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abalone instant noodles

Fortune Has Instant Baby Abalone Noodles With Real Shredded Scallop Bits, Sure To Impress Your Parents

Fortune Baby Abalone Instant Noodles

There’s no denying that noodles have a rep for being cheap, quick-fix meals. But it’s also one of the few varieties of food that can get rid of those random midnight hunger pangs. One way you can elevate this simple dish into a shiok gourmet meal is with Fortune’s Baby Abalone Noodles.

No, this isn’t just your ordinary abalone-flavoured pack of carbs. Each box comes with a can of juicy baby abalones and scallop shrimp roe noodles with bits of shredded scallop for an extra atas touch.

Choose from three different abalone flavours – mala, braised, and mushroom

fortune baby abalone instant noodles

Rather than just serving you one standard pack of abalone-flavoured noodles, Fortune’s Baby Abalone Noodles comes in three savoury flavours: Mala, Braised, and Mushroom. It’s also slightly pricier than the selection available at your mama shop at $10.90 per box, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a similar upgrade to this humble dish without breaking the bank.

huge baby abalone

This is also one of the few instances of the packaging showing abalone with the noodles and including said abalone too. Each box comes with three – four thick and succulent baby abalones that are chewy and briny. We were also pleasantly surprised at the above-average size of these abalones – they definitely were not as baby-sized as we thought it was.

You also don’t need to deal with any messy seasoning packs as the flavours come from the same sauce that the baby abalones are braised in.

baby abalone instant noodles
The mushroom-flavoured noodles also have real mushrooms included

While the braised and mushroom flavours are pretty classic when paired with abalone, the mala flavour also complements the molluscs well. It was more ma than la which allowed even the spicy-food nooba.k.a. yours truly – to enjoy the noodles without having to rush for a cup of milk.

You can also garnish the noodles with some easy-to-cook veggies like bok choy or chye sim so each plate looks fancy and has some nutrients so you don’t feel as guilty pigging out on an instant meal at 2AM in the morning.

Premium scallop shrimp roe instant noodles that cooks in 3 mins

cooking noodles

The springy noodles provided are also unlike your typical quick-fix noodles. Each pack of Fortune’s scallop shrimp roe noodles includes real bits of shredded scallop that gives it a more fragrant and appetising bite.

Plus, they can be cooked in just three minutes just like how you would your go-to pack of noodles. Except that the noodle water that you’d normally drain down the sink can also be made into a hearty bowl of soup to accompany your meal, thanks to the flavour from the shrimp roe and scallop bits.

eating springy instant noodles
Don’t just drain the soup away – the scallop flavours make it a great side dish to accompany the dry noodles.

Enjoy an atas meal at home with Fortune Baby Abalone Instant Noodles

fortune baby abalone instant noodles

You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen slogging over a variety of delicacies just to impress your friends and family with a gourmet meal. Sometimes keeping it simple works just as well, and what is simpler than whipping up a serving or two of Fortune’s Baby Abalone Noodles?

In a few short minutes, you can serve up a few bowls with different flavours without worrying about cross-contamination as you only toss in the sauce after cooking the noodles, saving you time and effort from having to clean different pots and pans. The generous amount of abalone included also makes it well worth your money at just $10.90 per box.

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Photography by Natalie Ng.