Timeless Disney jewellery gifts for Valentine’s


We all want love like Mickey and Minnie’s. These mice have been together for 87 years, so it’s got to be true love. Similarly, being dedicated to someone for a long time takes work, so we salute the guys out there who put up with their girlfriends’ strange addictions.

For those of you with girlfriends who stock up on all things Disney like it’s a religion, and prioritise Disneyland as the top attraction on your trips to HK or Japan – here’s how to win her over this Valentine’s Day:


Disney Classic Charms 


Disney Charm Bracelet Chow Tai Fook
Source: @chowtaifookeshop

Getting a gift that trumps your previous gift is more of a challenge each year. If you’ve ever considered the prospect of a charm bracelet as a gift for your girl, but didn’t get it because of its sudden surge of popularity, this is the gift option that will get you sleek customisable charm bracelets that the basics don’t have.

But there’s a quick fix: level it up by ditching the regular silver charms for the pure gold Disney Classics. At a similar price range to other popular jewellers, you’ll get charms that won’t tarnish, and are worth much more in the long run.

Chow Tai Fook’s Disney Collection charm bracelets are stackable so you can create a string of bae’s favourite Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, and Tsum Tsum charms. Its pure leather straps in muted colours allow you to get couple jewellery without looking tacky about it.

Note: These sell out like hotcakes, so get your hands on them while you still can!

Disney Charm Bracelet Chow Tai Fook
Source: @chowtaifookeshop


Disney Classic Pendants & Earrings


Some of our girlfriends prefer going bare-faced, and that doesn’t mean that they can’t look and feel like a princess. In place of glitter makeup, fab it up with their 18K white gold and rose gold, and 999 yellow gold jewellery that makes her shine like a diamond.

Disney Collection Chow Tai Fook
Chow Tai Fook’s Disney Collection comes in 18K white gold, rose gold and 999 gold. Source 

Earrings frame the face and draw attention to the face, so picking the right pair will bring bae from a solid 9 to a solid 100 out of 10. Although diamond ones bring more light to the face, you can settle for their less brilliant, but still sparkly white gold version for that Edward Cullen sparkle action under the sun.

Here’s a quick guide for choosing the right pair of earrings.

If you’re still absolutely clueless from all the girl-talk, get a pair of small simple Mickey and Minnie studs that are suitable for everyday wear.

Mickey Key Pendant Chow Tai Fook
Disney Classic Collection 999.9 Gold Pendant

Keys aren’t just for 21st birthdays. Besides being a symbol for coming of age, giving a key to someone also means that you trust them with the access to, yes, your heart.

Don’t write off it as nonsense, because as cheesy as it sounds, when your bae’s feeling down and out, your pendant will give her more comfort than you know.

Note: A fine gold piece which contains 99.9% gold would be labelled 999 or .999.


Put a Princess Crown Ring on it


Princess Crown Ring Chow Tai Fook

You want to propose, but the decision on which ring to get is weighing you down. You don’t want to get an engagement ring that’s just like everyone else’s – single diamond on a band – but you still want to wow her away with a beautiful ring.

Strike a balance between the two with the Princess Crown ring. Its intricate design makes up for the lack of a diamond and makes her feel like a true princess, especially if you propose at the stroke of midnight. She can’t say no now.

Princess Crown Ring Chow Tai Fook
Source @jiaminchon


Disney jewellery for every occasion


Valentine’s Day is coming, and that means wracking your brains to find a thoughtful gift to impress your significant other. The gifting process comes with a fair bit of stress, but now that you’ve got that sorted, you can slowly take the time to plan an elaborately unique method of gifting it to her.

Lead her on a treasure hunt around her room or present it to her over an elegant dinner – we’ll leave it to your imagination.


About Chow Tai Fook


Chow Tai Fook Singapore Orchard ION

If a company has been around for 88 years, you know that they’re doing something right. Chow Tai Fook combines classy, sophisticated designs with superior craftsmanship, so that their customers can enjoy precious pieces made with sincerity throughout generations.

Chow Tai Fook is also always keeping up with the times with their regular addition of special collections like Disney, Disney Tsum Tsum, Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars, and even Marvel, so that you’ll always be donning the trendiest bling.

Address: ION Orchard, 2, Orchard Turn, #B2-56, Singapore 238801


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