Bear Fruits hair masks

If you have frizzy hair like I do, you’d be more than familiar with the pain of having to face the day with “bedhead” – and it’s not the glamorous kind. Needless to say, self care isn’t just limited to going for body massages or facial treatments; our hair needs some TLC every once in a while. 

For those looking for some frizz-free respite, hair spa days don’t have to warrant a few hours’ trip to the salon. You can have one right at home with your BFFs with Bear Fruits’ colourful hair masks – all in just 30 minutes. Read on to find out more. 

Four colourful masks for all hair types

Similar to face masks, Bear Fruits’ hair masks give you different perks according to what your hair needs. Whether you’re looking for more bounce or extra hydration, they’ve got you covered with four versions. 

Bear Fruits hair masks

You won’t be getting any regular ol’ treatment either – these masks come with adorable matching shower caps to add a little playfulness into your at-home spa day. 

Bear Fruits hair masks

Frizzy hair sufferers, head for the Flamingo hair mask which smoothens and softens your hair. It contains aloe vera and argan oil to do the trick, and comes with a sweet tropical scent. Likewise, if your frizz is due to split ends and dryness, grab the Coconut mask. It uses coconut extract to moisturise and hydrate your hair, and has a glorious coconut scent. 

Bear Fruits hair masks

Those looking to add some bounce to your locks can try the Grapefruit mask. It’s filled with antioxidants to spruce up dull hair. For those in need of some intense repair work, the Avocado mask will do the trick with its nourishing and repairing properties. It comes with an avocado and citrus scent to make the experience all the more relaxing. 

Review of Bear Fruits hair mask

You don’t have to be an experienced DIY spa pro to use these Bear Fruits masks either. Simply wash your hair as you normally would, remove excess water with a towel and apply the mask cream from roots to tips. Put on the accompanying shower cap to avoid drips.  

Applying hair mask onto hair

It’ll take just 30 minutes for the deep conditioning treatment to work its magic, so you’ll have time to HTHT with your buddies while waiting. After that, rinse the mask off and you’re done!

Bear Fruits’ hair masks had me at the word “flamingo”, so I was pretty excited to give it a try. 

Flamingo shower cap

The entire experience was rather fuss-free since using the mask is pretty straightforward. The mask formula basically feels like a more intense hair conditioner, except that it didn’t yield to my natural frizziness even after I blew-dry my hair. My hair wasn’t as annoyingly puffy as before, and it even had more shine to it after the treatment. 

Before and after hair mask treatment
Left: blown-dry hair after my usual wash using shampoo and conditioner. Right: Blown-dry hair after a wash with just shampoo, and the 30-minute Bear Fruits mask treatment. 

Take part in the #BearFruitsFriendsChallenge

Aesthetic things should never go to waste, so if you’ve gotten your hands on these Bear Fruits hair masks, take part in their social media challenge to proclaim your love for your besties. 

Taking selfie with shower cap

All you have to do is take a photo or video of you and your friends having a “spacation” at home with your buddies using Bear Fruits hair masks. Apply the hair masks and come up with creative 30-minute challenges to do with these cute caps, whether it’s winding down with your favourite Netflix shows, or doing DIY manicures together.

Upload these onto Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BearFruitsFriends and tag @BearFruitsSG in the post. 

At $14.90 per mask, having a home spa day for your hair is an easily achievable feat. It doesn’t have to end at just a day of playing around with quirky shower caps – you can reuse these shower caps on any regular day. Just head to your nearest pharmacy such as Guardian to get your hands on all four masks for a self-care sesh with your closest pals.

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This post was brought to you by Bear Fruits.
Photography by Pichan Cruz.

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