Age can’t hold these seniors down


70 year old cosplay auntie singapore

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The common excuse many of us have when challenged to do seemingly ‘youthful’ things is the usual ‘Aiyah, I how old already’. But age shouldn’t be something stopping you from doing the things you want. I should know – my 83 year old grandpa connects his iPhone to the wifi at home to catch up on his Hong Kong dramas on Toggle, despite falling asleep halfway with the audio still blaring.

Despite their age, these coolest uncles and aunties of Singapore show us that nothing is impossible:


1. Ice kacang uncle at redhill who dances to techno as he serves


If ‘Wa Meng Ti’ gets you turnt, you’ll find the Redhill Ice Kacang uncle’s performance to Hokkien techno songs absolutely jammin’. At no extra charge, treat yourself to a show more entertaining than your K-pop boy bands’, with so much swag that you almost always have to queue to get it – not that we’re complaining – that just means more time to watch this showstopper do his thang.


2. Tissue paper auntie with her own theme song


It’s heartwarming when people make positive their situation, and this tissue auntie doesn’t let her lack of entertainment at Simei station stop her from being her own star. With her debut single, “$1” (not even kidding), she lightens up the daily commute of lucky Easties.

Her theme song is so good that even FallenSuperheroSG made a remix of it that’s fistpump-in-the-club worthy.


3. 70-year-old Cosplay auntie with over 6000 FB fans


aunty shirley cosplay


With her signature falsies, 70 -year-old Aunty Shirley breaks all the old-woman stereotypes. On her Facebook page, she posts videos of her workout routine, her latest Cosplay project, and the occasional behind the scenes footage of her TVCs – to the 6,400 people who have ‘liked’ her page.

She’s made a name for herself in the cosplay community, and it comes as no surprise – at 70, she’s one of the oldest cosplayers in Singapore. What’s cooler is that she cosplays with her son and his girlfriend too!

aunty shirley cosplaying with her son



4. NUS drink stall uncle who adorns himself with festive headgear


NUS uncle seton


As one of the Engineering canteen stall owners, Uncle Seton sells drinks and snacks with a complimentary bundle of joy at every festive occasion. He was so hyped about CNY that he even came up with auspicious drinks like ‘wish-fulfilling milk tea’, ‘prosperity milk coffee’, and ‘good fortune green tea’ to match the mood.

The lantern-like hats he wore in 2015 were literally lit, but to usher in the year of the monkey in 2016, Uncle Seton added this installment to his workwear:

uncle seton cny 2016



5. Funny uncle who can imitate the sounds of Singapore


Us kids know about Pentatonix and KRNFX, but our very own Singaporean uncle’s vocal technique is also worth boasting about. With very few teeth yet a super bright smile, this uncle loves making Singapore’s signature sounds like the morning chirping of birds and traffic noise. He’s performed at Chingay, and can be spotted at Dakota MRT on some days.


6. Visa’s Uncle Sim who knows how to use contactless credit cards


Of the most well-known in this list is of course TVC star Uncle Sim, who makes going cashless ‘so simple’. Besides occasionally belanja-ing strangers with the wonders of his Visa card, Uncle Sim also teaches the common folk useful hacks – for everyday situations like keeping ice cream soft, not losing your pen, and filling buckets that don’t fit into the sink.


7. Uncle who made it snow during Christmas in Woodlands


woodlands snowman

Source: @bavolsy

Singapore’s year-long summer just wasn’t doing it for Christmas, so Uncle Tan brought the snow to Singapore. 56-year-old, Uncle Tan made the 2.2m snowman by himself in one week, with materials that he bought with his own money – which he could’ve used to travel somewhere with actual snow. *tears streaming down my face*

Besides Christmas, Uncle Tan decorates the corner of the carpark near Block 179 along Woodlands Street 13 for CNY, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Christmas, and National Day.

woodlands cny decoration

Source: @zx_starwalker


8. Uncle Ringo, the maven of elusive old-school carnivals in Singapore


Uncle Ringo’s games and rides used to be at almost every pasar malam, but these days, pasar malams are a rarity – and their mini amusement parks even rarer. With the demise of Escape Theme Park, the only theme park here now is USS with its costly entry fees. Huge roller coasters like Battlestar Galactica are great, but sometimes we crave the simplicity we had in our childhood.

Luckily, Uncle Ringo still holds his carnivals around 6 times a year – some during National day and the June school holidays. Back in the day, Uncle Ringo used to sell recycled chemicals – before starting his travelling fair when his only child was born over 30 years ago.


9. The pakcik who takes his cats for walks in a trolley


We’ve got our office cats Pika and Jaymee, and whenever we open the front door, we have to be extra careful – lest they dart off into the big world out there. It’s hard to leash cats, but if you want to let your felines out for some fresh air without losing them forever, pakcik here has got a clever solution that you can watch here.


10. The uncle who Hula hoops huge wooden beads at Orchard


When Hula Hooping in the comfort of your home is too mainstream, you turn to hula beading all day in the middle of Orchard Road, under the hot sun, in front of awestruck passers-by. That’s one way to get your cardio in.

Uncle Oh Ow Kee was first inspired to twirl Woodball Woola Chains around his body, by Chinese monks who did it as a form of art. Other than being a street performer at our shopping belt, he also makes Woodball Woola Chains with his wife to sell. They’re available in lengths of up to 3.7m, and weigh up to 5kg – modelled after the same ones that he swings around his neck.

Fun Fact: Before Uncle Oh was slaying it with Hula, he was a Karang Guni man.


Old is gold


True swag is when you create your own style and go against the grain – without worrying about what others think. Just like these super zai uncles and aunties, being different makes people shine from the norm. We hope that Singapore’s hippest seniors will inspire you – regardless of age or anything else for that matter – to pursue your passions. Perhaps one day we can be as cool as these cuties.