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10 Things To Do In The Blue Mountains & Southern Highlands – A Countryside Vaycay 1.5 Hours From Sydney

Things to do in the Blue Mountains and The Southern Highlands


Imagine your entire self immersed in a misty blue haze. The air is crisp, and the lush greenery extends out towards the horizon. The mass of stars above twinkle right at you, affirming your decision to escape the concrete jungle at home into nature’s open arms.

You’ve just enveloped yourself in one of Australia’s most iconic landscapes: the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

This escape to the countryside begins with a 90-minute drive from Sydney – an easy gateway with Qantas‘ flights operating daily from Singapore to Sydney. And there’s more than just the Three Sisters, a rock formation that’s the region’s most popular tourist site. Think bushwalking, kicking back in a Japanese onsen, high tea and alpacas. 

So get your international driving license and your hearts ready. Here are 10 things that’ll make your road trip around the mountains be etched deep within your memories.


– Blue Mountains –


1. Abseil down a 150-metre cliff with the Blue Mountains Adventure Company


blue mountain

Start your day at the edge of a plateau with your heart thumping hard against your chest.

blue mountain

Look up, and you’ll see the bright smile of your proud instructor from Blue Mountains Adventure Company. Look down, and you’ll feel awe at the never-ending forest and a sinking feeling within your insides.

Then, drop: 

abseiling blue mountains animation

But not to fear, the Blue Mountains Adventure Company specialises in rope and climbing activities such as canyoning, rock-climbing and abseiling. They’re situated right in the town of Katoomba and offer access to many areas of the mountains for courses for every skill level. 

We took the introductory course to abseiling with our instructor, Gale.

You’ll begin your day familiarising your carabiners and sharpening your descent techniques by abseiling down a 3-metre rock face. Then, a bigger challenge: A 15-metre drop.

blue mountains sheer drop

When you’re ready, you’ll be brought to the final leg of your abseiling adventure: the 30 metre descent from a 150-metre tall cliff. To give you some context, that’s just a wee bit shorter than Singapore’s Pinnacle@Duxton!

Getting there

1. Contact Blue Mountains Adventure Company here. Prices differ from activity to activity.

2. Head out to the meeting point at 84a Bathurst Road, Katoomba, NSW, Australia.

3. Your instructor will take you to the abseiling spots.


2. Take a walk through the golden trees of Mount Wilson


Mount Wilson is where you can witness the changes in seasons at certain times of the year through the changing colours of the trees. 

blue mountain

blue mountain

Depending on the season, the leaves will transform from verdant greens to hues of gold. And being here at the tail end of autumn allowed us to catch them at their brightest reds.

blue mountain leaf

blue mountain chairExplore the estate on foot – you’ll find little picnic spots and serene spaces.

The many private gardens here are also open to the public for a nominal entry fee, averaging AUD$5 (SGD$5.10). Sculpted and well-maintained, these gardens offer a quiet respite away from the bustle of the main road. Our favourite was the Breenhold Gardens, where towering trees lined the roads. 

blue mountain

Address: 29 The Avenue, Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia


3. Indulge in a Japanese onsen with a view


Tucked within the mountains is the Blue Mountains Sparadise Bath House. Refurbished from an old-school Tudor house, the place has 5 outdoor Japanese onsens of varying temperatures, a herbal steam room, and an indoor onsen.

blue mountain

Upon entering the venue, you’ll be greeted by yukata-wearing service staff who made us feel like we were in a ryokan in Japan with their hospitality.

blue mountain

The outdoor hot springs turned out to be invigorating, and we could enjoy panoramic views of Lake Lyell as we had a relaxing dip.

blue mountain

The bath house also doubles up as a tea parlour with over 30 tea blends that can be enjoyed in a tranquil tea room. We ordered blends of Echinacea, Thyme, Sage, Balm & Ginger, and Lavender & Peppermint Green Tea (AUD$18 each)

blue mountain

Address: 259 Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive, South Bowenfels, NSW, Australia

Price: AUD$70 (SGD$70.40) per entry 


4. Stargaze from wherever you are at night


Being up on the mountains means that you’re often far from the city lights – and a little bit closer to the stars. With the night sky only lit by the light from your phone and your torch, it makes spotting stars a whole lot easier.

blue mountains star galaxy

blue mountains stars at dusk

Because of the Blue Mountains’ position in the Southern Hemisphere, the heart of the Milky Way lies right above your head. Start your late-night astrophotography adventure by experimenting with your camera – we recommend using long shutter speeds and fast apertures. It won’t be long before you achieve shots like these: 

blue mountains star portal

Tip: Blurry photos may be aplenty as it is hard to estimate the focal length that it requires. Start off with an infinite focal length and work your way down. Also, bring a tripod.


5. Have a glass of fresh cider at Hillbilly Cider Shed


blue mountain sydney drinking cider

Boasting ciders made solely from apples and pears found within the Blue Mountains, Hillbilly Cider Shed is one of the best joints to taste and purchase cider fresh from the barrel. 

hillbilly cider shed barrels

There are a total of 6 distinct ciders that Hillbilly Cider Shed produces but the one cider that caught our eyes (and palate) is the Non-alcoholic Sweet Julie Cider. We were blown away by the fact that non-alcoholic cider can be just as complex as its alcoholic counterparts.

hillbilly cider shed sweet julie

With no added sugar, the ciders here release an aromatic fruity scent upon being poured into the glass and were a refreshing mouthful!

hillbilly cider shed blue mountain

Sitting on a wooden bench with a glass of cider in your hands – the life.


6. Check out the view of the Three Sisters from lesser-known lookouts


Most people flock to the Blue Mountains for a clear view of the Three Sisters – an unusual rock formation with an aboriginal legend behind it.

But you don’t have to deal with hordes of selfie-wielding tourists when trying to get the best view of the Three Sisters. Here are 2 of our favourite lookouts. 

P.S: They’re both less than 15 minutes apart!


Eagle Hawk Lookout


eagle hawk lookout

eagle hawk cliffs

Directly opposite the Three Sisters, this cosy little lookout allows you to take your time and take photos of the formation. If you’re here during the sunrise, you might even be able to observe the Three Sisters being shrouded by slight clouds due to its higher elevation.  

Tip: Try spotting the trams from the Scenic Railway creeping up at a 52° angle!

Address: 122A Cliff Drive, Katoomba, NSW, Australia


Elysian Lookout


elysian lookout

elysian lookout blue mountains

elysian lookout macro

Three Sisters aside, Elysian Lookout offers a 360° panoramic view of the Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary. Gaze upon the majestic 10-kilometres-wide mountain with eucalyptus trees all around, or in the colder months, witness snow which falls at the mountain’s higher points.

Address: Elysian Rock Access Walk, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia


– Southern Highlands –


7. Escape to the countryside with Downunder Farmstays


Wanting a taste of country life, we took our case to the Southern Highlands with Downunder Farmstays who led us to our lovely farm hosts – Tony and Sheelagh. Within an hour of our arrival, we were brought to our rooms and had a tour of their estate followed by a hearty lunch and warm conversations.

downunder farmways hostess

We interacted with the farm animals: sheep, chickens and even two charming alpacas. They were all surprisingly docile while we carried out our farm duties – feeding and rounding them up. 

downunder farmways feeding livestock

downunder farmways horned goat

With a piece of the Australian bushland right at the backyard of the farm, we took it upon ourselves to get on Tony’s tractor and went on a tour in true blue bushie fashion!

downunder farmways tractor

downunder farmways couple on tractor


8. Go foraging in the woods with chefs from Biota Dining


This is how countryside life should be: waking up for a coffee, grabbing a set of shears, and driving down the roads. But this time, take a chef with you.

biota dining new bud timOur new bud – Chef Tim.

Enter Biota Dining, which regularly runs farm-to-table workshops for aspiring gourmands. Upon reaching the restaurant, a chef will join you on a mini foraging excursion.

biota dining jeepMini-road trip in this jeep

We learned how to choose the perfect persimmon – soft and jammy ones – and how flowers could play a part in assembling a garden salad. We even had to harvest an entire bush of stinging nettles for our lunch! 

biota dining nettle harvesting

Lunch at Biota was as spontaneous as our foraging process. With some of the ingredients we picked up, Chef Tim whipped up a Goat Cheese Garden Salad with Persimmon and Pesto Dressing as well as a Spiced Pork Belly Taco with Deep-fried Nettles.

biota dining foraging dishes

Address: 18 Kangaloon Road, Bowral, NSW, Australia


9. Walk into a book lover’s dream at Berkelouw Book Barn Bookshop


Entering Berkelouw Book Barn Bookshop felt like a step back in time to the early 1900s. Iron chandeliers and wooden bookshelves lined the premises with a central fireplace keeping patrons warm in the autumn cold.

blue mountains sydney bookstore

On the shelves are books from every genre: Religious texts, romance, horror, and current affairs. You name it; they’ve got it. 

berkelouw bookstore blue mountains

book barn book picking

There’s no better way to spend a slow afternoon with a stack of books by your side, a warm meal and a fireplace right behind you. We ordered Margherita Wood-fired Pizza (AUD$25/SGD$25.20) and Braised Beef Cheeks (AUD$38/SGD$38.20) to share. 

book barn meal

The beef cheeks were slow cooked and braised in its juices till it dissolves right in your mouth while the pizza gave off an aroma of smoked wood alongside its herb-infused crust. Mmmm.

Address: Bendooley, 3020 Old Hume Highway, Berrima, NSW, Australia


10. Have breakfast and pick up some cards at The Press Shop


The Press Shop is a few things: a design studio, a stationery shop and cafe. And it looks straight out from a Scandinavian interior design magazine. 

the press shop

On one end of the store you’d see patrons sipping on a warm cup of latte while reading the morning papers and on the other, a vintage letterpress buzzing and producing gold foiled cards. 

the press shop interior

Open since 6AM, the Press Shop offers coffee harvested from the volcanic soils of Rwanda to early risers. 

the press shop mini egg florentine

For our breakfast, we ordered the fluffy Eggs On Toast (AUD$12) and the Mini Egg Florentine (AUD$12.50). More than beautifully poached free range eggs, the drizzle of oils and zesty hollandaise sauce brought about a refreshing start to our morning here. 

the press shop notebooks

the press shop browsing

The press studio residing here, Bespoke Letterpress, has been in the industry for over 10 years. After having your breakfast in the cafe portion of the store, pick up some gold-foil cards and customised stationeries for your friends back home. The years of experience the designers have will make your purchases worth your dime. 

Address: 5/391-397 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW, Australia

Weekday Hours: Sat to Sun: 6AM – 4PM

Weekend Hours: Mon to Fri: 8AM – 4PM 


Escape to the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands with FCM Executive Leisure and Qantas


Heading out to the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands felt like a much-needed respite. And it was a breeze getting there – first and foremost to Sydney on Qantas’ spacious Airbus A330.

Not only was it supremely comfortable, there was also in-flight entertainment and three full delicious on-flight meals (even ice cream for dessert!) 

qantas dramaWe loved how we could binge on box sets dramas on board!

It all came at a reasonable price – our two-way flight to Sydney on board Qantas’ finest fleet cost just about $1,000 each (currently on sale at $578)! Considering it’s a national carrier, with all the full amenities and comfort of one, we were assured that we were getting the biggest bang for our buck. 

qantas excitement over brochure

Our secret to getting such low prices was by using FCM Executive Leisure, a one-stop travel platform that prides itself on being the airfare experts. In other words, it helps you find the most affordable airfares among all the travel agencies – or even cruises.

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qantas cabin

Start your travels to Sydney with FCM Executive Leisure today!


This post was brought to you by FCM Executive Leisure, Qantas and Destination NSW. Photography by: Adria Tham