The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore SCAPE Orchard

If there are 2 things that Singaporeans love, it’s bubble tea and photo-worthy exhibitions. Just take a gander at the snaking queues for bubble tea shops islandwide, which seem to be multiplying at alarming rates. Not that we’re complaining! 

No matter the theme, photo op events of all kinds have also proved to be a massive hit, with attendees young and old showing up in droves simply to snap up a storm.  

In a match made in heaven for all BBT addicts and IG aficionados, The Bubble Tea Factory is a picture-perfect exhibition held at *SCAPE from 19th October – 18th December 2019. Here’s what the saccharine journey entails:

Boba Booster Pack with unique challenges and collectible cards

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba Booster Pack

Adding an extra thrill factor while you traverse through the photo zones, every guest will be handed a Boba Booster Pack which contains a set of limited edition game cards. 

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Collectible CardsWe’re in love with the hilarious pop culture references in the collectible cards, as well as the the little nods to local life.

Every pack is unique. If you collect 10 different collectible cards, you’ll win a special prize!

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Challenge Cards

Besides serving as adorable souvenirs, these cards also present a series of fun dares and challenges for you and the squad to tackle on-site. Perfect for those with a slight competitive streak! Every pack contains a different combination of cards, with challenges like “Take a selfie with a stranger you met at The Bubble Tea Factory”.

Photo Zones – straw forest, pearl pit & and bubble tea airlines

Have your cameras at the ready and make sure you have plenty of data storage to spare; The Bubble Tea Factory comprises of over 10 different photo zones each with a new and visually-captivating theme. 

Set across a sprawling 7,000-sq ft space, prepare to strike endless poses against the numerous backdrops and interactive set-ups of various aesthetics, from pastel and cutesy to chic and badass.

Enchanted Forest

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Enchanted Forest Straws

One of the most iconic aspects of our beloved beverage other than the tea and pearls themselves: those thicc straws which transport all the yummy goodness right where they belong.

Step into mythical forest of illuminated straws where, instead of tall trees, towering bubble tea straws will be lining the path for some tunnel-illusion shots.

Blue Coral Utapioca

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Blue Coral Utapioca

What do you call a utopia for folks who can’t get enough of those bouncy, chewy tapioca pearls? Utapioca.

The Blue Coral Utapioca is populated by larger-than-life boba trees you can lounge under. The cups are filled with air vents which make the pearls dance around in majestic flight. Great for Boomerang shots!

Wrap Zone

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Shiny Wrap Zone

If, like a magpie, you’re drawn to all things glittery and iridescent, the Wrap Zone will be right up your alley. The best part about this photo zone is the way light bounces off all corners, lending a soft and natural glow to your portraits no matter which angles you’re serving. 

Boba Ballin’

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba Ballin'

If you’ve ever fantasised about rolling in riches Money Heist-style, here’s your chance. Boba Ballin’ is a too-cool-for-school photo zone dripping with lavish details and a sophisticated green-and-gold aesthetic.

Take a dip in the bathtub filled with wads of cash! Pssst…the gold toilet bowl is chock full of money too.

A pathway to hidden galaxies

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Hidden Galaxy

Tip: Hidden within The Bubble Tea Factory is a secret room you just might miss if you don’t keep your eyes peeled. 

If you manage to find it, however, opening the doors to the psychedelic infinity room will likely take your breath away. This spectacular set-up will send you to the deep end of an awe-inspiring pearl-filled galaxy. A.k.a the kind of world we want to live in!

Taro-bly Wreck & Boba-jection

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Dose Of BBT IV Drip

Venture to a pair of cosy nooks each fitted with a quirky photo element, giving you perfectly-framed statement shots. 

We’re going ga-ga over the hilarious medical-themed Boba-jection zone, where you can pretend to pump bubble tea straight into your system through an IV drip.

Next to it is the Taro-bly Wreck zone, where you can climb aboard and swing around on the wrecking ball. Oops, we mean wrecking PEARL 😉

Smells Like Tea Spirit

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Smells Like Tea Spirit

The folks behind The Bubble Tea Factory weren’t kidding when they promised a multi-sensory experience. Be surrounded by the heavenly scents of a fresh brew over at Smells Like Tea Spirit. The interactive wall lets you take a whiff of various fragrances, from malty and luscious to tart and tropical. 

What combination of aromas would be on your ideal bubble tea wish list?

Pearl Pit

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Pearl Pit

No matter what age or gender, nothing beats diving into a ball pit and feeling the weight of the world dissipate as you wade through plastic orbs. Level-up that experience with the gorgeous lilac Pearl Pit, filled with 100,000 pastel purple balls reminiscent of taro pearls. 

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Tapioca Pearl PitYou can even pose with big tapioca scoopers as props!

Pearlsonality Chamber

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Confetti Room Pearlsonality Chamber

It’s hard not to break out in a fit of giggles when a powerful explosion of rainbow confetti rains all over you. The Pearlsonality Chamber is fitted with a confetti cannon on the ceiling, making for A+ Boomerang shots of the colourful blizzard.


The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Air BBT Airplane
“Welcome aboard, passengers. Thank you for choosing to fly with Air BBT.”

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Air BBT Airline

Take to the skies in a unique aircraft interior, fashioned after bubble tea themes with fake bubble tea in fancy champagne glasses and LCD airplane windows where you can peek out to see “milk-tea way” animations. 

Free bubble tea for all visitors

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Free Cup Boba Jenjudan

Conclude a splendid trip to The Bubble Tea Factory with none other than a free cup of slurp-a-licious bubble tea. Redemption is simple, just hand over the “Free Bubble Tea” power-up card from your personal Booster Pack!

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Free Snacks

There’s also a snack redemption booth located next to the Taro-bly Wreck and Boba-jection photo zones. We won’t spoil the surprise of what the array of bite-sized boba treats entail, but we’re confident that they’ll delight any sweet tooth.

Merch area – boba-themed accessories, snacks and makeup

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba Merch

Commemorate your Bubble Tea Factory adventure and bring home an exclusive souvenir from their extensive array of boba-themed merch.

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba SnacksBubble tea-flavoured popcorn, brown sugar flavoured bean snacks and boba milk tea pastries.

Of course, it never hurts to buy a couple of bubble tea-centric snacks to gobble on while bingeing Netflix. At this rate, our entire diets are gonna consist of bubble tea and its derivatives! Not that we’re complaining 😉

Tickets to The Bubble Tea Factory

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba See-Saw

Judging from the strong affinity Singaporeans possess towards bubble tea and #aesthetics events, The Bubble Tea Factory is going to stir up quite a flurry of excitement with queues as far as the eye can see.

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Happiness Wall

Leave a message behind on the Happiness Wall, where notes are pinned via thick bubble tea straws. Some of the sweet prompts include questions like “Who bought you your first ever bubble tea drink?”

To avoid disappointment, make sure to snag your tickets ahead of time and secure a slot for the exclusive 2-month long exhibition. Admission costs $24/pax on weekdays and $28/pax on weekends, with each entry entitling you to a number of bite-sized boba-themed sweet treats and a refreshing cup of complimentary bubble tea to stave the inevitable sugar cravings.

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba Bae Plushie

Don’t go home without this cuddly Boba Bae mascot plushie ($29.90). It’s the perfect gift for your loyal BBT kaki!

Early bird tickets will be up for grabs for the first 2 weeks of launch, going at $18/pax for weekday and $23/pax for weekend admission. Act fast though, as these opening special tickets are only available in limited quantities.

The Bubble Tea Factory Singapore Boba Bae Instagram Story Filter

Bonus: You can add a touch of boba flair to all your IG updates anywhere, any time with the special TBTF Instagram filter, created exclusively for The Bubble Tea Factory. The slight tinge of blush and cartoon boba cups are too cute for words! Find it on The Bubble Tea Factory’s Instagram page, available on mobile.

Find out more and get your tickets to The Bubble Tea Factory here

This post was brought to you by The Bubble Tea Factory.
Photography by Tan Wen Lin

Event Information
The Bubble Tea Factory
*SCAPE Underground Orchard,
2 Orchard Link,
Singapore 237978
19 Oct - 18 Dec 2019

Sun - Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu - Fri: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Things to note:

Admission: $24/pax on weekdays, $28/pax on weekends. Each ticket includes a free cup of bubble tea.
Early bird special: $18/pax on weekdays, $23/pax on weekends. Limited quantities available.

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