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If you’re a durian lover like me, you know that choosing the best durians can sometimes be an expensive endeavour that makes you think twice before going in for a bite. But if you’re looking for premium durians that are economically priced, we recommend you visit Durian SG Prime

The first durian seller in Singapore offering durians from mountain plantations, they offer top-tier durians at a much cheaper price. Durian SG Prime also has a no-questions-asked free replacement policy, so you can be assured of the freshness and quality guarantee.

Affordable premium durians from mountain plantations to plate

open durian

More often than not, durians would command a price that matches the level of quality. The better the durian, the more expensive it would be. But the experts at Durian SG Prime have devised a way to bring down the price so that you can have your durian and eat it too. 

durian supply chain
Unlike other durian sellers who use this model, Durian SG Prime cuts out the middlemen.
Image adapted from: Durian SG Prime

Working first-hand with plantation owners, they purchase large quantities of some of the best durians, which enables them to greatly reduce retail prices. And since they’re the only durian sellers in Singapore to do so as of now, you can now take advantage of their lower-priced premium tier durians.

durian flesh

Even though durians are seasonal and their prices fluctuate,  you can look forward to offerings like Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (MSW) that are sold for 20%-30% cheaper than the average retailer all year round. 

Aside from efficiency of their supply chain, they actively monitor durian prices in the industry to make sure you’re getting the cheapest prices possible. 

And since they’re looking to bring high quality durians at cheaper rates for all to enjoy, they also pass on the discounts they get from plantations to consumers. This usually happens when they reach a milestone order of about 2,000 kg in orders, so you know you’re getting the best deals straight from the source.   

Exclusive MSW flavour & free replacement policy

durian packets

Speaking of MSW, Durian SG Prime doesn’t choose just any regular MSW durian. They only accept highest tier durians with more flesh rows within the husks, smaller seeds, and mature ripe meat which fosters richer flavours and better textures.

To give you a sense of how stringent their quality standards are, they taste test the offerings first-hand among their plantation partners, and only put the top 3 selected ones for sale. 

durian tree
The surrounding trees are between 30-40 years old and yield more fruit than the 100-year-old ah gong tree (centre), which makes the latter’s harvests extra rare.
Image credit: Durian SG Prime & Ian Sim

With a more mature durian like the Old Tree MSW ($27/kg, price fluctuates seasonally), you’ll be treated to an intense and flavourful mix of richness and bittersweet flavours. You’ll also get lots of tang rolled into a single golden piece that melts in your mouth, and a higher yield of meat due to smaller seeds.

On the off chance that there is an issue, they also have a free replacement policy guaranteed to all their customers with no questions asked, for wet, sour, or unripe durians.

Durian SG Prime deliveries

With a dedicated team helming their website’s live chat or Facebook chat, you can be assured that your needs will be met expeditiously. Simply fill in a form detailing the issues you wish to raise, and they’ll make arrangements for a replacement to be shipped to you immediately. 

Enjoy other treats like durian mochi & crepe cakes

durian mochi and crepes

On top of Old Tree MSW, they also offer other durian related treats. You can expect to enjoy offerings like Ice Cream Durian Mochi ($15.90/pack of 10) filled with Black Gold durian puree to complement your durian feast. 

durian mochi filling

The mochi is made with soft and translucent skin that is slightly sticky, which helps maintain the shape of the treat when bitten into. And while the puree is made from Black Gold durian, the taste doesn’t immediately overwhelm you upon your first bite. It instead slowly disperses on your tongue and exudes the richness of the durian.

They’re also expanding their line of treats with more durian goodness like MSW Mini Crepe Cake, MSW Burnt Cheesecake, and MSW Cheesecake which you can look forward to in the coming weeks. 

Get your durian fix at a bargain with Durian SG Prime

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Lovers of the King of Fruits know that durian hunting can get a bit pricey especially if you’re sniffing at the top tier durians like MSW. That being said, not only does Durian SG Prime sell quality durians that are both rich and creamy, they also guarantee 800g of meat per durian for all durian delivery orders made online. 

And with an additional 7% off your order just by liking the Durian SG Prime Facebook page, you can enjoy premium durians without worrying about overspending, and keep going back for more. You can also stay tuned to the Durian SG Prime newsletter and Durian SG Prime Instagram for updates on new deals and special shipments.

Durian SG Prime

Durian SG Prime is now offering an exclusive promo code for all TSL readers. Just quote <SMART15> to enjoy 15% off your purchase, and it’s while stocks last so we recommend you answer your durian cravings soon. 

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Address: 456 Geylang Road, #24A, Singapore 389415
Opening hours: 24-hours online orders | 10am-12am for delivery | 1pm onwards for dine-in
Contact: 8332 6077 | Facebook chat | Online live chat

This post was brought to you by Durian SG Prime.
Photography by Ian Sim.

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