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What’s the difference between a good party and a great party or event? The food. Unfortunately, finding a caterer that matches the occasion and the budget can be a momentous task… or at least, it used to be. Thankfully, CaterSpot has arrived on our shores to solve this issue, and make catering easier than ever before. 

The online catering platform organises the best caterers in Singapore into one, easy-to-navigate platform, that makes throwing the perfect party or event a snap. 

No matter the occasion they’ve got a menu to suit your needs. Search by event, cuisine or dietary restriction and find the perfect menu in minutes. Whether it’s halal-only or a spread of finger food, they’ve got you covered. 


1. Birthday parties for children


Give the little ones a big treat for their birthday! 

They’re only young once, so spoil them with the best sweet treats and finger food around. Kid-friendly favourites like hot-dogs and mini sliders are great for little hands to grab and go. 

Don’t forget…  Treats for mom and dad! Cocktails anyone?

Check out these caterers:

Jara Petit – for adorable cheese-cups 
La Bonnie – for colourful cakes children will love 
Marble Slab Creamery – for sweet ice cream cups!  

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2. Birthday Parties


Party like it’s 1999 when your big day comes around! 

It’s hard being an adult—between taxes, work and other ‘responsibilities’, we deserve to let loose once in a while! So when it’s birthday time, milk the day for everything you can with your favourite foods, favourite cocktails and ice creams! . 

Don’t forget…  To make a wish! 

Check out these caterers:

Artisan Boulangerie Co – for Western mini bites
Marco Marco – for an old fashioned pizza party 
Marble Slab Creamery – for a whimsical ice cream cake 

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3. Baby showers/Baby full moon parties


Host the perfect baby shower for your new godchild or baby cousin!

Keep the new mum happy with a delicate spread of all things dainty and beautiful.  Order in beautiful and simple treats  like canapés, macaroons and finger sandwiches, for an elegant spread that’s easy to nibble on while opening up gifts for baby!

Don’t forget… the goodie bags! Macaroons make excellent party favours. 

Check out these caterers:

Oh’s Farm Catering – for classic catering 
The White Ombré – for delectable gifts 
Temptations Cakes – for beautiful cakes 
Mum’s Kitchen Catering – for homey catering 

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4. Client meetings


They say the fastest way to a client’s heart is through their stomach. 

If you’re looking for something elegant, refined and most importantly within budget, CaterSpot’s specially-curated Client Meeting Packages will impress any client. Stick to the finger foods, and steer clear of sauces – they can get messy!  

Don’t Forget… your business cards, to seal the deal. 

Check out these caterers:

Cedele – for Western spreads
Amici – for classic canapes and high tea menus 
The Rotisserie – for mini sharing-platters 

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5. BBQ parties



Soak up the summer sun with an outdoor barbeque. 

Make the most of the good weather and give your guests what they really want: satay skewers, grilled veggies, premium meats.  A few iced cold beers delivered to the grill make it a perfect day.  

Don’t forget…  the accessories. Every master griller needs a pair of tongs! Some caterers even provide accessories, just ask!  

Check out these caterers:

The Caveman BBQ –for honey pork ribs
The Satayhood – for a professional satay chef to do the grilling for you
Katong Catering (Halal) – for halal buffets

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6. Cocktail Parties



Let loose over a few cocktails!

Straight up, on the rocks, with a twist, or dirty? Get the drink you really want with a cocktail station. Perfect for any occasion, from Friday Funday to office parties and everything in between, there’s always an occasion to partake.

Don’t forget…  bartenders. Hire a few and enjoy the night! 

Check out these caterers:

Skyve Wine Bistro – for free flow drinks
My Bartender – for onsite bartenders 
The Shake Affinity – for creative drinks 

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7. Boat Parties



Hit the open seas with a full spread! 

A booze cruise is all fun and games, until someone needs a snack. Make sure you have plenty of food to soak up the beer on your day out at sea.  Order party-favourites like burritos, appetizers and comfort food, and have happy sailors all day long. 

Don’t forget…  drinking water. You don’t want to get dehydrated out at sea!

Check out these caterers:

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill – for guacamole 
Marco Marco – for a classic pizza party

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8. High tea parties


Dress up a Sunday afternoon with a fancy tea party. 

Scones at home are the definition of a perfect weekend. Throw in a few finger sandwiches and a pot of Earl Grey, and you’ve got a day in that can’t be beat! Perfect for those hung-over afternoons, or a simple afternoon with the girlfriends living the taitai life. 

Don’t forget…  To make it beautiful with a traditional 3 tier serving plate. 

Check out these caterers:

Oh’s Farm Catering – for chocolate éclairs 
Cedele    z- for red velvet cake 
Katong Catering (Halal) – for halal sandwiches 

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9. Team lunches



Treat the office to a delicious spread, no reason necessary! . 

You don’t need an excuse for a team lunch— just call it ‘office bonding’ and make sure the finance department gets the bill!

Don’t forget…  The vegetarians! 

Check out these caterers:

Curry and Tandoor – for curry and tandoor, of course
Marco Marco  – for pizza 
House of Dim Sum – for barbecue pork pastry 

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10. Seminars


Network after the seminar over some good food. 

You never know who you’ll meet, or what connections can be made – so grab a plate and get talking!  Oriental and Western buffets are available, with options like curry chicken, sushi, fresh fruit and more available to please everyone. 

Don’t forget…  to make a beeline for the speaker and ask any burning questions!

Check out these caterers:

Amici – for classic nibbles  
Katong Catering (Halal) – for a halal buffet 

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Catering in Singapore made easy



Number of people, serving size, budget, and occasion. That’s all you need for CaterSpot to make  the perfect match. No swiping, no hassle, just your favourite menus brought to you quickly, right when you need them.  From Mum’s Kitchen to Cedele or The Rotisserie to Artisan Boulangerie Co, all your favourite caterers are there, and more are being added every week! 

Get your fuss-free catering done now!

This was a guest post brought to you by Caterspot. 

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