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Fit To Win X Nikki Utley Workshop

About Fit To Win at Physical ABuse


Gym, Exercise & Fitness. 

These are the three words which could have gotten me running for the hills if I heard them used in a sentence. I got to be honest here. I’m not an athletic. I’m not an exercising kind of person. In fact, back in my days in secondary school, I’ll give all sort of excuses to get out of PE, Physical Education, yet alone go to a gym willingly… at least that was two years ago.

So what changed? Actually, I’m not quite sure too. I guess after I started to intern in an office thus super gluing my butt to the chair for eight hours a day I finally saw the light. A human body is not built to be in a specific position for long hours. This is not only bad for your health, it’s also bad for your mental wealth being.

In layman terms, I gained weight therefore it was time to get my fat ass moving.


And that is why I recently attended the Fit to Win x Nikki Utley fitness workshop held at Physical ABuse.


What is Fit to Win?


Fit to Win is a fitness campaign formed by undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University to help Singaporeans get healthy and fit. The unique thing about this project is although it’s concept was sparked from DietBet; an initiative from United States, Fit To Win was kind enough to sponsor these participants through 8 weeks of Fitness Classes and convivial activities ranging from Zumba to Rock Climbing.

The basic concept of this program was for participants to bet that they could lose 5% of their body mass after 2 months of healthy eating and exercising. Each bet costs SGD 20. This money will be collected in a pot and at the end of this movement, those who have lost 5% of their weight successfully will get to split the pot equally. On top of that, the top 3 biggest ‘losers’ will receive prizes worth up to SGD 3000.


Who is Nikki Utley?



Besides being a bodybuilder and a celebrity trainer, Nikki is also America’s Most Fit Reality TV Producer, Rocco Remi Hair Spokesmodel, Partner of Physical ABuse & Ambassador for Fit To Win Singapore 2014. 

The most shocking part about her is not the awards or the reputable name she have given herself. In fact, its her age. She just turn 40. Looking nothing like a forty year old, I envy her as she hopped around in a jovial manner and started sharing how she was from a family of obese people.

It was enlightening to know that although one may come from a family with unhealthy habits, you can always start to learn and adopt the right ones.


For our warmups, we were required to gather in a circle, do jumping jacks, squats and finally stretch for the sky and recite this motivational quote, “I am Great! I am strong! I can do Anything!”

The purpose of repeating this phrase over and over is for each participant to have the drive not only to hit their targeted weight, but to achieve whatever they hope to achieve in life.

Thereafter, we were given a short break from the workout while Nikki explained and demonstrated why many of us, like her past self are imbalanced.


We were told to balance on on foot for this activity.


Important Lessons and Tips


Many of us walk around our lives standing on one foot. We often find ourselves depositing our passion, time and energy into one component in our lives and allow every other aspect to fade away. What we are yet to realize is that this problem is causing an imbalance in our lives.

We need to learn to plant both feet on the ground and make a commitment to balance between spiritual wealth, friendship, family and career all at the same time. When that day comes, we can finally find the long lost happiness which we are all looking for.

In other to achieve your goal to be committed to something there are five key components which one must remember:

  1. Constancy – Be constant about your healthy habits daily in order to keep your commitment.
  2. Motivation – Use the word Can instead of Can’t.
  3. Discipline – Apply the concept of brushing your teeth into working out and eating healthy to form a healthy habit.
  4. Mindset – Having a glass half full kind of mindset instead of a glass half empty.
  5. Never ever give up.


Trust me, you DON’T want to try the apple cider vinegar.

Subsequently, it’s finally time for the Healthy Eating section of the workshop. Seen from above, we were accustomed to lots of health snacks and drinks.


One of the recipes which she showed us was an alternative to plain water. All you have to do is slice up a lemon and a cucumber, throw them in some plain water, leave them in the fridge overnight and you are done.

If you like to spice up the drink a little more, add some mint leaves in. This drink is not only refreshing and flavorful, it’s also a great cure for bloating.


If you are not a fan of liquids for a cure for bloating, try some fruits. This delightfully luscious watermelon can not only cure your thirst but it also help with your bloating.

If you have not noticed, the key to release bloating is water. Water is in fact a key component for us to not only release toxic but to have baby smooth skin.


Berries are also useful for as anti-oxidants they help eliminate diseases. Although they may have low sugar and low calories, it’s rather important that you do not consume too much of them. As mentioned from the start, it’s important to have a balance not only to your life but for the amount of food you consume.

b2ap3_thumbnail_quinoa-seeds.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_rice.jpgAs a person who doesn’t really fancy rice, I got to say this are some yummy tasting seeds!

For a deliciously healthy meal, one can simply cook up these intriguing looking quinoa seeds as a substitute for plain rice.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dukkah-mix.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_dukkah.jpgApart from snacks and meals, Nikki also gave us a topping recipe, Dukkah, to help keep our meals scrumptious and one which we would covet for.


Prizes and Games



Consequently from the food testing, we were randomly divided to 2 teams and were to challenge each other. Our challenges include shuttle run, bunny hop, side hop and more.

b2ap3_thumbnail_SItups.JPGThank god I’m not the captain or I’ll start panting after 3.

At the end of the challenges, we had a breakeven and we resolute that our team captains shall battle out our scores via sit ups. After 60 excruciating sit ups later, team one was crowned the winner!

b2ap3_thumbnail_raffle-time.jpgNikki managed to fulfill her dream by appearing on the cover of Fitness X magazine.

It’s time for the lucky draw prizes for the attendees of the workshop!

b2ap3_thumbnail_winners.jpgWith so many prizes to give out, I managed to do a happy dance with Nikki while I won myself one too.

Real exclamation coming from my end when they announced my name: HUH? Oh okay.


At the end of the session there were still 10 minutes to spare, therefore Nikki managed to demonstrate to us how to prepare this amazingly mellow drink using the blender.


Groupie picture time!


The workshop In a Nutshell


Overall I enjoyed hearing Nikki supporting and enlightening us throughout our workshop. I genuinely had fun running around and doing various exercise while working as a team with random strangers altogether.

The fact that I managed to bring back great nutrition tips which I can apply to the preparation of my meals is an added bonus. Say bye bye to the unhealthy snacks accumulated in my cupboard and a big HELLO to my new and improved hearty goodies!


Before I end, here’s a shot with me and Nikki Utley AKA America’s Most Fit Reality TV Producer, Rocco Remi Hair Spokesmodel, Partner of Physical ABuse & Ambassador for Fit To Win Singapore 2014!

If you’ll like to watch a short video that summarises the activties of the workshop, here it is:


Want to join Fit to Win?


Unfortunately, this campaign is heading to its finals so current enrolment is not possible. On the bright side, Fit to Win is having a Closing Event cum Final Weight-In at Fort Canning Green on 16 March 2014, Sunday.


Held from 10am to 2pm, this event consists of many activities such as Boxing by Legends Fight Sport, Mass Bokwa by Physical ABuse and Pilates by Pilates Fitness. Apart from that, there will also be Dance Performances by Nanyang Technological University and Bolly Dancing Studio. Plus a special appearance by Kanika Nikki Utley.

On top of that, there will also be Lucky draw and Game Prizes to be won!

Best part: These perks are not only Open to Public but it’s FREE!

Psst. There will also be free Redbull provided. Plus if you are afraid of starving to death, Don’t! For there will be refreshments sold .

If you have more queries regarding Fit To Win, you can contact them via their Facebook page: or check out their website here

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