*


1. Event Planner


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

Planning weddings, promoting concerts and organising conferences are all part of event planning. An events planner’s day is never dull, in fact, most of them succumb to Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Despite this, a good event planner is padded from head to toe with plan Bs and Cs and Ds. The show must always go on. 

Don’t be fooled, while the job keeps you working on your iPads and smartphones, it’s not desk-less. You just don’t get to see much of it. It’s the perfect career for anyone who can’t stand sitting (mind the oxymoron) for hours.


2. Freelancer


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

Writing, designing, producing music, coding, and even being a handyman can all be done on a freelance basis. Focus your efforts on polishing up a skill you have till it’s second nature to you, that way you’ll be confident in your ability to meet any client’s needs.

Beyond your new found freedom, freelancing can be both unpredictable and tiresome – especially when it comes to securing new gigs. But here’s a heads up: it’s not impossible to earn a living from freelance work alone. Take it from this guy earning $4,000 a month, grocery shopping for strangers!


3. Cabin Crew


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

Being a cabin crew member is the epitome of a non-9-to-6 job, working only when allocated a flight. The perks are aplenty, like having a mini holiday while waiting for your return flight, lull days of rest between flights, and not needing to bring work back home.

At the core of it all, life as a cabin crew member empowers the travel addicts, and opens for them new doors to the world, giving them the chance to see and experience the world and its cultures first hand. The job’s base salary isn’t the best, but the allowances that accompany certainly are. Be thrifty in your spending so your allowances adds up to a second salary!


4. Outdoor Camp Instructor


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal
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As someone who’s worked for various camps and guided many outdoor activities, I can attest that being an outdoor camp instructor requires tenacity to battle serious challenges along the way. It’s the complete opposite of a sedentary 9-to-6 job, suited for those not keen on enlisting in the military.

Outdoor camp instructor have a knack for nurturing others and you’ll get to impart important life values into camp participants. Land expeditions, sea expeditions, high rope obstacle courses, and campfire nights are what you’ll enjoy in your career. It’s a physically-intense job that runs on energy and self-reflection.


5. Travel Guide


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

A tour guide is to his group, what a shepherd is to his flock. The occupation nurtures you to be well-versed culturally and passionate about the forgotten stories of different places. You lead a group as a spokesperson that breathes life where there’s none, dropping truth bombs about our history.

The title of the job screams, “get up and get busy!” so your cubicle will be the least of your office possessions. The job scope may also include leading a cycling tour around the island so keep an open mind at the opportunities you’ll experience!


6. Food Writer


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

There is nothing better than being paid to eat – it’s like winning life’s jackpot. Food writers have the stomach for gastronomical adventures, penning down their perspectives, meticulously reviewing food down to its aftertaste. You’ll receive countless invitations to try out amazing food in a week, all of them trying to ply you with treats just to get on your good side. 

Join a media publication with a food section, or go solo and ride the food-blog wave. Either way, you’ll have a ball of a time – and a belly if you’re not careful. Just note, you’re a journalist nonetheless, so be tactful when expressing your experience. Bashing restaurants for their unsatisfying service will seem unruly but being too positive deems you unauthentic. 


7. Deck Cadet Onboard A Cruise 


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

A cruise has its own ecosystem of careers. From marine operations, to hotel operations and entertainment – there’s a whole range of career options just waiting for you on board. And whenever you’re feeling stifled, the fresh smell of the ocean and the cool breeze will awaken your senses.

It’s one of the many great perks of working on a luxurious cruise – and your bragging right!

fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal


8. Fashion Advisor


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

A fashion advisor is more than just someone with a good fashion sense. In this role, you’ll have to be mindful of the client’s body shape and type, note their fashion preferences and give clothing suggestions that best illustrate your advice.

fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal
Source: @tippytoess

Fashion advisors work flexibly, managing makeovers, accompanying the client on personalised shopping trips, and offering them wise words of wisdom. The satisfaction of fulfilling someone else’s life-changing needs will ensure you grow passionate for the job with every passing day. 


9. Front Office Manager


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

As the front office manager, you’re the face of the hotel and the first impression for your guest. Depending on the hotel you’re employed in, you may either work business hours or on shift. You’re never seated at the desk, but out interacting with guests, picking up calls at the reception, aiding your team on the ground, and supervising the overall quality of the rooms. 

It’s a job for those that can perform under pressure and humble enough to walk the ground to get to know co-workers and guests.


10. Financial Consultant 


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

If having the flexibility of owning your daily schedule is precious, this is the job for you. Staying self-governed allows you to juggle family commitments and self-enriching activities while helping your clients achieve their long term protection and financial goals. It’s a job that not only enriches your life, but also your clients’! 


Jobs Without Boundaries


fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

A financial consultant’s ability to customise work days opens up to a good mix of freedom and corporate involvement. Large corporations like Prudential recognize the efforts of every Financial Consultant, and provide rewards including incentive trips for those who strive especially hard to qualify for them. 

fresh grad jobs singapore thesmartlocal

Prudential values training and development, so even newbies are fully equipped for the role. This is an enriching job for fresh grads who seek non 9-6 positions with a purpose, or those looking for a career switch. Not everyone gets it right the first time when it comes to embarking on a career, but Prudential helps to pave an alternative path. 

Learn more about a career with Prudential as a Financial Consultant here!

Do yourself a favour and pursue a career that prioritises your welfare and work-life balance. There are so many fulfilling jobs out there that can give you just as good work exposure and grounding as 9-to-6 corporate jobs. 

This post was brought to you by Prudential.

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