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bioskin 3-in-1

In an ideal world, we have flawless hair which never dulls or greys, a clean scalp even after 7 days without shampooing, and skin so moisturised that it’s soft and radiant like a baby’s butt. But in the real world, you gotta work for perfection. Or – you can get someone else to do the work for you. 

Instead of booking separate appointments to get your hair and face lookin’ pretty and fresh, Bioskin has a 3-in-1 Korean Hair Colour, Facial and Scalp Treatment ($88, U.P. $238) for those who need the occasional pick-me-up, with appointment timings halved. 

Here’s my comprehensive rundown of the treatment process and final results. 

This article is a part of our Influential Brands 2018 series, where we highlight the most influential brands in Singapore. Bioskin has been awarded the 2018 Top Influential Brand in the category of Facial and Body Centre in Singapore.


Hair and scalp consultation at Bioskin 


The Bioskin appointment began with a comprehensive hair and scalp scanning session where the roots of my scalp were magnified on a large screen.  

scalp consultation

Although my scalp was on the oilier side, the consultant assured me that it was in a relatively healthy condition, save for it looking a little dull and lifeless. She explained to me that the 3-in-1 treatment would resuscitate my hair and give it an all-around healthy glow. 


Restore your hair from dull to fab 


On to the Korean Herbal Colour hair treatment. I was guided to a hair salon where I was given a silky robe to change into for the entire process. 

hairstylist bioskinI felt like a tai-tai being treated to a luxurious experience

My hairstylist recommended that I go a little lighter for my hair colour to bring out a lustrous shine. He mixed a bright yellowish-green hair dye and applied it evenly to every strand of my hair. The lavender and rosemary extracts help prevent hair loss, locks the black or dark brown dye in to the hair, and nourishes the hair follicles. It’s the ideal dye job for customers who have hair fall and greying hair concerns. 

bioskin yellow dyeDon’t be fooled by the colour, it’s yellowish-green only because it’s made from herbal powder which has a mix of purple lavender, rosemary, and yellow chamomile extracts in it. 

Since the hair dye was concocted without the use of chemicals, I noticed that the dye didn’t give off a pungent chemical smell like the ones from typical hair dyes. It came with a slight herbal scent, which was pleasant and somewhat calming. 


Get a personalised Quick Glow Facial for your skin care concerns


After the hairstylist was done with my hair, he wrapped it all up with a towel and ushered me to the spa room where a female consultant specialising in facials took over. She did a quick analysis of my face, noting that my dry, sensitive skin could use some hydration, exfoliation and brightening. 

stem cell facial

As part of the Quick Glow Facial, she recommended the Cell Fusion Face Treatment which uses a stem cell serum to lift dead cells off the skin. 

The serum was topically applied on to my face, then transported deeper into my pores with the help of microcurrents emitted by a handheld galvanic machine – a device that uses electric currents to refine pores and smoothen skin.

galvanic facial treatmentThe galvanic treatment takes about 10 minutes and is pain-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting zapped 

The microcurrents also enhances blood circulation, which is the key factor behind the radiant and supple skin that you see on Korean celebrities. 


Stimulate hair growth with a nourishing scalp treatment


Once the facial treatment was done, the consultant rinsed the dye off my hair to prep it for the Coconut Scalp Detox Treatment, which uses 100% pure coconut oil as a hair mask to replenish much-needed proteins into my hair while moisturising it at the same time. 

bioskin shampoo Not once, twice or even thrice – the consultant shampooed my hair four times to remove the dye, giving me relaxing scalp massages after every wash that’ll put anyone in a zen mood for days 

Before the consultant massaged the pure coconut oil all over my scalp, she applied a Stem Cell Scalp Peel solution all over my scalp. The peel was supposed to cleanse my scalp of dandruff and open up the follicles to promote better absorption of the oils. 

scalp serum

Once the scalp peel solution was rinsed off, it was time to lather the coconut oil into my hair and scalp. The consultant rubbed some coconut oil between her palms and brought it close to my face so that I could get a whiff before coating my hair with it. It smelled rich and creamy, like the fragrance that is released from burning vanilla scented candles. The scent acted as a relaxant and eased my nerves. 

hair wash 5 times

While we were waiting for the oil to seep into my roots, I was treated to a 10-minute shoulder massage to alleviate aches and pains that I didn’t even know I had. After 15 minutes, she rinsed out the oil, wrapped my hair back up, and sent me back to the hair salon where my hairstylist was waiting for me to blow-dry my hair.

hair curling serviceEven though this was not included in the package, my hairstylist gave me a little curling therapy just because he thought I would look nicer in curls. A+ for going the extra mile!


Before and After


The big unveil – my skin definitely received the glow-up that was initially promised. I was amazed by how my face turned out several times smoother with just a single exfoliation. The stem cell serum also did an excellent job of hydrating and brightening my skin after months of lazy skincare routines and general mistreatment. 

before and after

As for the hair, the before and after comparison speaks for itself. It was as if my limp and lifeless hair received Voldemort’s regeneration potion and took on a new, full-bodied hair-sona. The herbal dye brightened my tresses and gave it a dark brown sheen, and the coconut oil conditioned it so thoroughly that I couldn’t help but run my hands through my hair compulsively every 5 minutes post-treatment. I was mighty pleased with the results. 

The service deserves special mention as well – the consultants who served me were genuinely concerned about bettering the condition of my hair and skin. They also patiently answered all my queries about each procedure and were relatively knowledgeable about their own products and offerings. 

Here’s the best part – no hard selling. The consultants were more invested in ensuring that I received treatments which suited my hair and skin profile than getting me to purchase treatments I didn’t actually need. This definitely put me at ease and made me excited to return for a second visit! 


Bioskin’s exclusive promotion for TSL readers


bioskin front desk

The 3-in-1 Korean Hair Colour, Facial & Scalp Treatment typically costs over $200, but Bioskin is offering an exclusive promotion for our readers – you can enjoy the treatment for only $88, more than 60% off the usual price. You’d be hard pressed to find another spa salon which offers all-inclusive hair dyeing, facial, and two-step scalp treatment services anywhere else. All you need to do is to simply quote “TheSmartLocal” when you head down to book an appointment!

Besides the 3-in-1 treatment, Bioskin also specialises in a range of beauty treatments that are tailored to your needs and concerns. Dealing with acne scars and uneven skin is much easier with their Bio Dermabrasion treatment, and you can even get a full body scrub with a strawberry exfoliator with their Hydro Detox Spa treatment. Book an appointment at 6222 6777 for more information about their treatment options. 

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Photography by Thaddeus Lim