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Bali Swing – Mega Playground In Ubud With Giant Swings That Go Up To 78m Above Ground

Bali Swing in Ubud 


Bali Swing, a newly opened giant playground in Ubud that boasts giant swings, will awaken your inner child. These swings aren’t your usual playground ones – they’re huge, and many are tied to sturdy palm trees. Thanks to Bali Swing’s location on the face of a hill, you’ll be getting spectacular views of the forest and coursing river opposite as you swing.

While the main stars are obviously the swings, which ascend from 10m to 78m above ground, there are also giant “nests” modelled after bird nests that you can sit and admire the view in.


Getting to the Bali Swing


Bali Swing - signage

Since the Bali Swing is really ulu, the best way to get there is to book a driver or a taxi, and go through a 30-minute drive from Ubud.

The good news is, there’s a free shuttle bus services from the “Queen’s of India” Restaurant near the Ubud Palace, 4 times a day. 

To book the bus, Whatsapp +62 878 8828 8832 or +62 877 7708 8801 with the day, time and number of people going. More information can be found here.

Bali Swing - filling up the form

Upon reaching Bali Swing, we were greeted warmly by the reception, and were given a disclosure form. Though it came with a contract stating that you won’t blame them in case of injury or death, it’s really for formality’s sake. You’ll be safely harnessed for every ride, and the structures are very well-maintained – there hasn’t been a single accident thus far.

Unlike the usual playground ones, these swings are high off the ground. Simply getting up on the seat would involve throwing your body weight onto it, with the staff pushing the seat under you. You won’t get the leverage of pushing yourself off the ground either since your feet will be dangling in the air. This means you won’t need to do a thing – just sit back and enjoy the ride while the staff give you a good push!


Attractions at the Bali Swing 


The Adrenaline Swing


Bali Swing - harness

As its name suggests, this ride is one which adrenaline junkies will love. Situated on the top of the hill, the Adrenaline Swing is the fastest out of all the others. 

Bali Swing - motion of the swing

Once on the swing, the staff will pull it back and heave it forward, sending you flying. Far above the trees, you’ll be able to catch people water rafting in the river below. The most shiok part has to be the rush of the wind as you whoosh back and forth on the ropes.

Compared to regular swings, this one definitely felt more fulfilling and had great momentum right from the start. You’re pushed about 6-7 more times throughout the ride so you can reach nearly the same height again, then pulled to a stop so you can safely dismount.

Bali Swing - high and fast

Given how high this particular swing reaches, leaning back far enough will have you nearly parallel to the ground – and the staff will egg you on to do just that. If not for the harness that has me safely strapped in, I was sure that I would’ve been thrown far into the horizon.


The 78m Swing


Bali Swing - 78m swing

Though there were swings starting from 10m above ground, we daredevils skipped the lower tiers and immediately headed for the 78m Swing

Bali Swing - good view from the swing

This swing didn’t go as far or fast as the Adrenaline Swing, and was less scary. You don’t have to wear a full-bodied harness for this – safety measures include one firm rope tied around your waist, held against the swing’s ropes. I was able to relax my grip and admire the view of the river banks from that stellar vantage point. 


The Forward Facing Swing


Bali Swing - front facing swing

Unlike most of the other swings, this one is inward-facing – instead of the forest, you’ll be looking at the hill, where visitors are milling about. The change of scenery is great if you’re feeling the heat from the sun, since this swing is in the shade. 


Heart Rock and Huge Stone


Bali Swing - not-really-heart-shaped rock

Although the Heart Rock is supposed to be in the shape of a heart, it doesn’t look all that obvious. Apart from the concave head with a dip in the middle, there’s little to suggest that the flat stone is heart-shaped.

Nevertheless, the view from this rock within the jungle is splendid. You’ll be harnessed with a rope around your waist, so you’re anchored even as you step out to the very edge and look out towards the foliage below.

Bali Swing - big stone

The stone is regularly hosed down with water to cool for visitors’ bare feet.

Next up was the Huge Stone, which protrudes far from the side of the hill. A ramp is placed by its side, which you’ll have to leap from onto the rock. Don’t worry, though – the staff will get up first and lend you a hand, then clip a harness around your waist.


Pods in the shape of bird nests


Bali Swing - hanging nest

Huge pods in the shape of birds’ nests are scattered around the playground and serve as quirky look-out spots. One of these is the Hanging Nest that’s wedged between two enormous palm trees. A ladder is placed against the side of the nest so you’re able to climb up, then promptly removed for you to get your magical “hanging in midair” photos.

Bali Swing - hidden nest

Walking down from the Heart Stone will lead you to a hidden nest down a sidepath. You might miss it if you’re not looking carefully, because it’s surrounded by trees. The bottom of the nest is cushioned, and you can get cosy while admiring the scenery.




Bali Swing - helicopter

You’ll be greeted by a splash of bright yellow even further down the same path, with a helicopter mounted at the side. Feel free to step inside and take a seat.


Things to take note of at Bali Swing 


Bali Swing - waiting area

There were few visitors when we arrived at 9AM. Once it hits 11AM, though, bus loads of them arrive – so we’d advise going to the hottest attractions – like the Adrenaline swing and the 78m swing – first.

Dress for practicality – though flowy dresses look wonderful rippling in the air while you swing, it’s worth noting that you might be scrambling up and down ladders and jumping onto boulders too. Make sure the slit of the dress isn’t too high, wear safety shorts underneath and try not to wear flip flops. 

Bali Swing - lunch buffet

For 35USD (479,500IDR, S$47.90), you’ll get to enjoy all the rides, as well as the lunch buffet which includes beverages. Though it seems like a hefty price, swinging time is not limited, and you can go as many times as you like. 

I wouldn’t recommend eating the food there, though. It was left out in the open – in sweltering weather, no less – and I spotted flies hovering around. Instead, pack along some food in case you get hungry, and just stock up on the bottled water from their fridge.


Swing along above the trees at Bali Swing


Bali Swing - nice swing

Bali Swing is worth a visit if you’re looking to experience the freedom and thrill of swinging high above the trees – it’s definitely an upgrade from any average playground swing. There’s the novelty of the nests and various other photogenic spots around the place, too.

However, go early if you wish to fully enjoy yourself, because long queues start to form later in the day, and you’ll have just enough time to snap a few photos before the next person gets impatient.

Note: Bali Swing accepts payment in USD and IDR. To book a visit, message the date, time and number of people going to +62 878 8828 8832 via Whatsapp.

Bali Swing
Address: Jl. Dewi Saraswati, 80352 Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kapubaten Bandung, Bali (Banjar Tegal Kuning), Bali, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 8AM-5PM
Telephone: +62 878 8828 8832