The Centrepoint: Orchard’s new food-quake epicentre  


The Centrepoint has always been one of the mainstays of the Somerset strip along Orchard Road, opposite Somerset MRT. The mall is reopening in phases having undergone a recent revamp, and shoppers can already experience several first-in-Singapore food delights in a new precinct spanning 3 floors! We simply couldn’t resist heading down to check out what all the buzz was about!

Here are 24 yummy foods you can get at The Centrepoint now.


Chicken Up 


Centrepoint Chicken UpVery appropriate interior decor with chickens on the wall.

Taking bold moves to “up” the K-food game is Chicken Up serving finger-licking good Korean wings. And don’t you dare “chicken” out before trying their crazy The Centrepoint exclusives like Melon Bingsu and UFO Topokki!


1. UFO Topokki


Centrepoint UFO TopokkiUFO Topokki ($35.10++)

That’s not an alien on board the UFO – it’s deep-fried Snowy Squid covered in savoury Italian padano cheese. Caramelised kimchi, cheese fondue sauce, cheesy corn, kimchi fried rice and steamed egg make for one novel mix on this specially-designed hot plate. 


2. Chicken Up’s Mega-Sized Chicken Wings 


Centrepoint Chicken Up Wings

If you’re seeking some familiarity amidst the novelty, Chicken Up’s Mega-sized Chicken Wings ($12 for 4pcs) come in 3 comforting flavours: Ganjang (soya), Yangnyum and Spicy Yangnyum. You and your wingmen will be hooked because the sweet and spicy Yangnyum sauce is YUM. 

Centrepoint Chicken Up Wing SetPair the UFO Topokki with a 4 piece wings set ($39++) 


3. Watermelon (Subak) Soju


Centrepoint Watermelon Soju Chicken UpA refreshing cocktail that Koreans fondly refer to as Subak Soju ($38++)

This watermelon juice is served with a little cheek – an entire bottle of soju is emptied into this Subak Soju cocktail drink. Be sure to pace yourself because you won’t feel the alcoholic influence of the stealthy soju creep up on you. #subaksuperrabak


4. Melon Bingsu


Centrepoint Melon Bingsu

Melon Bingsu ($20++) served in a melon shell with vanilla ice cream atop, where the milky fine-shaved ice hides beneath a pyramid of melon orbs waiting for you to dig out. 

Prefer to roll with another melon? Their branch exclusive Monster Watermelon Bingsu ($30++) serves up to 5 or get the Mini ($18++) to share.  


5. Light Bulb Coolers


Centrepoint Chicken Up Light Bulb Coolers

These brilliant Light Bulb Coolers ($5++) were conceived right in The Centrepoint’s Chicken Up outlet. Mixing Thai soda with juices, prepare to light up your day with different flavours – lime, blue lemon, grapefruit, mango, strawberry, and more. They also come in different variations like sodas ($5++), juices ($6++), smoothies ($6++), lattes ($6++) and cocktails ($15++)

They’re the perfect thirst quenchers and the empty lightbulb bottles are yours to keep – they make lovely take-home souvenirs after a night out at Chicken Up!

Chicken Up
The Centrepoint #01-33H, 176A Orchard Rd, S238844
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily


Ollie Kitchen & Bar 


Centrepoint Ollie Kitchen

Ready to hop onto Ollie Kitchen & Bar’s burger bandwagon? With a selection of juicy burgers served up on an epicurean board and a side of fresh garden salad and potato wedges, these right here are the true “zhng-ed” burgs.


6. Ollie’s Signature Burgers


Centrepoint Ollie Kitchen

Here is Ollie’s Classic ($14.90). Deliciously assembled with red cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce and glorious caramelised onion goodness, this juicy burger made with 180 grams of Australian beef will make your hearts beat faster in anticipation for the tuck-in.  

Centrepoint Ollie Kitchen

Ditch the basic teriyaki chicken bentos for Ollie’s Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($17.90). Just biting into the massive char-grilled chicken fillet and tasting the citrus mayonnaise is enough to get you zesty for life again. 

Centrepoint Ollie Kitchen

BBQ Pork Burger ($17.90) – With pork patties slathered in tangy BBQ sauce with diced tomatoes and capsicum all atop a grilled pineapple ring, this burger is the definition of handheld heaven for pineapple lovers who swear by Hawaiian.


7. Pulled Beef Sandwich  


Centrepoint Ollie Kitchen

Ollie’s Pulled Beef Sandwich ($14.90) is not technically a burger, but it’s decadent enough for us to say “move over Subway!” Marinated in red wine sauce for two whole days, the tender beef shreds are served on sourdough, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise! 

You’ll have this sandwich any day over your BLT. 

Ollie Kitchen & Bar
Location: The Centrepoint #01-33M, 176 Orchard Rd, S238844
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily

Enjoy Ollie Kitchen & Bar’s The Centrepoint Set Meal Promotion in August (Mon – Fri, lunch and dinner) with a cup of Iced Lemon Tea or Long Black AND dessert of the day for FREE with every order of burger, pasta or breakfast.   


Dapur Penyet


Centrepoint Dapur PenyetSpices served separately at Dapur Penyet, The Centrepoint

Indonesian makan typically comes with spicy belacan notorious for setting your taste buds ablaze. But Dapur Penyet is out to change things with their family-friendly menu that serves non-spicy dishes catering to tots and adults who can’t take the heat. 


8. Classic Indonesian Drinks


Dapur Penyet’s got a spicy line-up of FIVE different sambals, including the balado for chili amateurs or rica for aficionados of spice induced agony. So get your contingency Iced Chendol, Ice 3-layered tea or avocado juice ($3.50 to $5.50) ready!

Dapur Penyet

Creamy drinks are the best remedy for the spicy sensation, so opt for the creamy coconut chendol or avocado juice – that’s more milkshake than juice –  served with a generous dose of gula melaka


9. Bebek Affair (Fried Marinated Duck) or Ayam (Chicken) Penyet


Centrepoint Bebek Affair

Dapur Penyet serves smashing Indonesian food spawned right on Singapore shores with their Bebek Affair (fried marinated duck) ($11.30) and Ayam Penyet Original ($9.50).

Your choice of poultry is served with a side of white rice, which is the traditional Indonesian way of enjoying this dish. You’ll be eagerly loading up on the crispy batter bits with every mouthful.    


10. Empal Bakar – Smashed Grilled Beef with Sweet Sauce


Centrepoint Empal Bakar

Forget the typical ayam panggang you get at food courts and go with the Empal Bakar ($9.90) or grilled smashed beef topped with the same classic kecap manis sweet sauce.


11. Ikan Joget Sunda – Indonesian Style Fried Dancing Fish


Centrepoint Ikan Joget

Have your eye out for their Ikan Joget Sunda ($12.50) – this is Tilapia or “dancing fish” fried to a crisp. The tilapia is partially filleted off the bones so there’s more crispy meat to devour without worrying about the bones.   


12. Satay Ayam


Centrepoint Satay Ayam

Indonesian Satay Ayam ($8.90) – The tender chicken meat falls off the stick easily and proves to us that satay doesn’t have to be sickly sweet nor charred beyond recognition to be tasty. Covered in a generous serving of peanut sauce, you’ll be going cray cray for this satay.  


13. Sop Buntat – Indonesian Oxtail Soup


Oxtail Soup Centrepoint

Sop buntut ($11.50) – For those looking for a healthier alternative to deep-fried meat, you’ll gravitate to this oxtail soup. The broth packs in so much flavour with potatoes and a side of warmth that seeps into the recesses of your heart.  


14. Nasi Goreng Nusantara (Chicken/Seafood)


Nasi Goreng Nusantara Centrepoint

Nasi Goreng Seafood ($8) – Dapur Penyet is generous with the ingredients so seafood lovers will appreciate the mouthfuls of fresh prawns and sotong with every bite. This fried rice is not to be missed, but if you’d rather pass on the shrimp, get this nasi in all its greasy glory with Nasi Goreng Chicken ($8) instead.


15. Tahu Telor Indonesia


Tahu Telor Dapur Penyet Centrepoint

Weekday Happy Hour Promo – Possibly the cheapest mini-meal in the Orchard Road vicinity is Dayur Penyet’s Mini Tahu Telor with Coffee or Tea Set going for only $4 from 2.30pm – 6.30pm, so if you’re on a budget, here’s where you can go!

Dapur Penyet
Location: The Centrepoint #01-59/60/61/62, 176 Orchard Rd, S238844
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily


Ministry of Food 


Ministry of Food is a food scene authority that has jurisdiction over serving hungry Singaporeans popular Japanese and Western cuisine. If you can’t decide between sukiyaki or thin-crust pizza, get them both at MOF.   


16. Parma Ham Thin-Crust Pizza


Parma Ham Pizza MOF Centrepoint

This Parma Ham Thin-Crust Pizza comes topped with mozzarella, rucola leaves, shaved parmesan and depending on the size of your squad (or appetite) a choice between 8” regular ($17.50) and 12” large ($20.50).

Choices are hard to make especially when MOF’s other signature pizzas come topped with smoked salmon, meatballs, even bacon and eggs! Just add $2.50 (for 12” large pizza only) to get 2 flavours in 1 pizza! 


17. Japanese Hotstone Rice


Unagi Hotsone MOF Centrepoint

This Unagi Hotstone ($19.80) is a Japanese bento served in a bibimbap hotstone pot, perfect for those who want to slowly savour their food and still get it piping hot. Complete your meal by topping up $5.80 for miso soup, edamame and chawanmushi.

If you like eel or unagi, MOF offers Unagi Supreme Bibimbap Hotstone ($19.80) and Unagi Supreme Tofu Avocado Hotstone ($21.80) plus other hotstone creations up your eel-lley.


18. Matcha Imo


Matcha Imo MOF Centrepoint

If you prefer desserts with both hot and cold elements, MOF’s Matcha Imo ($7.20) has Hokkaido soft-serve ice cream served on premium air-flown Japanese Sweet Potato Fritters, doused with red bean paste and matcha sauce! 

It’s totally oishi IMO. 


19. Ichigo Daifuku 


Ichigo Daifuku MOF Centrepoint

Round your meal up with Ichigo Daifuku ($7.20) – A dainty dessert with a strawberry centre surrounded by sweet Hokkaido red bean paste and wrapped in gyuuhi skin (a softer form of mochi). 


20. Iced Mint Yuzu Tea


Iced Yuzu Mint Tea

These jugs of Iced Mint Yuzu Tea ($6) aren’t made for sharing. The fresh mint leaves, ice blended with yuzu, makes for a drink that tastes like a virgin mojito.

Ministry of Food 
Location: The Centrepoint #02-53 & #02-54, 176 Orchard Rd, S238844
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily


Souper Tang    


With 18 outlets in Malaysia and counting, this is Souper Tang’s first Singapore store.  Cleverly incorporating nourishing traditional Chinese medicine into our favourite dishes, dine guilt-free knowing that your grandmother would gladly approve.


21. Souper Tang Signature Soup


Souper Tang Singapore

Expect food at Souper Tang to be superb because their soup shifus (masters) come in 6 hours before operations begin at their flagship store in Singapore to intricately concoct this nourishing broth – Souper Tang Signature Soup ($26.90 for 2 pax).

Chicken, fish maw, pork belly, dried scallops, ginseng root, American ginseng and tons of TLC have gone into the double-boiling process. If you enjoy this, recreate the goodness at home with their pre-packaged soups available for purchase from the merchandise section. 


22. Home Braised Pork Belly in Rich Dark Sauce


Souper Tang Braised Pork

Home Braised Pork Belly in Rich Dark Sauce ($18.90) – Right here is no ordinary kong bak, served on a sizzling hotplate with a pandan bun. The savoury pork is braised with angelica root, which improves blood circulation. 

We hope the angelica root negates the effects of all the fatty food consumption!  


23. Vegan Mee Suah


Souper Tang Vegan Mee Suah Singapore

Vegan food doesn’t have to be bland to be healthy, you can now enjoy Vegan Mee Suah ($11.90) with a substantial side of shiitake mushrooms and broccoli to ease the post pork belly guilt!



24. Homemade Caramel Ginger Beancurd


Homemade Caramel Ginger Beancurd Souper Tang Centrepoint

Homemade Caramel Ginger Beancurd ($3.90) –  No need to travel to Old Airport Road for your beancurd fix. Head to Souper Tang for its soft white curd topped with caramel and ginger syrup!

You’ll have no qualms eating somebody else’s tofu when they’re not looking.  

Souper Tang
Location: The Centrepoint #02-52 & #02-K01, 176 Orchard Rd, S238844
Opening Hours: 11.30AM – 10PM Daily


The Centrepoint puts the world on your plate


We want a cuisine selection from all the over the world and in the most unheard of combinations! Bring on everything from the duck drumstick penyets to pork belly with TCM benefits.

Honolulu Cafe Singapore CentrepointEgg Tarts at Honolulu Café Source

With several first-in-Singapore brands like Souper Tang, Honolulu Café, Mak’s Noodles and also Honolulu Café, The Centrepoint’s trailblazing the transformation of the Orchard food scene. Yes, the delicious HK style egg tarts and pineapple buns compelled me to mention the cafe twice.  

Classic favourites Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Din Tai Feng, Crystal Jade, and even top dessert place Ji De Chi of Liang Seah Street fame can also be found here now.

World on a Plate Centrepoint

From now till 14 August ‘16, The Centrepoint is serving you the World on a Plate. Spend a minimum of $50 and enjoy 2-hour free weekday lunch-time parking from 12pm – 2pm (maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts including a receipt of at least $20 from any F&B outlet) or chalk up  $100 worth of receipts (including at least $20 from any F&B outlet) and receive a $10 The Centrepoint Gift Card + dining vouchers! 

We’re sure even after all the shopping you won’t forget the real reason you’re there: to EAT! 


This post was brought to you by Frasers Centrepoint Malls.