Chinese New Year OOTD tips

CNY styling tips

Chinese New Year is a huge deal in Singapore, and unfortunately for some of us, a time of horrendous fashion crimes. Yes mum, I still remember the Chun Li hair buns you made me wear when I was 8.

Whether you’re looking for new additions to your wardrobe or if you just want to look your best, here’s a checklist of tips to style your CNY OOTD to help you look good for the ‘gram.

1. Weave red in subtly because less is more

We get it, red symbolizes good luck and is the colour of CNY, but you’re telling me that this choice of wearing red from top to toe was made intentionally? Too much of anything is never a good thing, plus, you reeeaaally don’t want to look like a lantern.

Aldo - CNY styling tip 1

Left: Uncles and aunties will like your style, but you wouldn’t hang with friends wearing these
Right: Weaving in the red tones subtly with warm colours

A pop of colour is refreshing, too much colour and it becomes blinding. Complement subtle reds with warm, earthy tones like mustard yellow or gold that will usher in the CNY spirit without being too overpowering.

Instead of decking out in one colour, mix your look around by playing with tones to add some dynamism to your feed. Plus, oversized red sunglasses? Nicole Richie approves.

Extra points if you pay attention to your footwear. Your shoes are removed during visiting, but you know your kaypoh relatives will check out what you’ve copped when they welcome you at the door. And you get full marks if your footwear comes with cute dog prints that subtly celebrate the year of the dog.

Aldo Leginiel (shoes; white)

On him: Aldo Lugolo (shoes; gold)
On her: Aldo Mckeown (sunglasses; red), Aldo Leginiel (shoes; white)

Aldo - CNY Styling tips

Wear white shoes with red accents. For the bold hypebeasts, dare to wear gold. 

2. Tone down on the prints

Floral prints are in full bloom right? Wrong. While a touch of floral is fine, excessive floral prints during CNY are too often associated with red packets. You know the type: red packets with intricate gold flowers patterned all over them.

Unless your style inspiration is an angbao, tone it down and go for something classier.

Aldo - CNY Styling tip 2

Left: Mother nature called, she wants her flowers back.
Right: Gingham prints on a jacket and a cute dog print (to rep Year of the Dog) to break up the solids

Some trends borrowed from the past like crop tops and overalls are neat, but floral prints can get a little obiang (outdated).

Instead, showcase your style by picking a statement print. Rock a sweet gingham jacket over a white tee for some printed goodness and matching it with some white kicks lined with red for some added huat.

Speaking of matching, read our article on matching outfits for families here.

On him: Aldo Lugulo (shoes; white)
On her: Aldo Mckeown (sunglasses; black), Aldo Grini (pool slides; white), Aldo Choredda (bag; black/white)

Aldo - CNY styling tips 2

Contrast your prints against neutral solids.

3. Update an old classic: cheongsams

Even though it is 2018, donning the right cheongsam is still stylish and an appreciated nod to tradition. To update this look, simply combine modern elements with your existing outfits.

Aldo - CNY Styling Tips 3

Left:  A classy outfit, but too dated.
Right: You can wear this to work or a party.

Rather than spending >$100 on a piece you’ll wear once a year, match form-fitting pieces to achieve the sleek silhouette a cheongsam offers. By pairing a lace top with a red body-hugging skirt, we  can now have a modern, sophisticated take on the classic cheongsam.

On her: Aldo Leginiel (shoes; white), Aldo Chiappini (bag; red)

Get Chinese New Year ready with Aldo’s 2018 collection

 Aldo Chiappini (bag; red)

 Aldo Chiappini (bag; red)

Many people think that style equates to dressing formal, but there’s a HUGE difference between being well-dressed and overdressed. Just so we’re clear, the former > the latter. There’s no point overdressing in our 30°C weather.

With 2018 being the Year of the Dog, Aldo has come up with an adorable range of slides, sneakers and bags to usher in the new year.

Aldo Everet (pool slides; black)

Aldo Everet (pool slides; black)

If you want to look good for CNY, embrace modernity with accessories from this spunky collection that celebrates the year of the dog and you’ll surely turn heads this Chinese New Year.

Aldo Grini (pool slides; red), Aldo Everet (pool slides; black)

Aldo Grini (pool slides; red), Aldo Everet (pool slides; black)

ALDO CNY collection available at:

  • ION Orchard | No 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-20 S(238801)
  • Plaza Singapura |  68 Orchard Road, #01-30, S(238839)
  • 313 Somerset | 313 Orchard Road, #02-40/41, S(238895)
  • Raffles City | 252 North Bridge Road, #01-07, S(179103)
  • Vivocity | 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-191, S(098585)
  • Bugis Junction | 200 Victoria Street, #01-39/40, S(188021)
  • Paragon | 290 Orchard Road, #03-10, S(238859)
  • Tampines Mall | 4 Tampines Central 5, 01-08/09, S(529510)
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  • Suntec | 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-453/454, North Wing, S(038983)

Check out Aldo’s full CNY 2018 collection here

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