Because mums are #worthit


Gone are the days when I could cover drawing block with crayon scribbles, pass it to my mum, and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Now that I’m not 12 any more, it’s an annual struggle.

Once again, Mother’s Day is around the corner, and as has been the case for the past decade, I have no idea what to buy. I’m sure I’m not alone in this yearly dilemma. What’s the best gift you can get for the woman who sacrificed so much for you, one that encompasses just how thankful you are?

This year, one of the brands all mums seem to love is offering special packages to celebrate Mother’s Day. Eu Yan Sang has prepared some Mother’s Day hampers perfect to tell your mum you love her and want her to live till a ripe old age.

After all the cooking, nagging, and chicken essence-feeding you’ve made her do all these years, here are 6 reasons why you should give Mom the gift of bird’s nest for Mother’s Day.


1. She can use it to make bird’s nest jelly… that you also can eat


Eu Yan Seng Mother's Day

Most of us just consume bird’s nest straight from the bottle, but it can be used to add additional flavour and nutrients to many other dishes. It’s used to cook rice and congee, but it’s most popularly used to make bird’s nest jelly.

If your mom is a kitchen whiz, encourage her to experiment with using bird’s nest to spice up her recipes. And then you can help her eat it. Win-win.


2. It’ll keep her looking young


Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day Youthful

The best compliment Mom can receive at Chinese New Year is someone asking you “is that your mother or your sister?” It is timeless and has yet to fail.

Bird’s nest contains proteins with amino acids, as well as substances that promote tissue regeneration and cell growth – all of which come in handy when keeping Mom’s skin youthful and fresh.

She may not admit it, but she’s trying to hold on to her youthful looks for as long as possible  – this is your contribution to her noble struggle.


3. She can brag about how thoughtful her child is


Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day

Aaaand that’s the last time your friends came for a stayover.

Moms love to talk about their children, and waxing lyrical about their beautiful offspring is an inevitable part of any gathering of mothers. We don’t enjoy it when they start comparing us to their friends’ kids, but we know they’re just proud and want to show us off.

Give Mom one more thing to be happy about by buying her a beautiful package of bird’s nest – it’s a gift with additional bragging rights.


4. Bird’s nest is great for overall health


Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day

The 1456688th re-iteration of “when are you going to give me babies?!”

Bird’s nest has been said to be pretty good at keeping folks in the pink of health, and being in good health generally means living longer.

Help your mom live long enough to nag your children about having children by giving her the gift of bird’s nest – she’ll probably be glad to have great-grandchildren to spoil, and it’s even better if she’s in good enough health to play with them as well.  

Plus, bird’s nest has substances that boost your immunity, as well as hormones like testosterone and estradiol, which play an important role in regulating bodily functions.

And you know the good thing about not falling sick so easily? You won’t need to pay for a doctor, so you have more money to spend on other things. Yessss.


5. It’s your best bet when you don’t know what to buy


Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day

Buying a handbag for your mom is like poking a sleeping tiger with a stick. Either she’ll love it, or she’ll hate it, and if she hates it you’ll feel awful for not knowing her tastes well enough and that’s not a happy feeling at all. The same goes for jewellery, shoes, and even stationery – it’s often hard to pinpoint what will be a great gift for Mom.

Plus, can we talk about the amount of effort that goes into wrapping that gift that she might not even like? I have zero ability with wrapping presents – I consider it a good day if my packages don’t end up looking like misshapen lumps.

My usual attempts at wrapping gifts generally go like this:

Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day

The greatest thing about buying bird’s nest is that it comes pre-packaged beautifully for you – you can just hand the box to your mom without any wrapping and it’ll still look fabulous.

Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day


Eu Yan Sang has special gift boxes for Mother’s Day that take the pain out of wrapping gifts. With pretty, colourful packaging that is both elegant and classic, Mom will probably reuse the boxes for other things the way she does with the mooncake ones. Yay for upcycling!


6. It costs less than a jade bracelet


Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day

The one good thing about bird’s nest is that, while it may be pricey for something that looks like regular jelly, it’s still cheaper than fancy jewellery or a branded purse – and better for your mum’s health.

But at the same time, it’s not so cheap that it’ll make you seem like a penny-pinching miser. Your wallet is grateful.


Mom deserves the nicest things…


Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day

First of all, she had to give birth to you, after carrying you around for nine months. Then she and your dad had to actually raise you, which involved a lot of poop, tantrums, and whining on your part.

And let’s not forget all the times we refused to do our homework, or insisted on eating ice-cream before dinner, or ignored her instructions to wash our hands for the thousandth time. And then there were the rebellious teenage years with the awful fashion decisions and general belligerence. Yup.

After all you’ve put Mom through, she deserves a lovely gift that shows just how much you love her. And what better a gift than something that’s good for her health?


… So pamper Mom with what she wants!


Let’s run through all the benefits of bird’s nest as a gift: it’s good for health, it helps keep you looking young, it’s not too expensive, and it’s also a thoughtful and classic gift that everyone appreciates. What’s not to like?

But of course, when it comes to buying bird’s nest, there are a lot of fakes in the market, as well as plenty of concerns about whether or not the nests were ethically sourced. One way to do it is to make sure you buy from reputable places, like Eu Yan Sang.

Eu Yan Seng Mothers' Day


Eu Yan Sang has been in the business for 136 years, and they’re a familiar household name. Their products go through a stringent process of multiple checks before they reach the shelves – everything is sorted and checked manually to ensure that it’s the very best quality.

Eu Yan Sang sells bird’s nest is two different forms. You can purchase raw bird’s nests, which are cleaned by hand and carefully inspected, to boil your own bird’s nest soup, or you can buy it pre-bottled for maximum convenience with all of the perks.

Whichever you choose, Eu Yan Sang’s bird’s nest come in the prettiest packages ever. Whether your mom likes beautiful bottles of bird’s nest in lovely, brightly-coloured boxes, or prefers more the traditional raw nests in elegant, traditional packaging, it’s the perfect gift. Plus, their bird’s nest has no stabiliser, no preservatives, and are sourced only from quality cave nests!

If you’ve been fretting over what to buy for your mom, your problem’s solved. Head down to Eu Yan Sang and buy your mom a beautiful package of bird’s nest for Mother’s Day this year!

And if you’re too busy to head down, you can easily do all your shopping on Eu Yan Sang’s website  – they’ve already got all the Mother’s Day hampers packaged  to make your job so much easier.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get shopping to give Mom the best present ever.  

This post is brought to you by Eu Yan Sang.