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Compass One's Mid Autumn Fair Has Unique Mooncake Flavours Such As Chocolate Lava & Durian Ice Cream

Compass One’s Mid-Autumn Fair Has Unique Mooncake Flavours Such As Chocolate Lava & Durian Ice Cream

Compass One Mid-Autumn Fair 2022

Every year we see a new trend of interesting flavoured mooncakes, and 2022 is no different. Happening from now till 10th September, the Mid-Autumn Fair at Compass One is playing host to numerous well-known Chinese bakeries in Singapore so you can find all sorts of mooncakes in one place.

From those selling traditional white lotus classics to more unique flavours like mala lobster and chocolate lava, there are numerous booths to choose from. Plus, you can enjoy exclusive offline discounts when you shop at the fair.

Here are 5 bakeries to keep an eye out for:

1. Hong Kong Cafe – French mille crepe mooncakes

Hong Kong Cafe

Truly distinctive are the best-selling French style Mille Crepe mooncakes ($68/6 pieces) from Hong Kong Cafe (香港冰室). Soft layers of crepes encased in snowskin, these mooncakes come in 6 flavours – oreo, matcha, lemon curd, mocha, chocolate, and original.

Hong Kong Cafe mooncakes
Black Truffle Bird’s Nest Mooncake and Golden Milk Yellow Mooncake set.

Image adapted from: Hong Kong Cafe

The Black Truffle Bird’s Nest Mooncakes ($68/6 pieces) might be more enticing if you’re a truffle lover. This one has an oozy custard centre too. Shop at the booth and you get a flat 15% off without any minimum spending.

2. Hong Kong Bay x JinYeYe – Lava mooncakes

Hong Kong Bay

The mooncakes from Hong Kong Bay (香港香 x 金爷) make for the prettiest gifts thanks to their reusable packaging. The Reunion Gift Set ($74.80/3 pieces) comes in a 3-tier tingkat carrier while the MSW Durian Series ($89.90/4 pieces) is packed in a limited-edition black cooler bag.

Hong Kong Bay lava mooncakes
Hong Kong Style Salted Egg Volcano ($15/piece) and Chocolate Volcano ($15/piece) mooncakes.

Their Fusion Series ($41.90/4 pieces) feature 2 mooncakes that ooze lava once sliced open and are the ones that will get you the oohs and aahs from those who prefer more modern flavours. Other flavours in this series include Hokkaido Matcha and Emperor Golden Pearl with a rich red bean paste at the centre.

3. Cookies 4 You By Scoopz – Ice cream mooncakes

Cokkies 4 You

Local ice cream retailer Scoopz has introduced their own take on mooncakes with flavours such as Golden Pandan and Coco Tiramisu. The Limited Edition Luscious Peacock Gift Set ($76/4 pieces) featuring their best sellers is ideal for gifting friends and family.

Scoopz mooncakes
Golden Pandan with Salted Egg mooncake and Traditional Mix Nut mooncake.

The ice cream mooncakes ($59/6 pieces) come in 2 variations. The first choice is 6 pieces filled with just Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream. The other is a healthier choice of black sesame, chocolate, and soursop ice cream flavours, with 2 pieces each.

Vegetarians will be happy to note that these ice cream mooncakes are all eggless too.

4. Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery Hue Kee – Less sugar options

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery Hue Kee mooncakes
Assorted Seeds and Ham mooncake ($68/4 pieces) and Signature Lotus with 4 Yolks Special with Olive Kernel mooncake ($68/4 pieces).

A brand that may be recognised by most older folks, Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery Hue Kee’s (牛车水大中国饼家(馀记)) booth has more than 20 pastries this Mid-Autumn Festival. But don’t expect all things old school here – their variation of the red bean mooncake comes with a hint of rose and melon seeds.

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery Hue Kee pastries
Walnut Butter Pastry Lotus With Yolk ($58/8 pieces).

Those on the keto diet don’t have to miss out on enjoying the festive goodies either. The low sugar butter pastry series includes different nut variations – macadamia, pecan, or Brazil nut.

Also hopping on the lava trend, this confectionery has flavours such as Portuguese custard, brown sugar, and milk tea.

5. Yahweh Delicacies – Traditional crowd favourites

Yahweh Delicacies

If you’re someone who just wants a good ol’ traditional mooncake, Yahweh Delicacies (大劭爷)  is the booth you’re looking for. Fuss-free and with no surprises, you’ll find traditional faves like white lotus paste with and without yolk.

Yahweh Delicacies mooncakes

While most mooncakes here will cost you about $7 individually, the bakery is offering a number of value sets starting from $23.90 for 4 pieces with assorted flavours. Apart from the classic white lotus, they also offer red bean, lotus-durian, and fruits & nuts mooncakes.

Shop at Compass One’s Mooncake Fair 2022

Compass One mooncake fair

Apart from the brands mentioned above, you can also find other famous bakeries such as Gin Thye, Durian Empire by 717 Trading, and Sunny Hills.

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching on 10th September 2022, so it’s time to stock up on some mooncakes for you and the fam. Whether you’re a stickler for the traditional ones or are more adventurous with flavours, there’s a lot to be found at Compass One’s Mid-Autumn Fair.

Visit Compass One’s Mid-Autumn Fair 2022

Compass One, Level 2 Atrium, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078
Dates: Now till 10th September 2022

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Photography by Clement Sim.