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I Chalked Up 1360 Healthpoints Easily To Redeem Lazada And Dining Vouchers

Earn Healthpoints with HealthHub & Healthy 365


Healthpoints - Cover Image

‘Twas the day after the Raya weekend and after inhaling all sorts of food doused in lemak, I returned to work feeling less than sexy. As I lamented about my newfound babats to my colleagues, one of them replied with a solution.

While there’s no such thing as an instant fix, her solution turned out to be these 2 apps, HealthHub SG and Healthy 365, definitely pushed me in the right direction as I started making small changes to my once-sedentary lifestyle.

Once you make these small changes, which include sharing a health-related article or buying “Healthier Choice Products”, you’ll earn Healthpoints which can be accumulated to unlock a treasure trove of great deals like Lazada and HPB e-Vouchers. 

Seems easy enough.

After a few days of trying them out, let’s just say “easy” is an understatement.


Ways to earn Healthpoints


There are many convenient ways to earn Healthpoints which range from sharing health-related articles on social media to purchasing “Healthier Choice” food items. As someone who desperately wanted to gain the Lazada voucher a healthier lifestyle, I’m proud to say I did them all.


1. Share articles and events on social media


Healthpoints - Social Media

Under the Live Healthy tab on the HealthHub app is a compendium of health-related articles that shed light on various issues like mental health, workout tips, and body care. I personally loved the How to Have Your Kueh and Eat It piece, since it gave me a free pass to continue eating my desserts, as long as I substituted certain ingredients with healthier alternatives.

Once you’ve soaked up all that knowledge, spread the love to your friends by sharing the article on social media – each share will get you 20 Healthpoints! You can even share health workshop and events to earn Healthpoints.*

*Article and event shares are currently capped at 100 Healthpoints monthly, respectively.


2. Complete quizzes


Healthpoints - Articles

Here’s something that can be done during your break: quizzes. They come in the form of 5 mini-articles, each ending with a “Yes/No” question. You’ll earn 20 Healthpoints for each correct answer.

So answer carefully!


3. Purchase “healthier choice” options   


Healthpoints - NTUC

The path of healthy living starts from the plate and to help you on your journey, Health Promotion Board’s Eat, Drink, Shop, Healthy Challenge will give you Healthpoints when you purchase a Healthier Choice Product at participating merchants.

Healthpoints - Fruit Tree

To get in on this, I headed to the nearest FairPrice after one of my shoots and bought 2 Healthier Choice Products: fruit juice and wholemeal bread.

Healthpoints - QR Code

After you’ve paid for your products, look out for the QR code on the receipt and scan it with the Healthy 365 app to earn Healthpoints!


Redeeming your Healthpoints


Healthpoints - Redeem Stuff

With 1360 Healthpoints in tow, I decided that it would be a good time to cash out. All I had to do was go to the “Redeem Healthpoints” tab on the Healthy 365 app to retrieve my rewards.

I was eligible for e-Vouchers such as $5 off Lazada or $5 off Qi Ji. I went with the Qi Ji e-Voucher as my mum wasn’t cooking dinner that day!

As I dug into my plate of nasi lemak, all I could think about was how easy it was. It simply involved scrolling a few times on my phone and making healthier choices in my daily routine.


Live healthy with HealthHub and Healthy 365


Healthpoints - CTA

My time with the HealthHub and Healthy 365 apps has taught me that keeping fit doesn’t have to be mundane and that starting small is sometimes the best way to embark on that #cleanliving.

With these apps, you can do tons of “healthier choice” activities with just a few scrolls and swipes. You can even earn Healthpoints easily and exchange them for vouchers which can be used at many merchants in Singapore!

Find out more about Healthpoints here!

This post was brought to you by Health Promotion Board.