Half Empty carparks 


Seah Im Carpark

All drivers know there’s an indescribable joy in spotting a single green bulb over a parking lot in a sea of red bulbs, or when we spy someone walking over to his car, ready to vacate a lot. Unleashing our inner Schumachers, we’d bend the laws of physics, making sharp turns in record time only to find we’re seconds too late…

We feel your pain, so here are 4 super fun places where parking lots are always so abundant, you’ll never waste precious time idling in the car park again. 


1. Feast on some of SG’s best food opposite VivoCity


Seah Im Food Centre

Tuck into the best food that Seah Im Food Centre, situated conveniently beside the carpark. We’d trek kilometres to catch the rarest pokemon at the nearby Mount Faber trail, but even the very best trainers also need a stable source of sustenance close by. Dishes you die die must try are the sliced fish soup (stall #01-18) and beef noodles (#01-44).

Seah Im Bunker

Seah Im’s World War II Bunker Source

Once your bellies are filled, see the Harbourfront area in another light, away from the hustle and bustle of VivoCity. The Seah Im World War II bunker is a minute’s walk from Seah Im carpark, hidden behind unchecked vegetation. Visit at night with your friends and see how “lucky” you’ll get! 

2 Seah Im Road, Seah Im Carpark
Mon to Sun (inclusive of Public Holidays) | $0.50 / 30min*
*Maximum charge capped at $4.00/day from 10.30pm to 7am the following day


2. Then work off those calories at Stadium Walk


The abundance of parking lots here is great for sell-out concerts at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, but these lots at the outdoor carpark at Stadium Walk remain underutilized on non-concert days.

Kallang Wave Mall Rock Wall

Climb Central’s Rock-climbing wall at Kallang Wave Mall 

Solve that problem by making full use of recreational facilities dotted around the National Stadium. There’s a rock-climbing wall within Kallang Wave Mall, facilities for racquet sports at Kallang Squash and Tennis Centre, and indoor courts at the OCBC Arena. There’s even an ice skating rink in Leisure Park Kallang! Even food courts here are sports-themed.

Kallang Wave Mall also houses Singapore’s first Japanese Onsen & Spa, Yunomori Onsen Spa, where you can rest your tired legs. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect there:  

Yunomori Onsen Spa - A First Look At The Newly Opened Japanese Spa
play button
Yunomori Onsen Spa - A First Look At The Newly Opened Japanese Spa

Tanjong Rhu Suspension BridgeTanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

End off the night with a cathartic stroll along the Kallang Basin and cross the Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge. And you’ll truly be at peace, because you won’t have to worry about tearing coupons or parking tickets because Stadium Walk is gantry entry! 

Indoor Stadium Parking

2 Stadium Walk, Indoor Stadium Carpark
Price: Monday to Sunday (inclusive of Public Holidays) | $0.54 / 30min*
*For Event Days: Pre-Sold Parking at $10.70/entry from 7am to 7am the following day.


3. Reach for the skies while riding the Singapore Flyer


Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer Parking

At Raffles Avenue, you’re not guaranteed not only a spot in the 284 lot multi-storey car park, but you can also reserve a spot for the best view in the island 42 storeys up in the air aboard the Singapore Flyer.

Flight ExperienceThere will never be take-off delays due to a lack of parking space Source 

If you’re craving for more activities at high-altitude, try your hand at commandeering your own Boeing 737 jet airliner at Flight Experience. In this simulation that pilots themselves use for training, you can take the Captain’s seat and attempt to take-off, cruise and land the plane! 

With such convenient parking at the Flyer for your access, you’ll go from car to plane in less than 10 minutes! 

Singapore Flyer

30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore Flyer Car park
Price: Mon – Fri | $2.00/hr from 6am to 6pm | $2.00/entry from 6pm to 6am the following day
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays | $2.00/hr from 6am to 12am | $2.00/entry from 12am to 6am the following day


4. Trek up Mt Sophia and Mt Emily at Dhoby Ghaut


This is your solution to overcrowded CBD carparks. At Wilkie Edge there are always empty spaces on the lower levels and the best part is entry prices on Sundays and Public Holidays are capped at $4.10!

So you’re still in walking distance to popular malls like the Cathay, Plaza Singapura and POMO but spared the exorbitant parking rates.

Emily Hill

But moving past the usual shopping malls, you’ll realise that there’s a green zone minutes away from Orchard! Soak in the green and tranquility, and live out your hipster dreams of doing pencil art at a garden in the city.

Mount Emily ParkMount Emily Hill

Mount Emily Park – a short walk from Wilkie Edge’s carpark.

It takes a quick 10 minutes to trek up Mount Emily, home to chic places like Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily and contemporary hilltop hostel Hang-Out@mt.emily.

Wild Rocket Mount Emily

Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily is well within walking distance Source

Kult Kafe Emily Hill

Kult Kafe at the “peak” of Emily Hill – it’s not really that steep. 

Wilkie Edge is also walking distance from the best Upper Wilkie Road has to offer, including Kult Kafe, a friendly neighbourhood bar concept that gives this repurposed colonial house a cool laid-back house party atmosphere. 

And if you have too much to drink for the night, you can leave your car securely stalled in the super spacious Wilkie Edge confines ($4.10/entry after 11PM).

Wilkie Edge Parking

8 Wilkie Road, Wilkie Edge
Price: Mon – Fri | $1.50/30min from 7am to 5.59pm | $1.00/30min from 6pm to 10.59pm | $4.10/entry from 11pm to 6.59am the following day
Sat | $1.50/30min from 7am to 1pm | $4.10/entry from 1.00pm to 6.59am the following day
Sun and Public Holidays | $4.10/entry from 7am to 6.59am the following day
*Season Parking At $190/mth For Tenants, Season Parking At $230/mth For Non-Tenants


Go the distance with Shell FuelSave


If you’ve always thought that drivers were taking their own sweet time to leave the parking lot while you’re eyeing them, you’re probably right! It’s scientifically proven that drivers take LONGER to leave a spot when someone else is eyeing it. Territorial behaviour much? And hey, we’re done waiting for parking spaces – we shouldn’t be tolerating poor parking etiquette and unavoidable fuel wastages. 

In a recent survey conducted by Shell, 75% of drivers believe that their lives would be positively impacted if their fuel lasted longer and had to fill up less frequently. We can definitely identify with that. 

Here’s the thing: there are simple ways to achieve this, but most of us don’t make the effort to change our fuel habits. One simple change could be enough to make you a happier driver, and help you find more time to do things that are important to you. 

One such way is to make the switch to Shell’s FuelSave petrol – with Shell’s Active Efficiency Ingredients. It improves engine efficiency and gets you a little further on each tank – clean valves, a lack of deposit formation and improved engine efficiency invariably lead to happier, less-worried drivers who spend less on upkeep. 

Shell is the creator of some of the world’s most advanced fuels, and Shell FuelSave petrol is designed to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption and manage costs.

You can try it out for yourself and find out how effective it is – pick up a log card that will help you keep tabs on fuel efficiency at any Shell petrol kiosk.

Shell Live Life Full-On Challenge Webisode 2

Ready for more action? Webisode 2 of the Shell FuelSave LIVE LIFE FULL-ON CHALLENGE with us, the Muttons, is out! Sure, we got a weight penalty in the last challenge, but will a few rocks beat us? Watch the video now and see if we get back on track. Oh, and look out for the fuel-saving tips along the way. They could help you answer the questions at the end of webisode 3, and a chance to win you $1,000 in Shell FuelSave vouchers! #ShellLiveLifeFullOn

Posted by Muttons In The Morning on Monday, August 15, 2016

In collaboration with Shell FuelSave, Class 95FM DJ duo The Muttons will put Shell FuelSave to the test on their Life Full-On Challenge webisode series, where they’ll travel to interesting places all around Singapore before attempting to head across the Tuas checkpoint  with at least ¾ tank full.

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This post was brought to you by Shell.

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