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Eggs And Berries – Design Your Own Healthy Burger

About Eggs and Berries


b2ap3_thumbnail_Burger-Grp-Shot_4601.jpgThe Do-It-Yourself trend has taken Singapore by storm. Be they birthday cards, room decorations, or fashion apparels, we are getting increasingly hands-on in our daily lives. The trend has been turned up a notch by the launch of Eggs and Berries’ first build-your-own coloured burger joint, in their third outlet at Jurong Point.b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-3.JPGApart from adding vibrancy to the cafe, the coloured burgers boast health benefits as they are made with all-natural ingredients and are brimming with goodness. 


The Food at Eggs and Berries


b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-8.JPGWe were welcomed with the smoothies from Eggs and Berries – Denise had the Berries Berries ($6.50), a blend of strawberry, raspberry, honey, milk and vanilla, while I had the Sweet Groovy Mango ($6.50) which had fresh mango, milk and vanilla. To our surprise, Berries Berries was sweeter than Sweet Groovy Mango, which we both preferred for its refreshing taste.

There are 4 types of buns: Turmeric Curry (yellow), Spinach Pesto (green), Smoked Paprika and Beetroot (pink), and Charcoal Squid Ink (black)To save us the trouble of choosing the best patty and bun pairing, the combinations were prepared beforehand.

Here’s what our Heavenly Four consisted of:

  • Provence Herbs Lamb with Turmeric Curry Bun ($13.90) – Boosts good skin

  • Pork & Sage with Paprika with Smoked Paprika & Beetroot Bun ($12.90) – Manages blood pressure

  • Cajun Spiced Chicken with Charcoal Squid Ink Bun ($12.90) – Helps with detoxification

  • E&B Beef & Egg and Spinach Pesto Bun ($13.90) – Nourishes the eyes and bones

b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-9.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-2.JPGThe prices of the burgers are determined by the patty chosen – the chicken and pork patties cost a dollar less than the lamb and beef.b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-10.JPGTaste-wise, the Turmeric Curry bun was our favourite because it had the strongest taste amongst the four. There was a faint hint of spinach and paprika in the Spinach Pesto bun and Smoked Paprika bun respectively, but we couldn’t taste much from the Charcoal Squid Ink bun.b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-1.JPGAs for the patties, we liked the Cajun Spiced Chicken best. The meat wasn’t as crumbly as the rest and was easier on our palates. Though I’m not so much of a lamb fan, I liked that the lamb patty here wasn’t too gamey. All burgers came with salad and potato wedges on the side.b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-11.JPGA trip to Eggs and Berries is never complete without trying their eggs. We had their signature Eggs & Berries Eggs Benedict Solo ($12.90). Check out those perfectly rounded eggs topped with glorious Hollandaise sauce. The eggs were also expertly poached, rendering it springy right down to the last bite.b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-5.JPGFor desserts, we were treated to a colourful platter of Over the Rainbow ($15.90). The plate of waffles looked amazing with the myriad of colours, but its taste paled in comparison as the waffles were a tad too dense. The sauces on the side unfortunately didn’t do much to lift the dessert.




b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-4.JPGA colourful place with platters of colourful food is an added treat to the eyes. We liked that Eggs and Berries made the effort to create a new look for the otherwise monotonous-looking buns – they’re bound to attract kids of all ages.

With the burgers priced affordably, you’ll be happy to know you won’t have to break the bank to come here. Count us in for burgers with a healthy twist!


Getting to Eggs and Berries


b2ap3_thumbnail_EggsAndBerries-7.JPGEggs and Berries is located on the first floor of Jurong Point’s old wing, next to Jurong East MRT.

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point 1, #01-32 Singapore 648886
Contact: 6790 9195

This post was brought to you by Eggs and Berries