Winter Time Final Expo Sale 2019

winter time final expo sale - collage of parka, luggage, winter hat

It’s the year-end holiday season a.k.a. time to start counting down to our already booked winter escapes. But if you’re someone who puts off packing to the very last minute only to realise you’re not prepped for the dipping temperatures, you’re in luck – Winter Time is back with their final Winterwear & Luggage Bazaar.

Happening from 27th November – 1st December 2019, Winter Time’s final expo sale will be dishin’ out discounts of up to 80% for all your last-minute winter shopping. Just drop by Singapore Expo Hall 4A and make your pick from their array of travel essentials.

Withstand the cold with down jackets from as low as $15

winter time final expo sale - down parka

Whether it’s bearing the howling winds of winter in Canada or just a minor chill in Taiwan, the life saviour we all need is an A-grade outer coat. And by that, we’re talking about something that’s thick enough to keep you toasty yet still light-weight. Better still, if it’s tagged with a wallet-friendly price.

winter time final expo sale - polyester parka and down parka

Skip footing crazy bills for winter coats without comprising on quality ‘cos the parkas here are going from as low as $15. They’ve got racks upon racks for you to choose from but the one piece we particularly liked was the polyester parka and down coat. 

Not only do they scream minimalist, they’re also customisable with a detachable hood and will keep you insulated with a fluffy fur interior and goose down feathers.

winter time final expo sale - ladies polyester down parka with inner down vest
This down jacket will also really nail that Korean oppa look for just $85

winter time final expo sale - trench coat

Take advantage of the storewide discount of 25% on all their new arrivals from 27th – 29th November and stock up on a few more wardrobe stunners. Pick up a trench coat for $35 or a hoodie from $50 to switch your OOTD up throughout your trip.

winter time final expo sale - fleece jacket

If you can only make it during the weekend from 30th November – 1st December, there’ll still be a storewide discount of 21%. Make sure to look out for the collection of fleece jackets going from just $35 for a casual yet still snuggly alternative to fancy parkas and trench coats.

winter time final expo sale - hoodie and sweater

Buckle on winter boots from $45

winter time final expo sale - winter boots and casual shoes

You don’t want to trudge through a thick floor of snow without a good pair of winter shoes. Here, you’ll find quite the range from casual shoes to winter boots priced from just $45.

winter time final expo sale - winter boots in burgundy

Winter hats and other accessories from $5

winter time final expo sale - winter hats and beanies

If you can’t stand the aircon chill in the office, it’s a sign that you’ll need more than just a parka to survive the piercing cold. You’ve got to glove up and muff up.

Winter Time Expo Sale

There are racks of these winter accessories – from woolly scarves to cute beanies. And the best part: everything’s selling from just $5 apiece. 

winter time final expo sale - winter scarf

For those who prefer keeping yourself warm from the inside, stock up on your thermals here. The Heat Pro sets are selling from $18 and will help insulate you a lot better than some other thinner versions.

Get a sturdy suitcase from just $49

winter time final expo sale - luggage

It’s not only you who needs to take cover from the weather, but your packed items deserve protection too. Invest in a piece of sturdy luggage that’ll roll around easy whether you’re in the airport or tackling the icy pathways outside. 

Snag some special promos & free gifts

winter time final expo sale - special promotion

The big savings don’t just stop there – the first 50 customers every day from 27th – 29th November will enjoy an additional discount of 5% with no minimum spend. And if you’re up for some ballin’, this is that one time when you spend more to save more:

  • Spend $800 and enjoy an extra discount of 2%
  • Spend $1000 and enjoy an extra discount of 3%
  • Spend $1500 and enjoy an extra discount of 5%

Another treat for the big spenders: you stand to bring home an extra something when you spend above $300. Depending on how much you spend, you could be getting free travelling essentials like a foldable backpack or even a 28” luggage.

winter time final expo sale - claw machine

Don’t forget to make a quick visit to the claw machine to see what your $1 token can win you. Psst, hidden in some of the capsules are $50 vouchers!

winter time final expo sale - claw machine

Shop for cheap winter essentials at the Winterwear and Luggage Bazaar 2019

winter time final expo sale - establishment shot

You’ve most probably racked up a hefty sum of money by just booking your winter getaway but with Winter Time’s final Winterwear & Luggage Bazaar, there’s no need to spend a lot more. And with the wide range of items here, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things necessary and fashionable.

Come down to Singapore Expo Hall 4A this 27th November – 1st December 2019 to stock up on what you need. It’s no hunger games here – doors will open from 10AM – 10PM – plenty of time to even get picky with your buys.

Find out more about Winter Time’s Final Expo Sale here

This post was brought to you by Winter Time.
Photography by Gabriel Seow.

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