Sydney’s Eastern Suburb Beaches 


Winter and uni are fast approaching and that means less sun and less fun. You’ve only got a few weeks left to bask in the sun’s loving rays before you’re cooped up in soggy buses and grey classrooms. 

But don’t give into the chilly winds yet; here’s a list of seven must visit beaches in the Eastern suburbs that’ll help you squeeze in every last bit of summer. Grab your beach towels, the sun awaits and it won’t be waiting for much longer!


1. Clovelly Beach



If you love the beach but can’t stand the sand, you might never have to again thanks to Clovelly beach. With a man-made feature surrounding the foreshores, you can lie on the concrete and get your tan session in without the hassle of sand getting everywhere. 

But if you are a fan of the sand, don’t worry because there is absolutely no shortage of it even with the concrete feature. Towards the inlet of the coast, you’ll see colourful tents all set up on the white sand. Besides, a beach isn’t really a beach without a little bit of sand, right? 

The sand and concrete combination makes Clovelly a very safe and family friendly beach often visited by children’s laughter. The Seasalt Café & Kiosk next to all of the seaside fun keeps Clovelly lovers fuelled and ready for a promising summer at the beach. 


2. Gordon’s Bay



For those looking for a couple hours of uninterrupted me-time under the sun, Gordon’s Bay is sure to treat you right! It’s quite literally an escape from all the hubbubs expected on the beach. There just isn’t any space for it!

The long strings of seaweed on the sand keep the more active beach go-ers away and welcome the calm nature of the bay. Not to mention the aesthetic value of the bay itself! Your Instagram friends are sure to be impressed by the mix of blue, brown and yellow shades!

To enjoy the sanctuary that is Gordon’s Bay, you’ll have to secure a place on the rocks. Those successful are awarded with a quiet summer’s day at an undisrupted nook. Keep the noise and winter at bay but not at this one because Gordon’s Bay is just for you!


3. Coogee Beach



They say there are two types of beach goers: those who bring a ball and those who bring a book. Coogee beach welcomes both so regardless of what you grab, you’ll always find a spot (unless of course, all the good ones are already taken!)

Coogee is also home to many buskers so if you’re lucky enough, you might be treated to some cheerful tunes as you soak in the sun. And if not, the soothing crash of the waves will lull you into a peaceful nap.

If the sun gets a little too strong, you can treat yourself to the variety of cafés and restaurants lined up on Coogee Bay Road such as Moo Burgers, Courtyard and Coogee Pavilion. Whether you prefer a cold beer and a burger or a healthy smoothie and a wrap, you’ll definitely find the ideal beach treat! 

Editor’s note: I personally love the Honeybee Smoothie from Melon Head! 


4. Bronte Beach



With its very own park right by the beach, Bronte encourages a playful beach day. Family picnics, friendly games of Frisbee, determined joggers are all part of the vibrant atmosphere that welcomes you to this part of the coast. There isn’t just salt in the air at Bronte, there’s a cheery hum too!

Even in the waters, you’ll see avid surfers standing up to the relentless waves, their energy levels matching the force of the water. A surfer-less Bronte is quite unheard of; the only water that stops surfers from coming in is the rain!

When your Bronte spirit needs a refill, you can grab a snack at the kiosk by the Bronte Surfers Life Saving Club and find oasis in the huts on Bronte Park.  No guarantees to how long you can nap though, the Bronte beach buzz just might keep you up!


5. Bondi Beach



When you want to pack a long beach day fill with activities, you’re sure to find something at Bondi. In the water, you’ll see people swimming splashing and surfing in the many shades of blue. On the shore, well, the photo speaks for itself. 

Matching the long stretch of sand, Campbell Parade houses all sorts of shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. You’ll be able to savour an all-day breakfast deals, sweet deserts and even Asian cuisines while still relishing the beautiful Bondi view. You can even immerse yourself with the full outdoor experience and eat on the grass. 

If it gets a little too crowded, have a little stroll and marvel at the murals on the walkway. You might even catch an artist in action. The endless nature of the shore embraces everyone and anyone – never a day do the waves meet an empty beach!


6. Tamarama Beach



When Bondi or Bronte becomes a little too busy for your liking, Tamarama will welcome you with a wave. If Tamarama were your mate, it would be the one that’s always down to Earth and up for anything.

Some days on Tamarama you might catch a friendly volleyball match on a fully set up court with light music pumping in the background. On others, you might hear the light tune of the uke or the unrestrained laughers of keen swimmers jumping the clamorous waves. More often than not you’ll see surfers lay on their board enjoying the rhythm of the sea. 

Because of its relatively medium size, the mix of vibrant energy and light-hearted entertainment unites the beach under a casual, good-humoured atmosphere. Tamarama is definitely the beach of choice for the right balance between summer fun and lazy beach day. 


7. Maroubra Beach



If reality ever gets too overwhelming, the serenity of Maroubra beach is what you need. Because it is as big as Bondi but much less crowded, you’ll be able to have a relaxing beach day at your own pace.

At Maroubra, the only hustle and bustle you’ll hear are the families’ laughter from the playground just behind the beach, the satisfied eaters at the Pavilion Beachfront and the keen beach lovers pulling up in the car park. 

In the waters, you’ll see determined surfers to conquer the waves. By the rocks, you’ll see people pondering their thoughts or exploring the secluded corner of the beach. Although most of the people on the beach are those living in the area, Maroubra beach welcomes everyone. Whether you’re with your friends, family or on your own, you’re sure to leave Maroubra beach feeling refreshed and blissful.


Make your way to an Eastern Suburb beach now!


What are you waiting for? Get those bathers out and hit the beach while you can! Let us know which beach is your favourite in the comments section below!   


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