“Let’s Go Green” Carnival at Causeway Point


Causeway Point - Let's Go Green carnival

Image adapted from: Causeway Point and @teruteruwithcrafts

The green movement’s taking over the world by storm, with reusable straws and eco food joints leading the way. But going green is a massive lifestyle change – many want to be eco-conscious but have no clue where or how to start. With the Let’s Go Green Carnival at Causeway Point, there’ll be free craft workshops and book swaps to ease you in.

From 28th to 31st March 2019, here’s how to get started on a new eco-conscious you.


Join in craft workshops – carton pouches, sachet yoyo, & bottle cap keychain


Causeway Point - craft workshops

We don’t often think of the rubbish that piles up at the end of every day. But there’s potential lurking from within the plastic bags, all heaving with styrofoam takeaway boxes and plastic milk cartons. With plenty of craft workshops held at the Carnival, you’ll be taught exactly how to turn your rubbish into new items – everything from home decor to gardening tools.

Causeway Point - craft workshops

Making our own friendship bracelets from T-shirt strips.

From a self-watering bottle planter to carton pouches, you’ll be transforming the casually discarded into practical objects. Look forward to making items like tissue pouches, bottle cap keychains, and banner wallets.

When: 4PM-5PM and 7PM-8PM, 28th March to 31st March 2019
Admission: Free 


Admire a recycled cardboard art piece – Cardboard City by Paper Carpenter


Causeway Point - Cardboard City

An installation of Singapore’s landmarks – all made from recycled cardboard! 
Image credit: Paper Carpenter

No one expects cardboard strips to be the basis of a larger-than-life artwork but Paper Carpenter does exactly that. With recycled cardboard straight from the papermill, they’ve created stunning art for the likes of Changi Airport and Hermes.

Causeway Point - Cardboard City

For Causeway Point’s Festival, they’ll be featuring their newest piece: Cardboard City – Building Towards A Sustainable Environment. It’s an impressive installation featuring Singapore’s landmarks, such as the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay’s Supertrees, and Toa Payoh’s dragon playground.

You can stroll through the installation to admire the intricate details – it’ll remind us that we all play a part in keeping Singapore green.


Shop at the eco-friendly marketplace – essential oils & handcrafted dolls


Causeway Point - eco-friendly marketplace

Plenty of brands are moving towards the green movement these days, and they’re all under one roof with Causeway Point’s sustainability marketplace. There’ll be local shops like Teru Teru with Crafts, known for their handwoven dolls, and Evicene for their range of soothing essential oils.

Causeway Point - eco-friendly marketplace

Singapore’s first zero waste store UnPackt will also be there with a selection of dry food – no plastic packaging involved at all, so bring your own containers.


Swap books at the Mediacorp Capital 95.8FM Book Swap


Causeway Point - book swap

Bring your old books in to swap for new titles.

We all have dogeared paperbacks at home, with yellowed pages and creased bindings – they’re all loved but we’ve read them a dozen times over. With the Mediacorp Capital 95.8FM Book Swap, you can revamp your bookshelves with new reading material. There’ll also be storytelling sessions on 30th and 31st March (2PM-4PM) with Mediacorp DJs.


Shop and dine with eco-friendly brands


Causeway Point - eco-friendly brands

Pastamania no longer uses plastic.

The Carnival will help kickstart an eco-friendly lifestyle, but the entire Causeway Point is also supporting green living. Restaurants like Pastamania and 4 Fingers are taking part, with the former putting a stop to plastic straws, lids, and bags, and the latter discouraging straws with “Just Say No” stickers.

Cosmetic brands are taking part too, with The Body Shop donating 10 cents for every declined paper bag – they’ll donate your 10 cents if you opt for one – and Innisfree switching off non-essential lighting from 8.30PM to 9.30PM on 30th March for Earth Hour. Jewellery store Poh Heng will also stop serving bottled water on Earth Day as a stand against single-use plastics.


Going green at Causeway Point


Causeway Point - lights

From free craft workshops to an eco-friendly marketplace, Causeway Point is embracing all things green. If you spend a min. of $150, you’ll receive a free gift: a Tupperware container, reusable metal straw set, or tote bag – all to support your new habits. Here are a few other benefits you can look forward to:

  • Spend a min. of $180 for a $10 digital gift card
  • Charge a min. of $180 to your American Express® Card to get 2 x $10 digital gift card
  • Donate 3kg of recycled items to get a $5 Metro voucher *

*Only paper, metals, and clothes accepted. All recyclables to be cleaned before donation.

With the “Let’s Go Green” Carnival and eco-friendly tenants, Causeway Point helps you take the first step into embracing the green movement. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

Go green with Causeway Point here

Let’s Go Green at Causeway Point
Dates: 12PM-9PM, 28th to 31st March 2019
Venue: Level 1 Main Atrium, Causeway Point

This post was brought to you by Causeway Point.