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Co+Nut+Ink – Chatuchak’s Secret Coconut Ice-Cream & Drinks Recipe Is Now Available At Somerset

Co+Nut+Ink has coconut ice-cream and drinks


conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

It’s sweltering hot walking down the streets of Orchard Road. And while many of us crave a sweet treat that’s hydrating, it’s difficult to find something healthy that’s guilt-free to consume.

Thankfully, Co+Nut+Ink offers just the right fix. Located along the streets of our favourite hang out spots, including Orchard Road and Siloso Beach, they sell refreshing coconut drinks and ice-cream with a recipe originating from Chatuchak.


Made with authentic recipes from Chatuchak


conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Smooth and rich in flavour, Co+Nut+Ink’s ice cream seemingly teleported me back to Chatuchak, the popular weekend market in Bangkok. It shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Co+Nut+Ink’s founder, Mr Lawrence Tang, actually got the recipe from the OG-creators themselves. 

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Owners of Coco JJ from Chatuchak Market, Bird and Maggie, visiting Co+Nut+Ink. Image credit: Co+Nut+Ink

6 years ago, Lawrence befriended the Thai locals while he was there, and eventually managed to garner their trust to franchise the recipe in Singapore. From there, he chose to trade in his white collar corporate finance job for berms and tank tops, and, with that, Co+Nut+Ink was born.

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Premium Nuts and Fruits ($6.50), coconut ice cream topped with assorted nuts and raisins

Packaged in a fresh coconut husk, and sprinkled with roasted peanuts, their Classic Signature ($5.50) ice cream is strikingly similar to the original ones in Thailand, perfect for relieving good ol’ Bangkok memories.

If you’d like to zhng your ice cream, choose their Premium Nuts and Fruits ($6.50), which is topped with cashews, raisins and almond crumbs, that’ll add a variety of textures to the velvety ice cream. For those who prefer chewy toppings, pick up the Popular Premium Dessert ($6.80) instead, which has red rubies by the side.

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Popular Premium Dessert ($6.80), coconut ice cream with red rubies

All husks have fresh coconut flesh, for an authentic touch of the fruit. And just like in Chatuchak Market, a free cup of pure coconut water is given alongside every purchase of ice cream in a husk.

If you prefer your ice cream served in the cup, so that it’s lighter and easier to carry around, there’s that option too! Their Classic Signature will cost $3.80 in a cup, while Premium Nuts and Fruits and Popular Premium Dessert will be $4.50 and $4.80 respectively, saving you $2!


A twist on the classic coconut drink


For those in search of a thirst-quencher with all the same flavours as the Chatuchak coconut ice cream, opt for one of Co+Nut+Ink’s Signature Drinks. They’re sold only at their Midpoint Orchard outlet, Opposite 313@Somerset, for you to easily grab and go.

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Made from the same secret recipe, with fresh coconuts and no artificial flavourings, these drinks act as a healthier option to artificially sweetened drinks. Plus, coconut is rich in potassium, more so than bananas, so the drink can give you a needed midday energy boost.

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Left to right: Matcha and avocado, durian and mango, original coconut, red ruby

Choose between 6 different flavours – original coconut ($3.80), daily coffee and chocolate ($4), espresso and dark chocolate ($4.50), matcha and avocado ($4.80), durian and mango ($4.80), and red ruby ($4.50). The red ruby drink even has bits of the jelly inside, comparable to bubble teas!

And if you’re craving a scoop of coconut ice cream to accompany your drink, you’d be glad to know that they’re much cheaper as a combo. For a top-up of $0.50 – $1, you’ll be entitled to a cup of ice cream – a small price to pay for more velvety goodness to combat the heat.


Donate to a good cause with each purchase


conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Besides just selling coconut treats, Co+Nut+Ink has a program that lets you contributes back to the community, without paying a cent more. With every item sold, you’ll even get to choose which of 3 programs (waste minimisation, fair trade, or health benefits) a portion of their earnings go back to.

There’s a machine at their stores for you to learn more before picking which program to donate to, allowing you to be directly involved with giving back to our ecosystem.

live menu conutink

Live menu where customers can choose where they’d like to contribute to with their purchase

In addition, they regularly organise recycling programs, in which students are taught to reuse the coconut husks for art or replanting purposes.


Coconut as an integral part of outdoor lifestyle


conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic

Refreshing and hydrating, coconut drinks and ice cream are always a go-to when we walk down the streets, whether at Chatuchak or as part of our everyday routines. So the next time you’re looking to cool down, pick up a treat from Co+Nut+Ink’s as the healthier option.

There are 5 locations all across Singapore for your convenience, and they’ve even expanded to have one outlet in the Philippines. 


*Bonus* Enjoy a 1-for-1 offer with every Co+Nut+Ink drink purchased


If you’re craving to try one of their Co+Nut+Ink Signature Drinks, you’re in luck. Over the next two weeks till 8th April 2018, drag your friends over to their Orchard outlet because with every purchase you make, you’ll get another drink free. 

All you’ve got to do is to sign up here to be eligible for this 1-for-1 offer. You can then choose which area of aid you’d like the sales proceeds of your drink to go to.

Address: Street cart outside Midpoint Orchard, opposite Somerset 313 

Find out more about Co+Nut+Ink here!

This post is brought to you by Co+Nut+Ink.