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Dorra Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

Slimming treatments always seem too good to be true. The before-and-after photos may show proof, but the sceptic in me has never quite grasped how these treatments work without major intervention like surgery or months of intense exercise. So when given the chance to try Dorra’s non-invasive Intense Fat Burning Treatment, I was curious to see what would ensue. 

After all, with work and P2HA gym closures, I had recently begun to see my stomach area lose its usual definition. I figured, what have I got to lose? About 5.5CM, it seems. Here’s what went down: 

Non-invasive slimming treatment for tummy, thighs & hips

There are two main things that convinced me to try Dorra’s Intense Fat Burning Treatment. Firstly, it involves zero surgery, injections, pills and crash diets, so I wouldn’t have to subject myself to any major pain. Secondly, Dorra’s all-female environment made me feel less self-conscious about going through something as personal as a slimming treatment. 

Dorra slimming treatment
Up to 53% of fat cells are burned during the treatment

The treatment is applied completely externally, but the fat burning process continues internally once the slimming ampoules are massaged in. These ampoules are made up of peptides that activate a metabolic process called lipolysis, targeting deep and stubborn fat cells. It’s able to “sculpt” the body, especially in common problem areas such as the tummy, thighs and hips.

Dorra slimming ampoules
The Smooth Green Ivy Leaf ampoule (left) helps to target cellulite, while the Strength Purple Carnitine ampoule (right) helps to improve blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels.

I was glad to know that they wouldn’t be spending hours grinding down my tummy, since the treatment itself only takes about 30 – 60 minutes. It’s also said to continue breaking down fat cells for the next 24 hours. 

Going through the Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment at Dorra

Dorra slimming consultation

Since I had never been for a slimming treatment before, I assumed that the entire process would be superficial – meaning I would just point out my problem areas and they’d just hack away at them. The process at Dorra, however, left me much more at ease as they dived into detail about my body, diet and health, and what I could do to improve it.

body composition machine
While my BMI and body fat percentage were in the normal range, my consultant pointed out that my waist-hip fat ratio could be lower.

My consultation began with a full body composition analysis that charted my body fat percentage, salt and water content, and basal metabolic levels. A senior consultant then went through the results. She pointed out that I had slightly a high water retention level, which could be the reason why I often feel and look bloated. 

She also said the reason why fat accumulates most in the lower belly region is because I tend to eat and go straight back to work without walking to digest my food.

Dorra slimming treatment

Then came the treatment. The therapist first applied the slimming ampoule onto my belly, which created a warming sensation. After that, she used a hand-held infra-red roller to massage the ampoule into my tummy to break down the fat cells within. She then massaged in another ampoule by hand, to target the cellulite. 

Slimming massage on tummy
There was only a little discomfort as she pressed hard on my lower belly. Otherwise, it felt like a massage that almost made me doze off. 

After the fat burning treatment, I was told to drink lots of water over the next few days so that my body would clear out the broken down fat cells. I was also given a C3 Perfect Bodyline Serum to apply to my tummy and upper thighs at night after showering. It’s meant to further smoothen out cellulite and reduce water retention.

The treatment results

Before and after slimming treament
Before (left) and after (right) the treatment

I was expecting to feel weary after an intense fat burning treatment, but my tummy area only felt a little sore with slight redness from the pressing. It felt just like muscle aches from doing an hour of intense ab workouts – except that I had all the work done for me in 30 minutes as I laid down on a comfy salon bed.

before and after slimming treatment

As for my waist? My consultant measured it after the treatment and it was 5.5CM smaller than before – that’s the amount I’d normally lose if I did intense lower belly workouts for a couple of weeks. 

Since this was my first treatment, I didn’t expect to drop a whole size smaller. But I was told that with subsequent sessions, most clients would be able to see significant results – some as drastic as going from a size XXL to an XS. 

Non-invasive slimming treatment at Dorra

Dorra slimming centre

If you’re like me and willing to try a slimming treatment for yourself, take advantage of Dorra’s first-timers’ exclusive. Get one Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment, an in-depth body fat analysis and the C3 Perfect Bodyline Serum (worth $68), all for the affordable price of $28 (U.P. $518).

I was glad that I was able to lose 5.5CM with my first session, and presume that I could shave off more with subsequent sessions. But of course, with everyone’s bodies being unique, different people can expect different results. All in all, Dorra claims you can lose about 5CM in just one session – not bad at all, if you have stubborn areas that won’t budge even with exercise.

Slimming aside, you’ll also be able to identify problem areas, not just on your body, but in your lifestyle and eating habits as well. So if you want an all-round experience, this treatment is for you. 

Book Dorra’s Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment here

This post was brought to you by Dorra.
Photography by Doreen Fan.
Written by Jessica Fang on behalf of our contributor who wishes to remain anonymous.

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