Redefining how you tour our beautiful city


The sun beats relentlessly down on your back. You’re hot, you’re tired, and you can’t wait to bask in the much-needed comfort of the cool air conditioning. A fat tub of ice cream would be nice too.

Thankfully now, you no longer have to worry about the sweltering heat while walking around Singapore. Because we’ve just discovered an amazing way to hop around conveniently, efficiently and effortlessly.

So here’s what happened!

To test the viability of our idea, we decided to hop on our electric scooters and cover 10 iconic Singapore tourist attractions in under 30 minutes. It was like going on a road trip, but instead we were scooter-trippin’!

This truly redefines the “Hop-on Hop-off” tour of Singapore. 


Our Scooter Trippin’ Adventure


Destination #1. Clarke Quay



Our starting destination was Clarke Quay, the place where you find drunken ang mohs and foreign workers making merry together along the bridge at 3am in the morning. It’s brimming with people by nightfall, and is one of our city’s favourite nightspots. 

Judging from the picture, you can tell that it’s pretty windy too.

Highlights: Nightlife, clubs, bars, entertainment, Singapore river


Destination #2. Boat Quay



We then went to Boat Quay, which is actually pretty near to Clarke Quay – especially since we were riding there on scooters. Boat Quay offers an eclectic mix of restaurants, alfresco dining and bars, which is lovely since they’re all situated by the river. There is a certain quaint charm to this place.

Highlights: Alfresco dining, Bars, Restaurants, Singapore river


Destination #3. Asian Civilisations Museum



Next up, we went to the Asians Civilisations Museum since it was only a stone’s throw away. It’s a pretty hot cultural tourist spot in Singapore. I still remember visiting this museum on school trips!

When you come here, look out for the Ice Cream uncle that sells ice cream on a cart! You may catch him here if you’re lucky enough. 


Destination #4. Merlion Park



Next stop: Merlion Park. It’s one of the biggest landmarks in Singapore, and it’s almost impossible not to see tourists posing and taking pictures with the Merlion! It’s legit though. Where else can you find a creature with a lion’s head and the body of a fish? 


Destination #5. Esplanade



We headed to the Esplanade next. I pretty much call it the durian of Singapore. The biggest attraction here is probably the events and gigs they hold at Theatres on the Bay, and the performances that are held here from time to time. It’s not uncommon to see skaters or dancers working it out in the underground spaces too!

Highlights: Architectural icon, Cultural Performances, Night gigs, Events (Performing Arts)


Destination #6. Singapore Flyer



What more do I have to say? The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and it adds something incredible to the Singapore skyline. STB should buy it up already.


Destination #7. The Helix Bridge



We rode our scooters to the Helix Bridge next. We went in the day, but the night view of the Helix bridge is beautiful. If you’re touring Singapore, you definitely won’t want to miss walking through this novel and unique icon at night.


Destination #8. ArtScience Museum



We rode across the Helix Bridge and voila, we reached another iconic landmark of Singapore: the ArtScience Museum. It hosts different exhibits from time to time, and some of them are really interesting. In fact, Victoria Beckham recently launched her new collection right here at the ArtScience Museum!

I want to point out another fact here: Yes, you can carry your electric scooter over your shoulders. It’s not that heavy, and the strap really makes it so much more convenient.


Destination #9. Marina Bay Sands



Marina Bay Sands is just next to the ArtScience Museum. It hosts a wide range of luxury labels and is of course, home to one of Singapore’s casinos. Musicals are held in the theatres here as well.


Destination #10. Gardens by the Bay



Here’s our last stop for the day: the beautiful Gardens by the Bay! If you want to go on a botanical journey, this is the place to go, folks. 

This marks the end of our adventure on electric scooters! We had a great deal of fun, and it really adds a different dimension to the touring experience when you’re cruising through the streets on scooters. These electric scooters go amazingly fast too – the MyWay can go up to 35km/h! 

Why walk in the heat when you can hop on and take a windy ride on an electric scooter?


Our ScooterTrip Route


Here’s the route we took to tour these attractions.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Map-of-Singapore-Tour.pngAlternatively, you can view the full Google map here


The Scooters that got us around


We really enjoyed using the scooters over the last 2 weeks thanks to Falcon PEV. For more information, visit Falcon PEV’s official website.


A Lifestyle of Convenience and Efficiency


When you buy an E-scooter, you aren’t just buying a tool for transport. You’re buying an environmentally-friendly lifestyle of both convenience and efficiency. By 2030, there will be over 700km of cycling paths and park connectors in Singapore, and getting around by scooter will be much more convenient.

Time to join the community of people travelling by electric scooters!

Disclosure: Scooters were provided by FalconPEV.

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