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anime and cosplay events 2019

7 Cosplay Conventions & Anime Events In Singapore To Dress Up For In 2019

Anime conventions in Singapore 2019


anime and cosplay events 2019Image adapted from: @foodchow, @foodchow

Some of us might have the misconception that cosplay conventions are only for the hardcore anime-lovers and socially awkward otakus, but that’s not true. Anybody and everybody can appreciate cosplay – it’s an art form.

Even if you’ve only watched Doraemon or Pokemon growing up, you’ll still be able to enjoy the experience of taking pictures with some bomb-ass cosplayers and admiring their insanely elaborate costumes.

Here are 7 cosplay conventions you need to check out in Singapore over 2019:


1. Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden (30-31 March 2019)


sakura festivalImage credit: @gardensbythebay

Gardens by the Bay is holding a Sakura Festival where you’ll get to see cherry blossoms without having to travel overseas.

sakura matsuri sgImage credit: Gardens by the Bay

There’ll be loads to do, from playing traditional Japanese festival games to sampling authentic Japanese food, and viewing family-friendly anime films such as Crayon Shinchan the Movie: Bakumori! Kung Fu Boys -Ramen Chaos-.

asanoya breadGet a snack from Japanese artisan bakery, Asanoya Boulangerie while you’re there
Image credit: @asanoyasg

Cosplayers can hold photoshoots there with the cherry blossoms as the backdrop – no need to book an expensive studio or Photoshop extensively. And visitors can look forward to spotting their favourite anime characters IRL and celebrity cosplayers such as Mon from Taiwan, and Luffy and Olivie from Hong Kong.

cosplayer monKDA Ahri by celebrity cosplayer Mon from Taiwan
Image credit: @monpink11

Date & Time: 30th-31st March 2019 | 4PM-11.30PM
Venue: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
Admission: Free



2. Doujin Market (4-5 May 2019)


doujin market 2019Image credit: @pepperdisco

Doujin Market is a place where aspiring artists congregate and sell their fanart or self-made merchandise. Pick up some cute keychains of your favourite anime character or a few art prints to show your support for the artists.

Besides that, you might get to meet some well-known veteran artists and learn more about anime and manga here.

Date & Time: 4th-5th May 2019 | 12PM-7PM
Venue: Hall 401-402, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Admission: Free



3. COSFEST: Waterworld (20-21 July 2019)


cosfest 2019Last year’s theme – The Gates Of Halloween Town: Yokai Festival
Image credit: Cosfest

Cosfest is one of the few events held specifically for cosplay in Singapore, with each year having a different theme for cosplayers to follow.

This year’s theme, Waterworld, follows the story of a water cosmos dragon, and all event activities, as well as the cosplay competition, will be in line with the given concept.

costfest xviiiImage credit:

As with many of the other conventions, there will be artists setting up booths to sell their merchandise and cosplay-related items.

Date & Time: 20th-21st July 2019 | 11AM-7PM
Venue: Downtown East – Wild Wild Wet (Waterworld) and D’Marquee (A Link to Your Fantasy) 
Admission: Free



4. SG Comic Con (December 2019)


deadpool and vanellopeDeadpool and Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph
Image credit: @mrdeadpoolio

SG Comic Con has a pretty self-explanatory name.  If you’re big on Marvel and DC, and love comics or gaming, you should definitely mark this event down on your calendar.

stgcc 2019Image credit: Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention – STGCC

You’ll find your favourite superheroes strutting around in their costumes, from Spiderman to Deadpool and Transformers. There’s also a cosplay competition, so expect to see some seriously detailed and elaborate costumes.

stgcc boothImage credit: @singaporetgcc

Date & Time: December (TBC)
Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands
Admission: TBC



5. GameStart (12-13 October 2019)


If you wake up in the morning thinking about games, you can’t miss out on GameStart. Many of the newly released card games, board games and of course, video games are gonna be there for you to check out.

morgana cosplayLeague Of Legends – Morgana
Image credit: GameStart Asia

Game lovers might even get the opportunity to find out more about upcoming games at this event, or speak to game creators themselves and get some juicy BTS details.

shadowverse olivia cosplayShadowverse – Dark Angel Olivia
Image credit: GameStart Asia

There’s a cosplay competition and tons of cosplayers will be walking around, so grab the opportunity to snap a commemorative selfie with your favourite in-game character.

Date: 12th-13th October 2019
Venue: Hall 401-403, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Admission: TBC



6. C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore (Nov or Dec 2019)


tweety bird grannyGranny from Tweety Bird
Image credit: @foodchow

Most anime fans would know of Anime Festival Asia (AFA). It’s the biggest anime convention ever in Singapore – last year alone, it attracted over 105,000 visitors.

afasg 2019Image credit: @ziqi_wu

Visit the creator’s booths and fill your bag up with keychains, posters, standees and more.

afasgImage credit: @kevinkosaputra

Talks and performances will be held at the main stage while meet-and-greet sessions are scattered across the convention hall booths so you can catch your favourite celebrity cosplayers.

Date & Time: End November to early December (TBC)
Venue: Hall 401-403, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Admission: TBC



7. EOY J-Culture Festival (28-29 December 2019)


eoy sg 2019Image credit: @sunnywari

The EOY J-Culture Festival is a convention for everything and anything Japanese-related. It’s basically a rojak of Japanese fashion, cosplay, anime, and food all tossed together.

kaito kid cosplayKaito Kid from Detective Conan
Image credit: @oc_kun_7alp959

Don’t forget to buy a waifu body pillow or a printed hoodie while you’re there!

Date & Time: 28th-29th December 2019
Venue: Hall 401-403, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Admission: TBC



Cosplay and anime events in Singapore


Some of us grew up on legendary anime series such as One Piece, Naruto and Bleach – so attending cosplay conventions are a regular thing for us. After all, it’s always thrilling to see our favourite characters come to life.

But even if you’ve never watched anime, you can still attend a cosplay convention to learn more about this intriguing hobby. You may not be able to recognise the characters, but you can still appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that the cosplayers have put into making their costumes.