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11 Best Christmas Hampers To Buy For Friends Or Colleagues So You Don’t Have To Chiong Last Minute 

Christmas hampers in Singapore

With Christmas fast approaching, you might also be planning your list of gifts to buy your family and friends. For something easy yet thoughtful, choose from one of these Christmas hampers you can purchase in Singapore so you don’t have to chiong to buy last-minute gifts in December. You can thank us later. 

1. Janice Wong – Bubbly Christmas ($100)

holiday giftsImage credit: @janicewongsg via Instagram 

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with chocolates, cookies, and champagne. Singapore’s own chocolate kween, Janice Wong, has just the right Christmas hamper for you. And the best part is, her packaging always scores major aesthetic points – so there’s no need to hunt for an additional gift wrapper. 

The Bubbly Christmas Hamper ($100) is self-explanatory – it comes with a tin of assorted cookies, a mini bottle of champagne, and a box of 5 Christmas bon bons. If you don’t want to buy a whole hamper, the chocolates are also available for purchase individually, starting from $25 for a box of 5. Just make sure to pre-order them at least 24 hours in advance. 

Shop on Janice Wong

2. Marks & Spencer – Yuletide Cheer Hamper ($99)

christmas hampersImage credit: Marks & Spencer

Hands up if you know someone who’s always making a detour into Marks & Spencer to grab their favourite milk chocolate biscuits. 

Well, your Christmas gift shopping quest has just been made easier with the Yuletide Cheer Hamper ($99). It’s filled with all the yummy goods – we’re talking Ginger Snaps, Pistachio Cookies, Oat Crunch Biscuits, Butter Mints, Strawberry Conserve Custard Cream, Belgian Curl, and English Breakfast Teabags.

christmas hampersImage credit: Marks & Spencer

If you’re shopping for the youngins, you can also create your own bundle with Percy Pig Express Tin chocolate pennies ($14.90) and Spencer Bear milk chocolate ($9.90). 

Shop on Marks & Spencer.

3. Da Paolo Gastronomia – Cheese & Wine Gift Basket ($150)

christmas hampersImage credit: Da Paolo Gastronomia

Yeah, we know it can be intimidating to buy presents for your super atas friends who love to wine and dine. Boozy Sunday brunches at Brasserie Les Saveurs, trips to Bordeaux – you name it, there’s nothing their wallets can’t handle. 

To show your thoughtfulness, gift them a Cheese & Wine Gift Basket ($150) from Da Paolo Gastronomia. It’s a literal basket filled to the brim with pecans, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Da Paolo Fig Compote, breadsticks, and some good ol’ prosecco. Hey, maybe you can jio them for a nice picnic at the Singapore Botanic Gardens this festive szn so you too, can indulge in the cheesy goodness.

For a more affordable option, there’s the Sweet Treat Hamper ($60) with spiced cookies, dark chocolate-covered almonds, and caramel and sal pearls dipped in blond chocolate.

Shop on Da Paolo Gastronomia

4. FNP – X-Mas Beer Hamper ($55)

christmas hampersThe X-mas Beer Hamper with bottles of Hoegarden and Corona Extra.
Image credit: FNP

Online gift shop FNP is offering a wide range of Christmas gift hampers to spread some joy this season.

Sometimes love is ale we need and what better way to show our friends some love than by gifting a selection of popular beers? With 2 different types of beers and Ferrero Raffaello White chocolates, FNP’s X-Mas Beer Hamper ($55) is sure to make their next beer-sipping lager than life.

holiday giftsThe Wholesome Christmas Hamper with snacks such as roasted nuts to chocolate wafers.
Image credit: FNP 

For those who aren’t into the hoppy holiday-esque gifts, FNP also has a Wholesome Christmas Hamper ($130) with a variety of snacks and a Chocolate New Year Hamper ($77) to ring in the new year in ooey gooey chocolatey goodness. 

You can also include add-ons like flowers and log cakes from $15$108 to make it even more exquisite and you won’t have to worry about it melting with their free same-day and one-hour delivery options.

Shop on FNP.

5. Body Shop – Nutty & Nourishing Shea Essentials Gift ($45)

christmas hampersImage credit: The Body Shop 

There are 2 types of people in the world – those who live to eat, and those who just eat to survive. As long as they eat 2 or 3 times a day, can already

For the latter camp, Christmas hampers filled with chocolates, snacks, and cheese may not be the best option. Don’t worry, we’ve kept that in mind while writing this list. Nutty & Nourishing Shea Essentials Gift ($45) is a safe bet for your friends who prefer splurging on wellness and #selfcare.

It has a travel-size shea shower cream, shea soap, shea body butter, shea hand balm, and small ramie lily all beautifully packed in a box and will make perfect gifts.

Shop on The Body Shop.

6. Bacha Coffee – Coffee Moment Hamper ($97)

christmas hampers
Image credit: Bacha Coffee 

We all have that one friend who spends so much on $6 coffee that they cannot save up for BTO. Aiya, the least you can do for them this Christmas is to enable their bougie coffee habits by getting this Coffee Moment Hamper ($97) from Bacha Coffee

Here are the items included in the set: a box of Sweet Mexico, fine-flavoured coffee bags, 6 pieces of candy sticks, and a Bacha Heritage Coffee Mug and Lid​ they can use at home to feel fancier. 

Shop on Bacha Coffee.

7. Toast Box – Gift Set ($22.70)

christmas hampersImage credit: Toast Box 

On the flip side, local kopi stans will appreciate these affordable gift sets from Toast Box. The $22.70 gift set, for example, comes with a jar of Toast Box Hainanese kaya, peanut butter, and 2-in-1 Kopi O Kosong sachets. 

We think it’ll make a great Secret Santa gift for those colleagues who always turn up at the office with kopi and kaya toast.

Shop on Toast Box.

8. Gourmet Grocery – Christmas Gift with Christmas Sleeves ($83)

holiday giftsImage credit: Gourmet Grocery 

We know it can be hard to experience wintery Christmas vibes in tropical Singapore. But to replicate a quintessential “British” Christmas, this Christmas Gifts with Christmas Sleeves hamper ($83) has everything from mince pies to pudding, honey, shortbreads, and comforting Yorkshire tea bags

To complete the entire experience, send them a link to Falling For Christmas on Netflix – so they can stay entertained with some iconic Lindsay Lohan scenes while snacking on the pies and crackers. 

Shop on Gourmet Grocery.

9. The Whole Kitchen – The Gift Of Goodness ($149)

holiday giftsImage credit: The Whole Kitchen via Facebook

It can be hard to shop for gluten-free friends, especially when gluten – a protein found in wheat – is a common ingredient found in many things from bread to sauces. Here’s a tip: head to Australian bakery and cafe The Whole Kitchen, because they’ve got a slew of gluten-free Christmas hampers like The Gift Of Goodness ($149)

It’s stuffed with a myriad of gluten-free snacks such as rock salt rosemary nut mix, peppermint cacao vegan cookies, almond rosemary shortbread, pecan spiced granola, and gingerbread stars. All hampers come with a lil canvas tote bag and are packed in a cute woven basket.

Shop on The Whole Kitchen.

10. The Dempsey Project – Truffle Hamper ($195)

christmas hampersImage credit: @thedempseyproject via Instagram

Truffle lovers, assemble. This Truffle Hamper ($195) from The Dempsey Project comes with a full-sized olive and truffle spread, truffle chips, truffle cream, extra virgin oil with summer truffle, and egg pasta with porcini mushroom and truffle. Imagine how many truffle recipes you’ll be able to whip up in an instant.

Shop on The Dempsey Project

11. Yu Xiang Yan & Simply Hamper – Mistletoe Dance Hamper ($112.20)

holiday gifts
Image credit: Shopee

Shopee may not be the first place that comes to mind when shopping for a Christmas hamper. But we looked anyway, and as usual, Shopee delivered. 

This Mistletoe Dance Hamper ($112.20) is the perfect WFO companion, as it comes with not just snacks and a Juan Tea floral blend tea set, but also an adjustable laptop stand, desktop fan, humidifier, and essential oil.

Shop on Shopee.

Christmas hampers in Singapore

Christmas may be a few days from now, but you still have time to scramble for last-minute gifts. And a Christmas hamper is a failproof gift option, whether you’re shopping for your friends, colleagues, or family. Plus, you won’t have to resort to impersonal gifts that they’ll end up regifting or chucking away. 

For more gifting ideas: 

Cover image adapted from: Marks & Spencer, @thedempseyproject & @janicewongsg via Instagram
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Original article published on 18th November 2021. Last updated by Samantha Nguyen on 15th December 2023.