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CP Foods Review

About CP Foods in Singapore


You may often have come across plenty of boxes from CP food during your grocery shopping. Or perhaps seen the CP food brand somewhere else because they are everywhere!

Most Singaporeans will be surprised to know about their long history. CP Foods was actually founded way back in 1921 in Bangkok. CP actually stands for Charoen Pokphand which in Thai means “Prosperity in Food”.

And we were excited to finally give their food a try!



CP’s new healthy range


I received the CP frozen food hamper a week before Christmas. Included inside were three of their new products from their health-conscious range.

  1. CP Vegetarian Stir-Fried Holy Basil with Rice –  flavour and spice served with shiitake mushrooms and crunchy carrots.

  2. CP Vegetarian Yakisobaan adaptation of the classic Japanese stir-fried noodles cooked in sweet and soya sauce, served with shiitake mushrooms sautéed

  3. CP Breaded Fish in Tamarind Sauce with Jasmine Ricefragrant Jasmine rice served with chunks of fish, doused with the sweet and sour sauce of tamarind.

CP Foods state they prepare these meals using advanced freezing technology that ensures the quality in taste and preserves the nutrients in the food, providing consumers wholesome and fuss-free meals in the comfort of their homes.

The other items in the non-halal hamper included:

  • CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza
  • CP Chicken Gyoza
  • CP Shrimp Mandoo
  • CP Vegetable Mandoo
  • CP Shrimp Wonton Festive Pack with Suki Sauce

Putting CP Foods to the test!


I can dare say that I have gained an extra few pounds just from gorging all those delicious fried mandoos! 

My ultimate favourite of the lot has to be the chicken Korean mandoo, which is basically like the Koreanized version of a dumpling. Out of all the cooking methods tried, namely pan frying, deep frying and steaming, my recommendation definitely is to deep fry those delicious pockets of chewy goodness!

The filling is really tangy and addictive and the outer skin crust is just the right thickness so it is still fluffy and crisp when you take a nice big bite out of it.  

      b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2013-12-29-at-6.53.16-pm.png           b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2013-12-29-at-6.51.44-pm.png

There were also a quite a few microwave to-go food packs, which is really convenient for those individuals, like yours truly. We would probably be the first ones to be snuffed out if we were all in the Hunger Games, because of our inability to cook as well as handle pointy items like knives.

Anyway, out of all of the microwavable food packs, I will have to give my props to the spicy vegetarian rice dish! The spiciness adds a really good kick of flavor and texture to the dish.


Lastly, the whole shrimp wonton would be my mother’s top pick. It is the perfect addition to any steamboat dinner. Now, the one thing I will have to give to CP Foods is their generosity with their fillings.

The shrimp wonton was definitely a hot favourite with the family during our Christmas steamboat dinner, and at one point my dad even exclaimed: “There’s just so much prawn in here!” whilst he gleefully scooped two more wontons into his bowl.

               b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2013-12-29-at-6.52.24-pm.png                      b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2013-12-29-at-6.52.48-pm.png

Thank you to CP Foods for their generosity and for supplying us with such a wonderful array of food. Our family’s Christmas dinner was certainly made much more delicious with it!

Ypu can go here to find out more about CP food products.

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