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If there’s a reason why Monday blues are ever so real, it’s because we’re always anticipating a typical week of 9 to 5-ness: you know, the rush hour commute, the long lunch queues, and the day-to-day frustrations that fuel our love-hate relationship with our #worklife.

Fret not, we totally get you. To share your pain, let’s detail the problems the typical office worker faces in Singapore daily, and how to beat them. Read till the end to find out! 

1. When your team takes too long to decide on what to eat for lunch

Admit it: lunchtime is the highlight of your day. You get to ease your rumbling tummy while catching up on the latest tea with your colleagues. But there’s just one little problem: the age-old question of “what to eat ahh?” 

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It always seems to take forever for everyone to settle on a place to eat. Factor in the travel time to the restaurant, and you’re left with barely 10 minutes to gobble down your food before it’s time to head back to the office. 

2. When it is too hot outside but too cold in the office 

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We all know how it can be stiflingly hot outdoors but freezing in the office, especially if you are that unlucky person whose desk is situated right beneath an air-con vent.

Leaving the office for some much needed warmth under Singapore’s sun is always a welcome respite. But the truth is, you’re bound to start perspiring just a few minutes under the afternoon sun. 

For many of us, it is frustrating how there never seems to be a sweet spot where we don’t have to sweat or shiver.

3. When someone else takes your food from the pantry fridge

Preparing your own food for lunch is adulting at its finest: it’s cost-efficient, healthy and gives you a solid routine each day. But imagine putting in all that effort only to realise that someone has stolen your lunch from the pantry fridge. 

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Sticky fingers are common in the office and finding the culprit is usually impossible. So you either resort to keeping food on your desk and dealing with the stench of soggy lettuce, or brave the 20-minute decision-making process your teammates go through when heading out for lunch.

Thankfully, you have the option of avoiding this altogether by using services like GrabFood to have freshly-prepared meals delivered right to your doorstep.

4. When you can’t decide if you should risk the stress of sitting on reserved seats vs standing for the whole MRT journey

Finding an empty seat on the train during peak hour is like striking the lottery, you jump for joy internally… until you realise it’s a reserved seat everyone’s avoiding like the plague.

So you either stand for the entire journey, or risk the anxiety of sitting there and getting disapproving glances from fellow commuters. Either way, it’s an internal debate we could all do without, especially when it’s way too early in the morning, or after a hard day’s work.

5. When you can’t decide if you should help your department dabao BBT

It goes without saying that bubble tea (BBT) is pretty much a way of life for the typical office worker in Singapore. So begins the debate on whether you ought to help your teammates dabao BBT when you’re sneaking out for your favourite cuppa. 

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You either have your personal BBT in tow and face envious side-eyes from colleagues, or juggle those customised orders and carry bagfuls of BBT back to the office. Not to mention, chase everyone for payment like a loan shark.

6. When you can’t decide whether to run for the bus and get sweaty, or risk waiting it out

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We’ve all been met with the difficult decision of choosing between running for the bus or waiting for an unknown amount of time for the next one. You either have to face sweating buckets and ruining your outfit and makeup if you give chase, or risk running late if the next bus doesn’t come on time. 

If the money saved just isn’t worth all the effort and you’re constantly struggling to make it to work on time, you can save plenty of trouble by taking a Grab instead.

7. When your regular cai fan stall runs out of your favourite dish after you have queued for a long time 

Grab Barry Cai Fan queue

There’s a legit reason why cai fan queues are always so long; not only is it cheap and good, it’s also the easiest choice when you’ve run out of ideas on what to eat. 

Unfortunately your go-to cai fan stall is usually everyone else’s favourite stall, which means more often than not, the best dishes out quickly. It’s safe to say that many of us have experienced queueing for what seems like forever, only to find out our favourite dish has already run out. Such is life.

8. When you need to dabao food but it is raining 

It always seems to rain at the worst of times: usually when you’re just about to head out, or when you’ve done something productive like hang your clothes up to dry or wash your car. 

Lunchtime isn’t left out of the equation. Not everyone works at an office that’s connected to an MRT station or a mall with sheltered walkways, and sometimes, not even an umbrella can save us from muddy splashes and soaked shoes. 

Food delivery services can ease the burden. Stay ahead of the system by getting a GrabFood subscription for free deliveries so you won’t feel the pinch on your wallet. You can compile your colleagues’ orders to hit the minimum spend of $10 – and collect those GrabRewards points for yourself! 

Office worker problems in Singapore

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These problems may seem trivial, but it’s undeniable that having to go through this everyday can put a damper on our quality of life. 

Enter Grab Subscription Plans, where you can relieve some of your commuting stress and have hassle-free lunch breaks, increasing your savings while you’re at it.

Subscribe to their Commute Plan (from $19/month) that comprises vouchers to help you save extensively on rides. It’ll save lots of commuting time as well, and let you get in some snooze time on your way to work.

Grabfood delivery
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Their Food plan ($9.99/month) on the other hand, eliminates delivery fees for up to 50 GrabFood orders, so you’ll be able to order lunch every day, hassle free. Just order a minimum of $10 worth of food and you’re all set for free delivery.

You can subscribe to multiple plans at the same time, and these are renewed automatically each month so you won’t need to add monthly re-subscription to that never-ending list of to-do’s. 

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With your transport and food sorted, you’ll no longer have to deal with the bulk of everyday frustrations office workers face. Plus, you’ll get to increase your savings while you’re at it!

Learn more about Grab’s subscription plans here

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Photography by Pichan Dela Cruz.

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