Forget about the Hassle of ERP


Never pay ERP fines again

We all know the feeling. You’re happily driving on the road when, suddenly, the evil tower of the ERP gantry emerges ahead. And you’re only 1 minute from 8am when the fares end. To make matters worse, you check your IU to find that you don’t have enough money in your cash card. Just like that, you kena fine $10.  

Well, the time has finally come to say goodbye to such woes. The makers of EZ-Link have launched a new service EZ-Pay, a post-paid cardless payment service for ERP throughout Singapore. Here are 5 reasons why all drivers should sign up!


1. No more ERP fines


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The convenience from this cardless system goes a long way. Not only will you never have to worry about topping up your cash card or forgetting to put it into the IU, it’s practically impossible to get fined anymore.


2. You’ll never waste time hunting for a top-up machine again


We all know that feeling when you get a tip-off about a rare pokemon in the vicinity, but end up spending hours walking around in search of it like a zombie. With EZ-Pay, you no longer have to wander around like a lost lamb in search of a cash card top-up machine ever again.


3. There’s no service fee at all


And just like the ease of using credit cards, signing up for EZ-Pay will mean you can pay for all your dues at the end of the month. Your ERP fares will be consolidated into a single payment slip. All the convenience, with no additional service fee!


Start your hassle-free journey with EZ-Pay


They saved us from the inconvenience of manually paying with coins on public transport, and now they’re back to bless road users with a convenient solution to their never-ending ERP struggles. Because living in Singapore is stressful enough, even without the need to worry about ERP. 

Let’s weed out all the things that can be done an easier way. EZ-pay is a good way to start, as there’s only things to gain and nothing to lose. Don’t say bojio!

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1 minute – or less – is all it takes to win at life. Joseph Schooling proves that to be true. Even if we’ll never be in the same league as him, we can at least save on some troubles. 

Signing up is simple and only takes 1 minute. All you need to do is visit their website and register for an EZ-Pay account with 3 things: 

  2. Vehicle Number
  3. Citi Credit Card Information

You’ll receive an SMS within 1 working day to confirm your vehicle IU number. Once that’s done, you’ll receive an email informing you about the effective start date of your EZ-Pay service.

Sign up with EZ-Pay today!

This post was brought to you by EZ-Link.

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