Botox in Singapore

Botox in Singapore

No one wants to look older than they are – if they’re past the age of 21, that is. 

But the cold hard truth of it all? The faint lines and creases we get when smiling, frowning, or merely lifting an eyebrow will eventually become deep wrinkles that stay permanently etched into our skin – forever. It’s natural and part of the ageing process but if we can do something about it then we most certainly will. 

We sent one willing tribute to try botox at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic. While they offer several botox treatments, ranging from on-label botox for wrinkles to calf botox for slimmer legs, our experience is primarily based on jaw botox and botox for frown lines

Common problem areas for botox treatments

Jasline’s main goal was to sharpen her face with a sculpted jaw. While she already had a defined face shape, she wanted to get rid of any excess bulk around her jawline. No one else noticed but she pointed out that her lower cheeks might seem slightly puffy at times. 

Jaw botox
Contrary to popular belief, you can start botox in your mid-20s – it’s recommended for those with expressive faces as it helps prevent wrinkles and frown lines

Jaw botox was a viable solution for this since it relaxes the masseter muscle – the muscle that helps you chew your food. She was also keen to get rid of her frown lines, otherwise known as glabellar lines, which were noticeable if she furrowed her brows. 

Botox at Sozo Aesthetic

Even slight facial flaws that make us self-conscious, like an overly-squarish jaw or wrinkles, can be corrected with the right botox treatment. 

Some of the most common botox procedures are for:

  1. Frown lines (8 to 25 units) – to remove signs of muscle contractions and frown lines around the forehead area
  2. Crow’s feet (8 to 20 units) – to remove lines near the corner of eyes, from squinting, smiling, and raising the eyebrows
  3. Face slimming (40 to 80 units) – to relax jaw muscles for a sharper face shape

Botox can also be used for other aesthetic treatments, including slimming excess muscle bulk in calves and fixing downturned lips. 

Cost of botox in Singapore

The price of botox starts from $150 per session. However, this depends on the treatment selected – procedures for forehead lines and crow’s feet have a lower price point whereas jaw botox starts from $500 for each session as it requires more botox units. 

It also depends on the type of botox used. In Singapore, there are 3 approved brands of botulinum toxin (botox): 1. Botox, 2. Dysport, and 3. Xeomin

While all can be used for botox treatments, Dr Boey explained that Dysport is preferred for jaw botox – it diffuses well so that its effects are evenly spread across the targeted muscle. For frown lines though, he goes with Botox or Xeomin to specifically smoothen out wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. 

Botox for jaw slimming and frown lines

1. Consultation

Botox consultation

Before the treatment starts, Dr Justin Boey provides a medical consultation to make sure you’re a suitable candidate for jaw botox. He’ll first ask you to clench your jaw so he can gauge the placement and size of your jaw muscles. 

Botox consultation
Marking the precise muscle points 

In Jasline’s case, her jaw muscles weren’t overly prominent so less botox units were used. If you have strong muscles, this is likely to show up as a square-shaped and wider jaw. While Asian folk genetically have larger jaw muscles, it’s also a common problem for those who grind their teeth at night

As for Jasline’s frown lines, these were only visible between her brows if she made a greater effort to frown – which became quite apparent once she did. 

2. Treatment

Botox in Singapore
Before starting the treatment, a nurse will apply ice to numb the entire region

Jaw botox involves 3 quick injections for each side of the jaw with a fine needle – for Jasline, the entire treatment was over within minutes. It was a similar process with botox for her frown lines, with targeted injections between her brows

Botox for frown lines

When asked if it hurts, Jasline felt that both botox treatments were bearable. 

3. Aftercare

Botox aftercare
While Jasline’s frown lines didn’t immediately disappear, she noticed that it is now harder for her to frown.

While side effects of botox aren’t common, certain people might experience slight bruising, droopy eyelids, or asymmetrical smiles – it depends on the specific treatment you went for, but if you see anything out of the norm, it’s advised to let your doctor know immediately. 

You can arrange for a review session after 2 weeks or so for minor touch-ups. 

Things to avoid? No exercise and no alcohol for at least 6 hours after the treatment. In Jasline’s case, she simply went back to her normal daily routine – she did experience mild spasms in her jaw later that night but shrugged it off as it soon passed. 

Results of botox

Botox effects aren’t visibly immediate so you might only notice results after 5 to 7 days. As the effects are temporary, Dr Boey recommends treatments every 4 to 6 months

There was once an era of botoxed Hollywood stars with unnaturally smooth foreheads and overly taut skin, but doctors have since developed techniques of injecting botox to allow for natural face movement. You’ll notice that your muscles are weakened and wrinkles smoothened but your face is far from 100% frozen – you can still grin from ear to ear if needed. 

Botox at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

The magical elixir of youth doesn’t exist but we can still “fix” our acne scars, skin pigmentation, and saggy skin. While botox won’t instantly shave off 10 years, it’ll help treat signs of ageing like forehead lines, crow’s feet, and nose wrinkles. 

Find out more about Sozo Aesthetic Clinic’s botox treatments here


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