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Faber Peak Is The Hilltop Wedding Venue For Those Who Prefer Intimate Occasions

Weddings at Faber Peak

Wedding at Faber Peak - Heart Shaped Tree

Couples who want to get hitched in Singapore have a significant financial cost to bear – from choosing a home and “fighting” for a BTO, to paying for an Insta-Worthy honeymoon…

Then there’s the wedding – the highlight a bride has been dreaming of since forever.

In 2017, quality trumps quantity, and size isn’t always nice. Having a cozy wedding with panoramic views and overhanging fairy lights will keep your “I do”s etched in memory for a lifetime.

If you prefer your weddings to be modest and different from the run-of-the-mill hotel events, Faber Peak is Singapore’s only hilltop wedding destination that specialises in small, intimate weddings that house 60 – 230 of your closest friends and family.

Here are 3 wedding venues and 1 solemnisation venue at Faber Peak – only 15 mins away from the city – that you can book in advance for your dream wedding:

The Ballroom – Full length glass windows that overlooks cable cars and the harbour


If your parents are conservative and prefer to have your wedding dinner in a traditional ballroom, you can meet them in the middle at Faber Peak’s Ballroom. It’s perfect for a classic hotel-style 200-pax wedding banquet.

cable car view

Cable cars in the background add to a dynamic backdrop as you exchange your vows

The main highlight of The Ballroom, unmatched by any other venue in Singapore, is its floor-to-ceiling glass panel that commands a view of moving cable cars, luxury cruises that dock at Harbourfront, and city lights that illuminate the backdrop.

The whole vibe is of class and exclusivity – great if you want a cosy and less intimidating wedding.

pouring wine ceremony

Capacity: 200 pax

Menu Options: Chinese Banquet, Buffet and Western Set Menus

The Private Dining Room and Deck – Skyline view in a crystal room

private dining room

spot the couple

Spot the couple!

The Private Dining Room is great if you want to cosy up and spend your special day with loved ones. The room is situated at the highest point of Faber Peak in a crystalline glass alcove, giving wedding guests a panoramic view of Mount Faber Park, and the sea.

If you’re a nature person, this room is suitable because of its hiba wood arc framing that imbues the space with a rustic charm. In the daytime, or closer to sunset, the natural light streaming through the glass panels makes for beautiful photo opportunities.

cutting cake

This Private Dining Room is only available for wedding bookings, and its floor-to-ceiling windows all around the room will make you feel like you’re dining in the clouds.

Bonus: The Private Dining Room Deck

If you are looking to only do your solemnisation here, be wowed by the views that the adjourning Private Dining Room Deck has to offer when you step out. The alfresco, sheltered terrace can be booked for small solemnizations (10 pax) or for mini wedding receptions. At the deck, you get nothing but an unobstructed view of the harbour and sea – perfect for your sunset, picturesque shots.

Note: The Private Dining Room Deck is only available as an add-on venue for a lunch or dinner package – which makes more practical sense anyway to give yourself and your guests a wholesome experience.

Capacity: 70 pax (60 pax for Private Dining Room, 10 pax for Private Dining Room Deck)

Menu options: Lunch and dinner with choices from Chinese Banquet, Buffet and Western Set Menus

Spuds and Aprons – Exchange your vows overlooking Sentosa

spuds and aprons

Spuds and Aprons offers an alfresco dining setting perfect for those who prefer free-spirited wedding vibes.

Kick back and relax at an outdoor wedding in the natural breeze overlooking the Harbour, Sentosa, and the sea beyond as you and your guests get up close to nature, with Mount Faber Park in close proximity.


The long table seating arrangement at Spuds and Aprons allows guests to be seated efficiently for conversations. It’s a trending table setting that has been going around in weddings in recent years.

The restaurant is also famous for the best sunsets and night breezes – so if you’ve booked the space for the entire evening, you’re in for a treat!

Capacity: 230 pax

Menu options: Western Set Dinners and Buffet

Solemnisation venue: The Garden – Walk down a glass stairway for a grand entrance

grand entrance

bell of happiness

Brides-to-be, make a grand entrance at The Garden. Have all eyes on you as you walk down a glass stairway to a beautiful garden, down the aisle, right to the wedding arch where you say your vows and ring the Bell of Happiness.

All that, plus flower petals scattered everywhere and 30 of the most precious people in your lives seated close to you, will be enough to make you feel like a you’re a princess living in a Disney dream.


Spot the heart-shaped angsana tree!

You don’t need even Punggol’s “Instagram Tree” to capture the best pictures – there’s an ancient heart-shaped Angsana tree right at where the wedding arch is to provide shade as well as a good photo backdrop.


Capacity: 30 pax

Note: The Garden is only available to be booked as an add on if guests purchase lunch/dinner packages. Canapés are also available during the garden solemnization for guests to munch on. 

Faber Peak – a venue for a walk to remember

fairytale stairway

Bouquet from Audrey’s Floral Management, Faber Peak’s official florist.

Dream weddings for many of us consist the bride + groom, parents, family, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and only the closest of friends. These are the people the newlyweds want to share their special day with, not Sarah from secondary school who you invited only because you invited Tony too.

Many of us value authenticity. We don’t want glitzy ballrooms with brand names that make jaws drop when you hear them just because. It is these people to whom Faber Peak should hold the most appeal.

And when you’ve decided that an intimate wedding is what you want, your options are narrowed considerably. At that stage, it would be worth heading down to Faber Peak to see if their options are aligned with your preferences.

Find out more about Faber Peak and their wedding packages here

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