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Broomball JCube

In a bizarre yet wonderful combination of brooms and ice, the Canadians invented Broomball on Ice. Now that technology has caught up a hundred years later, we’ve finally got hold of this unique sport in tropical Singapore, available at The Rink @ JCube. 

Broomball is perfect for those office workers who’ve had one too many team bonding barbeque sessions or students looking for new CCA excursion ideas. Best of all, it’s indoor, and you don’t even need to know how to skate to play! 

Here’s the lowdown of this new and unique sport, that most Singaporeans don’t even know exist. 


How to play Broomball


Broomball, JCube

A bit like ice-hockey, Broomball is a quick-paced sport on ice. But unlike ice-hockey, it’s completely friendly for us non-skaters. With specially designed rubber-soled Broomball shoes, it means you can walk, and even run on the ice. Other equipment you’ll be donning include shinpads, helmets, gloves and a broomstick. 

Broomball Shoes, JCube

While it looks like ice-hockey, it’s more comparable to soccer. Like soccer, a coin will be flipped to decide which team defends and which team attacks. 

Broomball Diagram, JCube

When scoring a goal, you must be outside of the goalies area, as marked by the black rectangles on our diagram. If not, the goal won’t count – so make sure to score outside.

And for those easily-bruised, fear not. This is a non-contact game, which means you don’t have to worry about being knocked by one of those hard looking broomsticks! 

Broomball Game, JCube

Broomball Game, JCube

With a maximum of 8 players per team, a full game can consist up to 16 players, making it an ideal team building exercise. Each session is 2 hours, and booking the area costs $1,498 including GST. 

For this price, you’ll be getting all the equipment mentioned above, as well as the rental of goal posts. You’ll also have your own game referee too, making sure that everybody is playing fair and square!  


Benefits of Broomball


Broomball Gif, JCube


Having fun on ice


Jcube Broomball on ice challenge

Eager beavers who are curious as to how Broomball works can come by Jcube on 1 July 2017 for a free trial – and challenge your friends while you’re at it too!


Try your first Broomball game


Broomball Team Picture, JCube

Simple to pick up, trying out Broomball will have you coming back for more. And with Broomball championships held in Canada every year, who says that the next champion can’t be in Singapore? Joseph Schooling of Broomball, we’re looking for ya. 


Book your first Broomball session at The Rink @ JCube!

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