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Emporium Shokuhin Is Giving Out Iyo Wagyu Beef Samples Never Before Known To Singaporeans’ Tastebuds

Ehime Iyo Fair at Emporium Shokuhin


Ehime Iyo Fair

Whether you’re a professional chef or simply a meat-lover, you should know there’s little room for error when cooking beef. Overcooking results in a tough bite, but when done perfectly, it’s a juicy piece of heaven.

So if you’d like your beef done right 100% of the time, head down to Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square from 25 Oct to 5 Nov 2017. They’re having a Ehime Iyo Fair, which is the first time in the world when Iyo Wagyu beef is exported from Japan.

Emporium Shokuhin Ehime Iyo Fair

The marbling of meat is classified into five grades – from one to five, with five being the highest, along with three yield grades for meat – A, B or C, with A being the best. The Iyo Beef has a grading of A5

As this is the first time that Iyo beef has been imported to Singapore, this is the only place in the world outside Japan which serves it! Besides having free samples, Emporium Shokuhin also has 9 restaurants, 3 of which will be serving up limited edition dishes which feature Iyo Wagyu beef during the fair. 

Here’s what you should check out: 


Limited edition dishes at the Ehime Iyo Fair


 GYUU+ Yakiniku Grill


GYUU+ Yakiniku Grill

Most of us leave BBQ grill restaurants smelling like pieces of kebab, but at GYUU+ Yakiniku Grill, that’s not the case. Each table grill is imported from Japan, and comes with a high powered suction to ensure that you’ll leave smelling as fresh as before.

Iyo Wagyu Taster Platter

Iyo Wagyu Taster Platter ($38++) 

Their Iyo Wagyu Taster Platter ($38++) consists Karubi (short ribs) and Sukiyaki-cut-slices, lightly seasoned with Hakata Salt for a savoury taste. The marbling of the beef produces streaks of fat, giving it a creamy texture.

Yakiniku Taster platter grill

In-house yakiniku sauce

The sizzle of the beef on grill may tempt you to stuff it in your mouth, but don’t! An in-house yakiniku sauce is served alongside it, and the garlicky kick pairs delectably with the meat. 

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30AM-3PM | 6PM-10PM
Telephone: 6812 2177


Takujo Japanese Dining


Takujo Japanese Dining

Don’t let the fine dining interior at Takujo intimidate you. At the Ehime Iyo Fair, you’ll be getting more than what you paid for. 

Iyo Wagyu Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki

Iyo Wagyu Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu ($93++) 

At $93++, the Iyo Wagyu Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu brings the Japanese hotpot game up several notches. For starters, the six-course dinner serves an Ikura Chawanmushi and a choice of Flamed Shime Saba (Japanese mackerel sashimi with ginger oroshi & wasabi) or Seared Shiromi Ponzu (Flamed Japanese white fish with shoyu-ponzu radish).

Takujo Shabu dips

The hotpot ingredients also include sliced A5 Iyo Beef, a choice of Niigata / Udon and a vegetable platter, served with 3 different sauces for a variety of flavors.

There’s a notion that grilled beef holds a more intense flavor compared to boiled beef, but Iyo Beef hardly shrinks when cooked, and explodes with juiciness in your mouth. The best part? It adds a rich depth of flavor to the broth!

Note: Homemade dessert is served after, all you have to do is notify the servers when you’re done with your meal. 

Iyo Wagyu Steak

Iyo Wagyu Steak ($68++) 

For light eaters, go for the Iyo Wagyu Steak ($68++). This grilled dish is served with grilled Iyo beef, freshly grated wasabi and yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper paste) on side, which helps to cut the richness of the meat with a citrusy finish. 

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30AM-3PM | 6PM-10PM
Telephone: 6812 2176





Most of us are familiar with Gyudons (beef bowls) in Japanese restaurants, but beef ON sushi? This surprising combination results in the flavorful Iyo Wagyu Nigiri ($6.80++) that sushi lovers must try.

Iyo Wagyu sushi

Beware those flames!

Iyo Wagyu Nigiri

The beef is thinly sliced, placed on Japanese rice seasoned with aged red vinegar, and finished off with a blowtorch. The end result is a buttery umami taste, with a slight smokiness from the char.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30AM-10PM
Telephone: 6812 2179


Free sampling of A5 Iyo Wagyu beef on 28-29 October


Besides having these restaurants with limited edition dishes, Emporium Shokuhin is also a Japanese grocer. Free samples of Iyo Beef will be given out at the Show Kitchen on 28 and 29 October, and given its exclusivity, this isn’t something you’d want to miss.

Japanese Deli

The Japanese Grocer holds a variety of imported meat from the US and Japan, with varieties such as Miyazaki steak and aged USDA ribeye. And for a limited time, the Iyo Beef will be available too!  

Japanese Mart

The grocer also sells a range of Japanese snacks, condiments and fresh produce, so if you’re looking to cook up some Japanese nosh, this is the place to be. 

Hakata Salt

From left to right: Hakata No Shio Sea Salt ($3.90), Hakata No Yaki Shio Roasted Salt ($3.70) and Fleur De Sel ($4.30)

These premium Hakata Salt are the ones used to season the Iyo Beef, and are best known for their savoury taste and a tinge of sweetness – all for under $5.

Note: Hakata Salt will be available for sampling during the Ehime Iyo Fair.

Emporium Shokuhin Live Seafood Market

For the freshest seafood, head to the Live Seafood Market, where live crustaceans and shellfish can be found. You can either choose to bring them home alive, or have them cooked at Takujo or UMI+VINO – simply ask for help in catching one of them.

Boston Lobster Live Seafood Market

Konbu Salt Saba

For those afraid of the sea-crawlies, there’s frozen seafood available – the Konbu Salt Saba ($16.90) is Saba fish that’s processed using the “konbu extract” method, which allows the fish to retain its protein. This will be available for sampling during the Ehime Iyo Fair too.

Sake at Emporium Shokuhin

Sake lovers, you’re not forgotten. During the fair, award-winning sakes such as the Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Midori Label (720ML) ($62.40) and Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nakakumi Yamadanishiki (1.8L) ($159) will be available for tasting, and they’re said to go well with Japanese dishes.


Indulge in limited edition dishes at Emporium Shokuhin’s Ehime Iyo Fair 


Ehime Iyo Fair 2017

Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square (New Wing) holds everything that a Japanese food fan would need, and the free samples at Ehime Iyo Fair create a great try-before-you-buy opportunity before indulging on quality meat.

Ehime Iyo Fair Poster

The Ehime Iyo Fair starts from 25th October to 5th November, and free sampling will happen at the Show Kitchen in Japanese Grocer from the 28 to 29 October, 1pm – 8pm. Plus, the Ehime Prefecture Mascott, the adorable Madonna Mican, will be roaming about at 2pm and 5pm – it’s even wearing a kimono for that perfect kawaii shot!

If you’re a true meat lover, don’t miss this chance to try out the Iyo Beef. Besides indulging in these limited edition meals, you’re sure to bag home some Japanese goodies and snacks! 

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-18, New Wing@Marina Square Mall, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: Daily: 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 6224 3433

Find out more about the Emporium Shokuhin’s Ehime Iyo Fair here!

 This post was brought to you by Emporium Shokuhin.