Not-so-secret Santa


Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus can’t be far from town as all that twinkling lights, Christmas carols, log cakes and gift exchange begin to roll in. It’s the time of the year we all count down to, while racking our brains to hunt for the most ideal presents. A straightforward wish list would come in handy, but it’s universally known that most girls simply aren’t programmed to function this way.

You know how women work. When ‘no’ means ‘yes’ and ‘okay’ means ‘not okay’, it can get pretty tricky figuring out what they really want… or don’t. With Christmas coming right up, you really won’t want to risk spoiling the jolly season with a less than satisfactory present for that special someone.

So here’s an early Christmas goodie just for you – a cheat sheet of 10 things that she’s probably dying to receive this Christmas, but will never let you know.


1. To see snow during Christmas


Experiencing Snow at Hongkong Disneyland. More pictures from our album here!

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas it the tropical way, wearing t-shirts and shorts and still complaining about the heat. We do look forward those festive lightings along Orchard Road and Christmas carols looping in every mall, but what would it be like to walking in (non-artificial) snow wrapped in knit sweaters and snowboots? Sometimes we wonder.


You might think that air tickets for two might be slightly over your budget, but that’s not necessarily true. If you’re willing to splurge a little, you might be able to afford one of these ski resorts in Asia. Now, you can make her dream for a white Christmas come true! Now that’s a Christmas present she will remember forever.


2. A bracelet just for you


No matter how expensive a gift is, nothing makes a girl feel more special than being given something that’s one-of-a-kind. Compared to ever changing fashion trends and hefty price tags, the only things that stay etched in our hearts are effort and understanding.

I would melt into a puddle of goo if someone gave me a personalised bracelet that symbolizes milestone moments in my life. It doesn’t only speak of how well you understand her, but also how much you value her personal story as much as she does. She’ll never look at you the same way again. Promise.


3. Cute and comfy lingerie



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and so are cute and comfy lingerie! It might not be worn on the outside for the world to see, but only she herself knows how essential it is to own comfortably fitting intimates – it can make or break her day. 

Except she would never tell you about that.

Has she been naughty or nice this year? This has got to be the cutest way to tell her. And nope, we totally wouldn’t mind if it has some dorky Christmas puns on them, just like these festive undies. 😉


4. A home-cooked Christmas dinner



Don’t panic if you’re not especially talented in the kitchen, because good culinary skills are secondary. Besides the romantic ambience of a candlelight dinner, the fact that you put in so much effort to whip up a meal just for her is enough to make any girl melt.

So forget about reserving a table at some fancy restaurant on Christmas. Truth is, she’d much rather be spending some quality time with you over a home-cooked meal than squeezing through the crowds.


5. Couple Spa just for you two



Think therapeutic aromatherapy, skillful massages and hours of soaking in jacuzzi; there’s nothing quite as pampering for ladies as a luxurious spa package. Besides taking a break from the end-of-year busyness, it would also help her to look her best for all the parties and events to come.

Join her for a revitalizing couple spa this Christmas if you have a slightly higher budget to spare!


6. A tacky Christmas sweater



‘Tis the season to be ugly. The fashion police won’t approve of this, but who cares as long as Santa says yes! It doesn’t matter that these sweaters don’t accentuate figures like dresses, considering how they’re a gazillion times more comfy, cozy and warm to be in – exactly how Christmas should be.

If you’re not confident of your present, cover it up with a dash of humour. The unnecessarily tacky embellishments and clashing colors will be either hit or miss, but if you could potentially score a giggle from her, it’d all be worth it.


7. A unicorn to ride



Sometimes all we want to be is ourselves. Other times, a fancy unicorn.

Life isn’t filled with glitters and rainbows, but having a unicorn to ride on could do the trick. She’s definitely not going to tell you that she still secretly believes in unicorns and such, but watch her puke rainbows when you give her one. 


8. A staycation!


Staycation is the most fuss-free alternative to an overseas vacation, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special. Having a nice suite all to yourselves means you get all the privacy and freedom to celebrate Christmas, any way you want to! 

Throw a mini Christmas party in the room just for you two, exchange gifts in the middle of a pillow fight, or just nua in the soft white sheets all day watching really cheesy Christmas movies – there’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than doing whatever makes you happy. 

Check out our staycation recommendations and reviews here!


9. Mermaid blanket



Funny how The Little Mermaid wanted so badly to go “up there” in search for her prince, yet so many of us dream of growing out a mermaid tail someday and explore the mysterious underwater world. The world might not be a wish granting factory, but the designer of this adorable blanket sure knows how to deal with that.

If we can never be a little mermaid under the sea, then can we be one on land? Perfect for afternoon naps and just lazy lounging, this snuggly tail will keep her warm and cozy, especially if she always gets cold hands and feet.


10. A promise ring




Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day, you gave it away.” This year, to save her from tears, perhaps it’s time to change the ending of that sad song with a sweet promise. Even if it’s not the time to pop that ring yet, a less formal one along the way is always a lovely reminder to tell her that she’s deeply treasured. 

It doesn’t even have to be extravagant – Nomination’s classic stainless steel rings stand out from the crowd with their edgy designs. Pair tasteful designs and versatility together, and we’d be completely sold.


Deck the halls with boughs of holly


Any person would love receiving a thoughtful gift, but choosing X’mas gifts is never meant to be something to feel stressed about in the first place. After all, Christmas isn’t just about unwrapping gifts under a Christmas tree; it’s the joyous spirit of giving and receiving that makes Christmas worth celebrating!

Note: The contest below is now over.

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