Affordable car rentals in Singapore

We’re no strangers to how crazy expensive it is to own a car in Singapore. Thankfully, we’re blessed with an abundance of public transport to ease the stress of burning a hole into our bank accounts. But on those special days when we’re racing against time or simply want to avoid the crowds, we may find ourselves forking out a considerable sum on services like Grab and Gojek.

If you’re not quite ready to own a car but want to avoid racking up a huge bill with taxi trips, you can opt for a more practical alternative while enjoying the same convenience with these affordable car rental services in Singapore.

1. Shariot – Off-peak rates as low as $1/hour

Car rental & sharing services SG - Shariot

Public transport in Singapore is a game-changer, with trips costing less than $1.80. But for an even better steal, Shariot offers affordable private ride from $1/hour when you opt for a Shariot Saver membership:

  • Super off-peak (12AM – 5.59AM): $1/hour 
  • Off-peak (6AM-5.59PM): $5/hour
  • Peak (6PM-11.59PM): $7/hour 

Car rental & sharing services SG - Shariot

With more than 300 cars available across 85 locations in Singapore, you’ll be able to book them within reach of your home and have the flexibility of renting as long as a day or as short as 15 minutes. 

Note: Shariot requires a refundable security deposit of $100 when you register. Drivers are required to be at least 22 years old and have two years of driving experience. You’ll also need to return the car with at least ¼ tank or else a $30 penalty fee will be applied.

Rates: From $1/hour (Shariot Saver Super Off-Peak) 

Shariot website

2. BlueSG – Eco-friendly electric cars with free parking

Car rental & sharing services SG - BlueSG

Operating as the first 24-hour electric car rental service in Singapore, BlueSG has been gaining popularity for quite some time, offering customers an environmentally-friendly electric driving experience. Not to mention, they operate on a flexible pay-per-minute basis. 

Don’t worry about scouring for parking spots as there are 500 designated charging points located around Singapore. What’s more, you’ll get free parking and be able to view the number of parking spots available on the app before you drop the car off. 

Car rental & sharing services SG - BlueSG

To book this set of wheels, simply filter the search to your location on the BlueSG app (iOS | Android) to see the cars nearest to you. You can then proceed to reserve in advance – or minutes before – and pick up a car where you’ll need to tap your registered EZ-link or BlueSG card at the charging kiosk to gain access. 

Rates: From $0.36/min (Basic membership) 

BlueSG website

3. GetGo – Easy registration with MyInfo

Car rental & sharing services SG - GetGo
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Getting started on a new app can be tedious, and luckily for us, GetGo eases the burden of manually setting up an account with an easy and automatic integrated registration process via MyInfo. Set up via the SingPass app (iOS | Android), MyInfo conveniently stores all your information from your particulars and CPF contributions to your housing and driving records.

Besides having insurance and maintenance fees covered, GetGo takes an extra burden off your hands by topping up on petrol, thus you’ll only need to pay for mileage. Plus, they offer a whopping 1,000 five to seven-seater cars across 900 locations in Singapore – so you’ll be able to find a car within the comfort of your neighbourhood. 

Rates: From $5/hour (Standard Economy) | $3/hour (Off-peak Economy) | $7/hour (Peak Economy) 

GetGo website

4. Tribecar – Range of vehicles that can also be driven into Malaysia

Car rental & sharing services SG - TribeCar
Vehicles for rent include motorcycles, vans, standard sedans and SUVs.

Road trips to JB may be off the list right now but as soon as the VTLs are open, those looking to cross the border can travel with Tribecar’s range of vehicles for no additional cost. Not only are the vehicles available 24/7, but they are also parked within walking distance from MRT stations and are available for private hire services. 

Note: Those with P-plate (less than two years of driving experience) can also drive with Tribecar.

Rates: From $0.50/hour

Tribecar website

5. CarClub – Pet-friendly vehicles with free disinfectant and sanitisers

Car rental & sharing services SG - CarClub
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Standing as the first car-sharing service provider in Singapore, CarClub stands out for its pet-friendly vehicles and clean initiative. They aim to give customers a 10/10 experience by providing each car a free bottle of disinfectant spray and antibacterial air fresheners. Plus, you’ll be able to find complimentary hand sanitisers at each station. 

They operate on a pay-per-use basis with different plans such as basic, value and a lady’s plan. Both the value and the lady’s plan start as low as $8/hour while the basic plan is $9/hour with access to premium car models. 

To take your driving experience up a notch, CarClub also rewards you with personalised discounts based on your accumulative rental hours – so the more you rent from them, the better your discount. 

Rates: From $8/hour

CarClub website

6. WhizzCar – Rent a car to do a side hustle with Grab

Car rental & sharing services SG - Whizzcar
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For those with a driving license but without a car missing out on their chance to earn a little moolah by being ride share drivers themselves, WhizzCar boasts a unique collaboration with Grab which allows customers to rent a car and commit minimum hours to earn quick money. 

Though fuel, road tax, insurance and maintenance fees are covered, you’ll need to meet a minimum of two grab trips per booking to qualify for WhizzGrab’s discounted prices: 

  • 1st hour: $6.51
  • Next 30 minutes: $3.26
  •  24-hour plan: $99.51

DBS and POSB credit cardholders are in for a treat as WhizzCar is having an ongoing promotion where new members can gain $200 driving credits and 50% off on the registration fee when they sign up with a DBS/POSB credit card.

Rates: From $$10.70/month (membership fee) | $10.86/ hour (Standard)

WhizzCar website

7. Car Lite – 15-minute car rentals for $0.60

Car rental & sharing services SG - Car Lite
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Car Lite

We’ve all resorted to GrabFood for those acai bowls or boba deliveries that are just a bit too much of a distance to travel for. If you want to save up, Car Lite provides you with 15-minute car rentals perfect for uber short distances.

For rates as low as $0.60, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of owning a car while paying a fraction of what public transportation costs. As a bonus, they allow you to drive the cars into Malaysia for an additional charge of $26.75/day.

Rates: From $0.60/15-minutes (Tier 1 Off-Peak Mon – Fri 12AM-5PM) | $1.60/15-minutes (Tier 1 Mon – Fri – Any other timing)

Car Lite website

Bonus: Drive Lah – Share or rent a car from drivers nearby

Car rental & sharing services SG - Drive Lah
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Drive Lah

For an alternative rental experience, opt for Drive Lah which lets you rent cars from drivers nearby or rent out your car at your own cost to others.

This nifty site functions as a car-sharing service where you’ll be able to select which car you want to rent based on the price and model of the vehicle. So select based on what suits your preference – you’ll also be able to leave a review after the experience. 

Rates: From $29/day

Drive Lah website

If you are just looking to get from point A to point B, you can also consider point to point car ride services.

Book a Singapore Private Car Charter.

Affordable car rental services in Singapore

PSA for those whose licenses have been sitting in their wallet for ages – there are plenty of car rental services situated across Singapore that’ll give you the advantage of car ownership without the financial commitment that comes with it. 

Whether you’re looking forward to saving up on transport costs or enjoying post-midnight drives with bae, this list of affordable car rentals will have you covered with flexibility and convenience.

Cover image adapted from (L-R): @GetGoSG, Car Lite

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