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I admit I’ve been negligent where skincare is concerned. I don’t have a skincare regime and I barely even moisturize. Needless to say I needed some urgent skin rejuvenation before I started looking older than my actual age. 

I had already heard about Bioskin – the skincare and wellness centre that everyone seemed to be raving about. Bioskin was also voted as the Top 1 Brand in the facial centre category in the Influential Brands Survey 2014. I checked out their website and if even Zoe Tay was willing to endorse their services I’m sure their reputation must be solid. 

I headed down to the Bioskin premises at Central to try their services out for myself! 


Bioskin’s Skin Rebirth Treatment


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For those who don’t know, Bioskin’s Skin Rebirth treatment involves the use of Fractional Radio Frequency energy that introduces electrical pulses into your skin delivered via multi-electrode pins. To put it bluntly, your face will be receiving mini electric shocks.

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It may sound scary, but don’t be put off. This treatment has been clinically proven to have deep healing effects including collagen remodelling, skin resurfacing as well as the treatment of wrinkles, acne and acne scars. Compared to similar LED and laser technologies, Skin Rebirth produces the most visible results.


Day 1: Consultation



In reality I had two consultation sessions. Here’s why. I met up with Doris Tan, the Assistant Beauty Trainer at Bioskin. I was made to fill out a form detailing the skincare products and/or medication that I use on my skin, as well as the level of sun exposure I received in the past week. I explained I had gone to Bali the week before and experienced an allergic reaction on my face a few days ago. 


As the nature of the treatment involves deep exfoliation, Doris explained it was not advisable for me to go ahead with the treatment as it could potentially aggravate my existing conditions. I appreciated her honesty and genuine care for the customer’s skin and rescheduled my treatment for the week after.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Bioskin-4.JPGBefore Skin Rebirth – dull skin and wrinkles galore 

When I returned my allergy had cleared and my skin had time to rest from the excessive sun exposure from my holiday. Doris proceeded to do a skin analysis on my face to identify any problem areas. At the end of the consultation, I found the main problems were the pigmentation on my cheeks (freckles), the fine lines around my eyes (wrinkles) and the fact that my skin was generally rather lacking in moisture (dry). Despite all that though my skin was still grade A by their standards (yay)!


Doris explained the results of the treatment will not be very obvious for me as I didn’t have any serious problems with my skin i.e. scars or deep wrinkles but I decided to go ahead with it anyway as a means of pampering my skin. 


The treatment room was in hues of deep red complete with a sparkling ceiling. She started off by cleansing my face followed by a quick head and shoulder massage. After that it was time for the procedure. 

As my skin was relatively normal, Doris explained she was only going to use the Skin Rebirth machine at low intensity. For older women or those with skin issues that require a higher intensity, a numbing cream will be applied on the skin before the treatment commences. 


Doris did a test patch on my skin to make sure I was comfortable with the discomfort (the irony). It wasn’t unbearably painful, but it did feel like someone was lightly shooting rubber bands on my skin. I could barely feel it in the areas around my chin and jawline. 

All in all the process took about half an hour to 45 minutes. 

Was all of this worth it? I would soon find out.  


Day 2-3: Right After Skin Rebirth 



Immediately after the treatment my skin felt warm and tingly. This was to be expected after having undergone exfoliation on your face. My face was slightly red and the skin stung when I applied some lotion on it, but once again it wasn’t unbearable. 

On Day 3 small scabs started appearing on my skin but these weren’t visible to the eye and only noticeable when I ran my fingers across my skin.


Day 4-5: Recovery



During this period it is imperative to constantly be applying moisturizing lotion on your face and to avoid products that encourage peeling such as exfoliating creams or masks.

I could also see that my skin had been tightened visibly, and the fine lines under my eyes were also visibly reduced. 


The scabs were still there on Day 4, but were almost gone by Day 5. My face was also itchy during this period, probably a result of the purging of impurities in my skin. By Day 6, apart from it feeling a little dry, my skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


Day 7-10: Results



The more you moisturize during the recovery period, the more smooth and supple your skin will be by Day 7. My skin is now so smooth it is unbelievable. Most regular customers are so satisfied with the effects, they go back for treatment every month. 

I didn’t believe any kind of treatment would have been able to give such fast and visible results, but I was thoroughly impressed by Bioskin’s Skin Rebirth treatment. 


Thoughs About My Experience with Bioskin


The facilities at Bioskin were state of the art and the staff were professional and informative. Doris was extremely thorough with her explanation of the Skin Rebirth treatment and about the possible after effects it might have on my skin that pre-empted me for the post-treatment redness and scabbing. 

I also especially liked that I was not pressured to purchase any of the Bioskin aftercare products. Overall my experience at Bioskin was definitely a positive one and I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone looking for (literally) a new face.

For more information, visit Bioskin’s website here, or book a consultation at this hotline 6222 6777.


About Bioskin


Bioskin was created in 1996 with the mission to provide only the best skin care services to their clients. Bioskin provides a range of services using cutting edge technology and their own in-house products to meet the needs of Asian skin and the effects of the Singapore lifestyle, climate and urban environment on our skin. 

The brains behind Bioskin is Ms Mathilda Koh, who founded Bioskin at the tender age of 22 and whose dedication has made Bioskin the reputable skincare centre it is today. Even till today Ms Koh is actively involved in the running of the company in Marketing as well as Research and Development. For her efforts, Ms Koh was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise award as well as the Successful Entrepreneur award from 2010-2012. She was also the recepient of the Asia Pacific Women Entrepreneurs Award.  


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