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This Free Virtual Seminar Has School Fee Waivers & 1-On-1 Consultations, For Taking Your Masters Or Degree

DIMENSIONS International College courses

Whether it’s sticking to an exercise routine or setting reading goals for the year, most of us are always looking for new ways to work on our self-improvement. But if you’re looking to get an intellectual glo-up, then consider pursuing a higher education qualification.

Not only can it be beneficial to help you advance in your career, but it can also be a great way to venture out and try something new. Check out six courses offered by Dimensions International College, along with what to expect from their upcoming virtual seminar. 

1. Assess the current trends to create engaging digital content

Assess current trends

If you’re the kind of person who can spend hours scrolling through TikTok or can quote popular meme references at the drop of a hat, why not put this knowledge and skills to good use by studying digital marketing.

In the Masters of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing course awarded by the Liverpool John Moores University, you’ll learn how to analyse the current online trends to create marketing strategies that will reach out to diverse audiences. Plus, the skills you pick up will be applicable to various industries, making you that much more attractive to potential employers.

Potential jobs: Content Manager, Creative Director, Digital Marketing Manager

Find out more about the Masters of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing course from Liverpool John Moores University.

2. Learn how to effectively manage an organisation

Manage an organisation

Taking on the role of a manager may sound like a draw, but not everyone has the skills required to advance to this senior level role with ease. If you’re interested in pursuing this as a career, the Business Administration (MBA) course by the University of Strathclyde will teach you the ins and outs of how to achieve successful business processes, and is one of 102 global businesses to be awarded with Triple Accreditation. 

In this course, you’ll get the chance to learn about everything from financial management to forming success strategies for your workplace so you’ll be ready to face any situation that comes your way.

Potential jobs: Business Administrator, General Manager, Business Consultant

Find out more about the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course by the University of Strathclyde.

3. Learn how to improve your workplace safety

Worker SafetyImage credit: Cardiff Metropolitan University

Safety is of the utmost importance in a workplace to make it a productive one. But such measures don’t just spring out of nowhere, and that’s where you can come in.

The Masters of Science (MSc) in Occupational Safety, Health & Well-Being by Cardiff Metropolitan University teaches you what you need to know about maintaining the well-being of workers in all sorts of organisations.

From learning about the psychological and psychosocial influences on risks in an office environment, to developing strategies in improving the health and safety in the workplace, you can play a direct role in boosting the performance of your company and your team.

Potential jobs: Safety Officer, Risk Management Officer, Health & Safety Compliance Coordinator

Find out more about the Masters of Science (MSc) in Occupational Safety, Health & Well-Being course by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

4. Build cross-cultural marketing strategies for a global audience

Cross cultural marketing strategies

Even though the leisure travel ban is still alive and well thanks to Covid-19, it doesn’t mean that the global business climate has slowed down. To help you market to different business cultures, the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management (Top-Up) by the University of Derby will equip you with relevant research and communication skills.

You’ll also get the chance to develop global business strategies for international trade. With more businesses expanding internationally, this degree will prove to be extremely beneficial wherever you end up working.

Potential jobs: Business Analyst, Business Development, International Business Manager

Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management (Top-Up) course by the University of Derby.

5. Undergo science experiments in the lab

dimensions international college - Undergo Science Experiments

If learning about infectious diseases and studying biomedicine sounds like your idea of fun, consider signing up for the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Medical Bioscience (Top-up) by the University of Roehampton.

Not only will you get to understand the theories behind medical microbiology, but you’ll also get to have hands-on laboratory sessions and undergo case study presentations. What’s more, the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to be in the clear anytime soon, so your new skills will be greatly appreciated on the job market.

Potential jobs: Biomedical Scientist, Biomedical Research Assistant, Lab Practitioner

Find out more about the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Medical Bioscience (Top-up) by the University of Roehampton.

6. Understand the human mind and behaviour

dimensions international college - Mental health and Psychology

The human mind is a fascinating subject and if you are curious to find out more, getting a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychological Studies by the University of Derby may be the right fit for you. 

From learning about addiction to understanding the clinical applications of psychology, this degree will lead you towards the path of kickstarting your career in psychology.

Potential jobs: Psychologist, Counselor, Human Resource Manager

Find out more about the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychological Studies by the University of Derby.

Register for Dimensions College’s virtual seminar & get fee waivers

With the ever-changing job market of today, it’s important to stay relevant by constantly improving your skill set – such as by pursuing higher education. Making the decision to start learning all over again can be extremely overwhelming but Dimensions International College will help ease your woes. 

Interested students can sign up for their upcoming Headstart Virtual Seminar 2021 – an online event to find out more about the higher education programmes. The online seminar is free to join, and will include video content from educators and speakers from university partners. 

dimensions international college - Group discussion

Additionally, Dimensions College offers 1-on-1 course consultations to help you path your progression journey, find a suitable course and enrol in the school seamlessly.

From now until 31st May 2021, you can even get an application fee waiver worth $107, plus an extra $500 early-bird subsidy when you sign up for any of their July 2021 intake courses. There’s also additional referral rebates worth $500 which you’ll be able to claim if you refer another student who registers for a degree. 

If you know of friends or family who are also looking to pursue a higher education degree, these rebates will basically be free money. Plus, you and your friends can even enrol in the same course to make it more enjoyable and to up your skills together.

Find out more about Dimensions College’s Headstart Virtual Seminar 2021 here

This post was brought to you by DIMENSIONS International College.