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FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - collage of grilled meat, reverse beer tap, hydroponics farm, youcam virtual tool

VivoCity’s New Fairprice Xtra & Unity Is Singapore’s Biggest With Indoor Farms And Dining Options

FairPrice Xtra and Unity at VivoCity

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - collage of grilled meat, reverse beer tap, hydroponics farm, youcam virtual tool

Grocery shopping or heading to the pharmacy isn’t just about making that quick run to stock up your depleting pantry at home. Nowadays, it’s a whole experience from start to end. 

The newest FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity is one such gem. Besides a fresh new look, there’s everything from an on-site hydroponics farm to a coffee roaster among the unending aisles of groceries.

And if FairPrice Xtra wasn’t well, extra, enough for you, VivoCity’s other new opening Unity is also breaking new ground on what a pharmacy is supposed to be, with unique services like video doctor consultations and makeover services.

Here’s a list of not-so-basic things you didn’t know you could do at the new FairPrice Xtra and Unity:

FairPrice Xtra

 1. Watch first-hand how vegetables are harvested at an indoor farm

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - hydroponics farm

If you’ve always had an interest in gardening,  get a first-hand experience of watching plants get harvested within 2 days at FairPrice Xtra VivoCity. This on-site hydroponics farm will keep your child fascinated and might even get them to finally eat their veggies.

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - freshly harvested from hydroponics farm

With the array of freshly harvested, homegrown leafy greens available in the comfort of a shopping mall, there’s no need for the early morning visits to the wet market anymore.

2. Enjoy grilled meat on the spot

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - Culina @ kitchen

You don’t have to rush back home with your groceries to cook dinner anymore! Just pick your choice of meat labelled with a Grill-on-demand sticker at the Butchery and have it grilled on the spot at Culina @ The Kitchen within FairPrice Xtra. 

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - grill on demand grain fed sirloin steak
Grain-fed sirloin steak!

Pay for your meat and top up $8 to complete your meal with any two sides – daily vegetables, french fries, rice, or side salad.

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - seafood selection for grill on demand
P.S. If you’re not a meat-lover, there’s also a wide selection of fresh & live seafood selection to choose from. 

3. Have a cup of ice cold beer served in seconds

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - reverse tap beer

There’s nothing like some booze to pair with meat. And thankfully, you don’t even have to wait for your bartender to serve you drinks because the first ReverseTap Beer in Singapore will fill up your cup faster in just 7 seconds. 

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - gif of reverse tap beer

Enjoy this whole bottoms-up experience at just $5.50. All you have to do is choose the beer of your choice, make payment to collect your cup and then scan the QR code at the dispenser to see the magic happen. 

4. Perk up with freshly roasted coffee at Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - tiong hoe specialty coffee

If you’re feeling a little tired from all that shopping, it’s time to get a shot of caffeine. Follow the aromatic scent of coffee beans to the in-house Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, which serves freshly roasted coffee in variations such as Long Black ($4.90) or Mocha Latte ($5.90).

The best part about this whole hidden cafe experience: being able to bring home your own freshly roasted coffee beans. Pick from a range of green coffee beans and get it roasted in just 30 minutes with your preferred roasting degree – filter, omni or espresso. 

Pro tip from the barista: keep your freshly roasted beans for at least 7 days before brewing your first cup of coffee for an added complexity to the taste.


5. Get a free skin analysis and a virtual makeover

Lessen the chance of breakouts from unsuitable skincare products when you use the Olay Skin Analyser at VivoCity’s Unity.

It is an interactive digital skin analyser that’ll recommend suitable skincare products based on your skin type and concerns. All you have to do is take a selfie and answer a few simple questions!

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - youcam virtual make-up tool

Besides great skin, a solid hair and makeup game is key – and you can avoid the heartache of unsuitable hair colour and makeup with the YouCam Virtual Make-up Tool at Unity as well. 

If you’re eyeing a specific shade of Rose Tea Brown from Liese – or even the makeup on their shelves, you’ll get to see how it looks on you before taking that leap of faith. Also, no more being grossed out at having to use shared makeup applicators or buying the wrong shade of lippie!

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - flash makeover

Pro tip: If you need more help, feel free to consult the on-site beauty advisors and even ask them for a flash 1-on-1 makeover. 

6. Consult a doctor and get free health checks and lifestyle advice

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - video consultation with doctor

If you’re at the Unity store looking for a particular medication and you’re unsure if your self-diagnosis is even right to begin with, you’re just a click away from a professional consultation with a doctor.

Or if you’re in a rush, consult a doctor first from the comfort of your home online, before dropping by the store to pick up your meds. In-store pharmacy services are also available to assist if you’re just seeking a quick fix for ailments such as the common cold.   

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - blood pressure check

You can even keep track of your BMI, blood pressure and body composition at Unity! Ask for a free health check from the in-store pharmacist and stay updated about your health without the fuss of crowded clinics.

*In-store pharmacy services and consultation are free. Telemedicine consultation and medication costs apply. Check in-store for more details.   

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - health check

You can also get advice on how to live your best life here in terms of health. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight or quit smoking but are not quite sure where to start, consult one of the pharmacists on-site at Unity for some words of wisdom.

A whole new shopping experience at FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - family dining together

FairPrice Xtra and Unity at VivoCity now promise a whole new adventure that you can look forward to when you’re out for that grocery run or pharmacy visit. 

Whether it’s seeing your fresh ingredients turn into a whole meal right there and then, or getting on-the-spot insight into your skin type and recommended makeup, it’s fair to say the game has totally changed when it comes to everyday shopping. 

FairPrice Xtra and Unity VivoCity - pink ice cream van

P.S. We’ve even heard there is a photogenic pink ice cream van in FairPrice Xtra. And if that’s not enough, they also have award-winning green tea from ISE CHA SENCHA and Navario Icons Olive Oil at their international section. 

Now, it’s time to head down to VivoCity yourself and check out just how hypermarkets and pharmacies of the future look like!

Find out more about FairPrice Xtra & Unity VivoCity here


FairPrice Xtra & Unity VivoCity
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-23/#01-23 (FairPrice Xtra) / #01-23 (Unity), VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 8AM-11PM (FairPrice Xtra) / 9AM -10:30PM (Unity)
Telephone: 6261 0803, 6261 0812 (FairPrice Xtra) / 6256 9951 (Unity)

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This post was brought to you by VivoCity.
Photography by Alastair Pang.