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5 Fuss-Free Facials & Treatments Catered For Different Skin Types In Singapore

Facials and treatments at Avenue + Co Medical Aesthetics

10-year challenges are stark reminders of how much can change in a decade. Fashion choices and getting rid of badly-cut bangs just scratch the surface of growing up. But ageing shows itself most on the face. While we bid goodbye to teen acne, wrinkles and sagging skin are now issues we have to contend with.

Thankfully Avenue + Co Medical Aesthetics has ways to slow down the signs of ageing. From a 30-minute hydrafacial to skin boosters, here are five facials and treatments catered for different skin types in Singapore:

1. Hydrafacial – Exfoliate and moisturise skin

Flakiness is something you don’t want for your skin. It’s a sign of dehydration, which can actually increase oil and sebum production that clogs pores.


To combat dryness, Avenue + Co recommends the Hydrafacial, which includes a cocktail of serums that will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. The serums are absorbed into the skin with the help of a suction wand that also pulls out impurities from the surface. What you’re left with is baby soft skin that’s supple to the touch.

While it might seem like a lot for the skin to go through, the whole treatment can be completed in as little as just 30 minutes. For those slogging a 9-6, you can pop by for a facial and still have enough time for a bite before lunch hour ends.

2. Pico Laser Treatment – Tighten pores and remove dark spots

As much of a confident kween Regina George was, she too, faced insecurities about her skin – huge pores. Pore-filling products can only do so much in a day, but a Pico Laser Treatment has effects that last for the long term.

pico laser treatment

The treatment uses a laser to fire tiny shots into the skin, which encourages elastin and collagen growth. Pores are then shrunken down dramatically, giving you an even complexion that even porcelain dolls would be jealous of.

You can opt for this treatment if you’re struggling with dark spots too. The laser shatters melanin, the dark pigment that causes freckles, into smaller pieces. Once destroyed, the melanin is then flushed out by your body’s immune system. Results are noticeable from the first treatment, but you may need multiple sessions to completely clear a sunspot.

3. Skin Booster – Improve texture and firmness of skin

When I hit 30, I noticed my once taut skin was beginning to sag a little. While I could get away with it in photos with angles planned way in advance, this was harder to fake in real life – until I heard of Skin Boosters.

skin booster

As the name suggests, this injectable filler gives your skin a little nudge in the tightening process with the help of hyaluronic acid. It’s a safe substance that increases hydration in skin cells, plumping them up so your skin feels firmer.

If the thought of needles scare you, there’s no need to worry. A numbing cream will be applied so you’ll feel nothing more than slight pressure on your skin. And just like power boosts don’t last forever in video games, you’ll want to get this treatment done every six months to keep up the firmness.

4. Thermage FLX – Boost collagen production for better skin elasticity

Consuming collagen like in hotpot soups and jellies has been a beauty secret for years. It’s been known to improve on skin elasticity that contributes to one’s youthful appearance. But there’s no knowing where that collagen might end up during its journey through the digestive tract.

To target a specific area, the Thermage FLX treatment will ensure it’s the face that will get all the benefits of the protein that aids in skin elasticity. Using radiofrequency, the machine heats up the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production over the next few months.

There’s no downtime for this treatment, meaning you can carry on with your daily activities once it’s over. And unlike collagen consumables that have to be eaten regularly, the effects from a single session can last for close to two years.

5. Fotona Laser – Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines

My mother likes to say that crow’s feet and smile lines are an indication of a life filled with laughter. Be that as it may, some of us prefer an ironed-out look free of wrinkles.

fotona laser

Here’s where the Fotona Laser comes in. It uses a type of laser wavelength that targets specific layers in the skin. Connective tissues deep within the skin are zapped into place, causing wrinkles and fine lines to smoothen out.

Besides fewer creases, the Fotona Laser works to brighten complexions as well. You’ll be able to gain back that healthy glow young ones are blessed with.

Treat different skin types with Avenue + Co Medical Aesthetics

No matter the skin issue you’re facing, like dark spots or dryness, you’ll be able to find a suitable treatment at Avenue + Co Medical Aesthetics.

doctor consultation

These facials and treatments are under guidance by doctors, who will first hold a consultation for your skin. They’ll then recommend something tailored to your skin’s needs and to address whatever issues you may have.

Post-treatment, there are follow ups with the doctor too. This is so they can check if the treatments are working, and make adjustments if necessary.

avenue co medical aesthetics JEM

While there are no guarantees these treatments will be able to reverse time, these ones will at least bring skin back to their former glory.

Find out more about Avenue + Co Medical Aesthetics here


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