No place like home, no comfort food like mum’s cooking


What does mum mean to you? Some people see their mothers as a respectable “higher-up” in the family; a source of inspiration. Others regard them as their besties, confidantes whom they can turn to even in the littlest crises.

Regardless of the dynamics you share with your mother, the mother-child relationship is one of the world’s most special bonds. This Mother’s Day, Bosch gave three mothers a chance to sit back, relax, and have their children whip up a meal for them. After all these years of making sure they’re well-fed, it’s finally their turn to be pampered!

Their respective food cultures and heritages made for unique stories and after sitting down with them for a chat, here are our takeaways from each pair.


1. There’s something to be learnt from each other regardless of age


Joe & Mum

“Being Teochew, she has taught me some of her teochew classics. But she’s also very good with Peranakan, which is from my dad’s side. She has expanded her universe ever since I got her an iPad, and she’s gotten new recipes and information. That has been very exciting for me as a son, to learn from her and vice versa.”

On the day of the session, Joe prepared a Teochew yam cake, modernized with ingredients like luncheon meat, bacon, and smoked ham to give a bit of bite to it. It is a sentimental dish that his family has been eating for a long time since his grandmother first cooked it.

“I saw the contest and I thought it was quite interesting, especially if i could prepare for her on the context of social media. My mum doesn’t have FB and is always inquisitive about what’s happening out there. This is her first social media activity.”

Joe’s had a lot to learn in a family with Teochew and Peranakan culinary influences, and there’s little wonder why he eventually became a writer for food publications. But little does he realise that the reverse is true. As Gen-Ys, being versed in Facebook and Snapchat is almost second nature, but the same can’t be said for our parents!

It takes time and patience to guide your mum through her switch from iOS to Android, or to explain that she can’t use the zoom function on Instagram photographs. Parents want to be a part of your ‘world’ and if you’re willing to include them, like Joe, it’s all worthwhile.


2. You always make time for the things and people you love 


Charmaine Fong & Mum

“She was holding on to a full time job and managing medical sales for over 30 years, but she found time outside of work to go to classes. In the case of Kueh Lapis and Spaghetti Bolognese, she would learn from homemakers from that country of origin, and come back to experiment. She has a gazillion things at once, but she always manages.”

Charmaine’s choice of masterpiece on this special day is claypot rice, consisting of ingredients like chinese mushroom and lap cheong to create a Cantonese flavor. Her mum used to own a charcoal stove but has since gotten rid of it, so this is a nostalgic attempt to recall the familiar tastes of times old.

“My mum handled a lot of stress at work while juggling domestic duties at the same time, but she never took her problems home. That’s something I learnt from her – having work life balance. We look forward to Sunday meals, when mum will put in a lot of time and effort to cook fancy food like triple layer braised pork belly with yam.”

Being a mother is a tough profession as it is, but having to juggle work responsibilities makes it all the more demanding. In spite of that, Charmaine’s mum still made time for her children and a hobby she’s passionate in. It is one of the most important lessons she could impart, that when heart is put into something, time naturally follows. 


3. Change isn’t daunting if you take all the time you need to embrace it


Tan See-Jin & Mum

“After working and eating out most of the time, I start to appreciate my mum’s cooking a lot more. Sometimes, I would pressurize her to cook more. *laughs* Curry chicken is a dish my mum prides herself on, because my aunt would ask her to prepare this during Chinese New Year.”

Like See-Jin, many of us are guilty of enjoying our mum’s classic dishes without ever learning how to replicate them. This is the first time See-Jin is cooking for her mum, and there’s no dish more apt than her mum’s signature Curry Chicken, which she has enjoyed for years now.

“I went through a difficult period transiting from previous job to my current one, and my mum was always there to provide support. She motivated me to try something new and take my time. She taught me that some things cannot be rushed, and are better approached by taking one step at a time.”

See-Jin is about to move into a new home, and it would be her first time being away from her parents. Among the changes that lie ahead, living without her mum’s home-cooked meals has got to be a tough one to adapt. Huge transition it may be, but her mum’s advice has never been timelier. Embrace change, and pace yourself slowly thereafter.


A special gift, for a special woman


Every mother-child relationship is unique in its own way, but if one thing was apparent, it was the affection and love shared between the children and their mothers – expressed through dishes that symbolize their mother’s love and dedication to them over the years.

There was something heartwarming about the role reversal, as it brought to mind the times our mothers taught us how to fry an egg, or cook a pot of rice for the first time.

Happiness doesn’t have to be complicated, and the perfect gift shouldn’t have to involve an overpriced dinner at a fancy restaurant. This Mother’s Day, why not show a little love to the most important woman in your life with a heartfelt home-cooked meal?

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Forget the flowers and chocolates this May. Get your mother something that will make her work in the kitchen more enjoyable. Before you know it, you’ll be sampling a slew of new recipes! It’s a win-win situation.

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