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Quirky Gift Ideas

5 Quirky Gift Ideas At Capitol Singapore’s Christmas Market To Squeal Over With Your BFFs

Capitol Singapore Christmas Market

Christmas is almost upon us. Cue the preparation of sumptuous feasts, rounding up our chosen five friends and… the last-minute hunt for presents. Getting the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be tough; after all, you wouldn’t want to be labelled cliché with yet another mug or box of chocolates.

If you’re looking for gifts that stand out from the rest, the Christmas Market at Capitol Singapore is just the place to explore. From custom hand-painted Christmas decor to a bubble tea-themed card game, check out these quirky gift ideas that will impress your BFF squad.

1. Adorable egg pouch from Hug Material

Quirky Gift Ideas - Egg Pouch
Image credit: Hug Material

If you have a friend who takes the saying “you are what you eat” a little too literally, the Crea-egg-tivity Lunch Pouch ($33) from Hug Material will be an adorable addition to their wardrobe. It’s compact enough to store daily necessities such as your face mask and portable charger, with easy access via a zipper at the back.

Quirky Gift Ideas - Popsicle Jacket
Popsicles Summer Jacket
Image credit: Hug Material

Pair the egg pouch with other equally creative products such as the Popsicles Summer Jacket ($82). Prices for all their items cost below $100, so you can rest assured knowing that there’ll be a suitable gift whatever your budget.

Price range: $12-$99
Get the Hug Material Crea-egg-tivity Lunch Pouch

2. Bubble tea card game from Teabbles

Quirky Gift Ideas - Teabbles
Image credit: Teabbles

Whether you’re a bubble tea addict or know of a few friends equally guilty of being so, the term is pretty much a Singaporean personality trait by now. Instead of nudging each other further towards an unhealthy obsession, surprise your clique with Teabbles, a card game inspired by the popular drink itself.

Featuring cards sporting flavours such as matcha, taro and oolong milk teas, Teabbles can be played in three different ways: Original Play, Bluff and Boba the Builder. Yep, you guessed it, you’ll challenge each other to become the best BBT mixologist with this three-in-one card game.

Quirky Gift IdeasImage credit: Capitol Singapore

In Original Play, be the first player with 11 points by fulfilling drink orders with ingredient cards. Bluff is exactly like the Original but with a slight twist – you can choose to make a drink with the right ingredients, or trick others into thinking that you did. Lastly, Boba the Builder requires you to fulfil bubble tea orders by gathering ingredient cards first, just like running your own bubble tea store.

Teabbles can be played with two to five players – perfect for a chill stay-home day with friends and family this year-end.

Be quick though – they’re limited in quantity and the only place you can grab them for now will be at Capitol Singapore’s Christmas Market!

Price: $26 (U.P. $28)
Get the Teabbles card game

3. Couple face masks & suits from The Flamingo Suits

Quirky Gift Ideas - The Flamingo Suits
Image credit: The Flamingo Suits

If all that staying home this year made you lazily resort to plain tees and shorts, it’s time to step up your OOTD game with The Flamingo SuitsThe local brand tailor makes suits for both him and her, that sport fancy designs such as floral and wave prints reminiscent of popular Japanese patterns. Apart from formal wear, they also make matching face masks for a full ensemble.

Quirky Gift Ideas - Face MaskImage credit: The Flamingo Suits

With their vibrant and intricate designs, these wardrobe additions will make a statement at wedding banquets and anniversary dinners.

Rental price: $180 (Blazer) / $200 (Suit)
Price range: $19-$799
The Flamingo Suits

4. Hand-painted and customised Christmas décor from Art d’Vent

Quirky Gift Ideas
Image credit: Art d’Vent

DIY-ing gifts require skill, creativity and time. If you’re lacking in any of those departments but still want a sentimental touch, a pre-made custom Christmas decorative item from Art d’Vent will be your life-saver, and might even trick your giftee into thinking you made it yourself.

Handmade gifts include painted jars with fairy lights and custom gift tags from $8. The former is even topped off with a Santa hat that you and your friends can put on for pictures during your party.

Quirky Gift Ideas - Glass Art PaintingImage credit: Capitol Singapore

For those with time to spare, try your hand at actually making a gift by attending a glass painting art workshop. You’ll be able to add a personalised touch by painting messages of love or their initials.

Price range: $8-$50
Art d’Vent Facebook

5. Dessert-scented shower products from Farly and Voe

Quirky Gift Ideas - Soap
Whipped cream or soap?
Image credit: @farlyandvoe

At first glance, these colourful and sweet-scented mixtures from Farly and Voe could easily be mistaken for desserts – except they can’t be consumed.

They’re actually dessert-scented bath soaps made from ingredients such as raspberries, cinnamon sticks and baked apples, while being soft and fluffy on the skin. These soaps are all paraben-free and made with vegan products too, so they also make great gifts for people with sensitive skin.

Quirky Gift Ideas
If Christmas could be described as a smell, it would probably be the Santa’s Baked Cinnamon Apples ($18).
Image credit: Farly and Voe

Price range: $18-$30
Farly and Voe Facebook

Shop more Christmas market merchants & sign up for workshops

Quirky Gift Ideas

Apart from these five gift ideas, keep a look out for plenty of other items available from vendors such as Alletsoap for Christmas-themed bath products,  Fawn Labs for organic clay masks and Layang Man for nostalgic gifts like a DIY rubber band gun. There’s also snacks like healthy pineapple chips from Ananas Republic.

You can also sneak a preview of what else is available from the virtual Christmas market online.

Quirky Gift Ideas - Cooking Workshop
Image credit: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

Aside from shopping, those planning to prepare an X’mas feast or looking to flex their creativity can sign up for the various Christmas workshops. Aspiring chefs can opt for the Kempinski’s Yuletide Roasts Workshop and Festive Treats Baking Workshop, while parents and kids can create their very own miniature Christmas garden together.

Visit Capitol Singapore’s Christmas Market

capitol-singapore-christmas-market - cover image

With the challenging year most of us have had, some retail therapy this Christmas is more than welcome. Head down to Capitol Singapore to spread the joy of giving by picking up some quirky gifts that your loved ones are bound to appreciate.

Shop Capitol Singapore’s Christmas Market here

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Photography by Edmund Wong.

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