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There’s only one thing better than a lovely Sunday brunch and that is having a free flow of champagne to accompany it. For me, the weekend is not only the time for us to unwind and relax, its also a time for feasting. To reward our stomachs gloriously after a week of hard work.

I’m a big time buffet lover, so although we sometimes pig out at the cheapest buffets in Singapore, when we want to treat ourselves we love to indulge in hotel buffets. These buffets have far higher quality and more diverse spreads that you just can’t find at regular buffets.

Previously known as Global Kitchen, Pan Pacific’s main restaurant was re-branded “Edge” after their 2012 refurbishment which saw the hotel take on a new elegant look.


What’s special at The Edge?

Our table near the window with the view of Marina Bay.

Being located at the third floor, the view isn’t much to shout about. But the restaurant just screams modern chic and its laid out very spaciously.

The special thing about edge is how they have seven different food theatres that prepare food a la minute. They are big on Asian flavours around the pacific plate so I guess that is where their name “The Edge” is derived from. So apart from the usual Japanese and Indian food, they even have a dedicated Malay station, not something you see at many buffets.


Also, their Sunday Champagne Brunch lasts from 12 to 4pm, making it one of the longest brunches where you can just leisurely take your time and enjoy yourself.

The Food at The Edge


We were absolutely overwhelmed by their bbq grill theatre, which was our favourite with Lamb chops, Omi Wagyu, Pork Collars and Mannafed Chicken cooked to your specifications.


Of course, you don’t want to miss their seafood station. The freshly shucked Canadian and French oysters are a must try!


The Alaskan King crab was easy to peel and very meaty.


Sushi station

Finally I was able to return to my table after a long time browsing, with a fresh plate of seafood.

It is my philosophy to start with seafood & cold dishes first at buffets. It gives you a better appetite and you won’t get full so easily. You should also actually eat your fruits first, as strange as it sounds its better for your body to absorb its nutrients that way.


Veuve Clicquot Champagne will be served to every table, feel free to bottoms up because it’s free flow. 


This specially prepared duck ravioli with truffle cream sauce and suckling pig were one of the highlights from the Western “Carvery” theatre.

Dessert at The Edge


I couldn’t take my eyes off from these little blue mini cakes called “Candy Crush Cake”. How creative!


Bryan had like 4 rounds of dessert.

Waffle with Chocolate and Pistachio ice cream

And some fresh berries and macaroon


What I liked the most was the huge variety at the seven different theatres. The Edge has without doubt one of the most diverse buffet spreads in Singapore. Highlights were the seafood section, BBQ theatre and dessert theatre which looked like a mini Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. I have never seen such a pretty dessert spread in Singapore before.

The only downside was the non-alcoholic beverage which seemed quick lacking. I asked for water and was just given tap water! I guess they really do focus on the champagne here so The Edge is great for those who love champagne and alcohol.

All in all The Edge at Pan Pacific was more than great enough to satisfy my hearty appetite.

The Edge at Pan Pacific Address

Prices start at $158++ for the Sunday Champagne Brunch. For those who are not big on alcohol, they have a really attractive lunch buffet (without Champagne) promotion running from Monday-Friday on weekdays, priced at just $50 SGD.

And under their “It’s time” promotion if you book 5 days in advance you get 50% savings, 4 days in advance for 40% savings and… you get the picture. What a crazy bargain!

Also, if you’re looking for a staycation, be sure to check out Pan Pacific Singapore’s special #SG50 package which starts at just SGD 258++! Incredible value for a 5 star hotel.

Pan Pacific Singapore SG50 Staycation Experience - Guide To Singapore
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Pan Pacific Singapore SG50 Staycation Experience - Guide To Singapore

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