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It happens without warning. One moment you’re sitting there doing your own thing, and the next, you’re sneezing non-stop, eyes watering as you struggle to breathe. Allergic reactions are one of the banes of our existence and unbeknownst to us, allergy triggers lurk everywhere in our homes on the most unassuming objects – like your favourite plushie you hug to sleep.

If you’re planning to do major spring cleaning soon, here are 5 common allergens hiding in your home to watch out for, along with ways you can get rid of them.

1. Stuffed toys – collects dust and germs

Allergens - stuffed toys
Who knew these adorable avocado plushies could be home to dust and other allergens?
Image credit: Taobao

Between cute character plushies and the teddy bears you won from carnivals, stuffed toys are just one of those things we can’t resist collecting. But if you find yourself sniffling more often than not, it might be wise to do something about your collection ASAP.

Reason being, these plushies collect loads of dust and germs. Leave it unwashed for too long, and it can trigger constant allergic reactions – or even worse, an asthma attack.

How to get rid of them: Wash them at least once a month using the gentlest cycle on your washing machine, or hand wash them if you prefer.

2. Houseplants – mold in soil and dead leaves

Allergens - houseplantsImage credit: @plantelliplant

We may not think our innocent houseplants are one of the places you’d find an allergy trigger. But au contraire, these plants can actually be home to a slew of allergens, from mold growing in damp soil to the pollen from flowering plants.

How to get rid of them: Remove dead leaves from plants immediately, and let the soil dry properly between waterings. You can also purchase these indoor plants to purify your surroundings even more.

3. Air fresheners and scented candles – chemicals in the scent

Allergen - candlesImage credit: @lightandglodesigns

A nice fragrance makes a home much more inviting, which is why we purchase air fresheners and scented candles. However, some of us are extra sensitive to fragrances, and will suffer from allergic reactions with the smallest whiff.

That’s due to the boatload of chemicals that go into making these products – like alcohol and formaldehyde. Studies have shown that these chemicals can trigger everything from a runny nose to a full-blown asthma attack, so be sure to take note.

How to get rid of them: These chemicals can be found in synthetic fragrances, so throw them out if you have any. Replace them with fragrances that use natural extracts – like essential oils and plant-based aromatherapy candles.

4. Carpets and rugs – hides dust, mold, and animal fur

Allergen - carpets and rugs

A carpet or a rug can be an essential piece of your home aesthetic. But behind its sleek or rustic veneers lie a bunch of dust, animal fur, and other things lurking in its midst, all of which can set off a sneezing fit the moment you step on it.

How to get rid of them: If possible, avoid using carpets at all. If you die-die want to keep one, vacuum them at least once a week with a vacuum that has a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

5. Fans – circulates dust on the blades

Allergens - Fans
Image credit: @starfansnyc

Fans are our saving grace in our perpetual summer weather. Unfortunately, dust, pollen, and debris build up quickly on the fan blades. When switched on, these allergens get circulated around the room alongside the ones lying on other household objects. 

How to get rid of them: Wipe them down once a week, or invest in a bladeless fan that filters out particles in the air.

Getting rid of common allergens at home

We often can’t pinpoint the cause of our allergic reactions when it happens. But the fact is, common allergens can be found on places we least expect – like the sleek rug under our table, or our collection of houseplants in our balcony.

But even after cleaning our house to a T, we can still be struck by random allergy attacks. We need to make sure that we’re well-equipped to combat it when it happens, which is where Clarityn tablets come in handy.

Medicine - Clarityn Tablets

The next time you’re suffering from a reaction, simply ingest one of these tablets. It clears up allergy symptoms ranging from a runny nose to a skin rash in no time – and with a 24-hour non-drowsy effect, you can easily pop one in and continue working without any hindrances to your productivity.

Medicine - Clarityn Tablets

You can easily purchase these tablets online at Lazada and Shopee, where a pack of 10 tablets will cost $13.30 each. Each box is conveniently-sized, making it a great addition to any medication cabinet at home.

Medicine - Clarityn Tablets

With these fast-acting relief tablets from Clarityn, you can chase away all allergy-related woes in a jiffy. 

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This post was brought to you by Bayer Clarityn.
*Note: Do consult a healthcare professional if your allergy symptoms persist.
Photography by Rae Phang.

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