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With Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, we know that all you party hosts will have a lot on your mind from creating your shopping list to setting the menu. To ease the burden on your to-do list and wallet, we’ve brought you affordable artisanal groceries ideas so you can whip up a fancy feast that will be cheaper than eating out or ordering food delivery.

To offer some inspiration, we’ve closed in on some of our favourite dishes from fine dining restaurants in Singapore and other holiday classics that are easy to recreate for a hearty meal this festive season.

1. Fresh New Zealand King Salmon

little farms salmon

Salmon is one of the most versatile proteins in the world of seafood. You can enjoy it sashimi style with minimum effort, lightly smoked if you’re not a fan of raw foods, or pan fry a chunk of salmon for a juicy fish steak.

Generally considered premium seafood when flown in fresh, it can cost anywhere from $20-$40 for a dish at a reputable restaurant. For the same value, you can get 2-3 portions of Fresh New Zealand King Salmon (from $8/100g) when you cook it yourself at home.

wakanuii grill salmon
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Here’s offering you some inspo for when you’re feeling a little fancy. WAKANUI Grill Dining Singapore has a Hot Smoked Salmon dish that we’re a fan of. Once you’ve smoked your salmon, garnish with pickled tomatoes and add a side of veggies or mash. Voila! Your restaurant-worthy dish is ready.

2. Premium Grass-Fed Beef Steak Sirloin

Premium Steak with fries by CUT by Wolfgang Puck.
Image credit: @cutbywolfgangpucksg 

If you’ve been to a top-notch steakhouse in Singapore, you know how expensive a good steak can be. We’re talking about forking out at least $100 per steak. But it is a true crowd-pleaser and so you have to have a beef dish for the ultimate festive feast.

little farms steak sirloin

Snag yourself Premium Grass-Fed Beef Steak Sirloin from $6.50/100g and don your apron to cook your fav style of steak. Added bonus: no messy arguments with the waiter on how rare or well-done you wanted your meat to be.

3. Baby Back Ribs

glazed pork ribs
Hoisin Glazed Pork Ribs by Flutes Restaurant.

Image credit: @flutes_sg 

Now, what’s a celebratory feast without some good ol’ barbecued pork? Cook it the classic western style served with cranberry sauce or make an Asian version glazed with hoisin sauce – no one is gonna judge you. You’ll need about 800g of Baby Back Ribs (~$2.70/100g) to feed a group of 4. And to make it more interactive, get everyone to join in and make it a BBQ party.

4. Burrata

Ooh la la, nothing says atas like some wine and cheese. And if we’re talking about cheeses, we can’t resist a creamy blob of Sapori Burrata ($19.98). Get your dinner party to have their cameras out to capture the milky flesh that oozes out from the middle once cut open.

Buratta with tomatoes and peaches by Humpback Singapore.
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If you want to impress your guests further, there’s an easy way to decorate your burrata dish with some sweet white peaches (~$2.90/100g), mint leaves, and grounded nuts.

5. Dutch Carrots

little farms dutch carrots
How fresh do these dutch carrots with their green crowns look?

Not forgetting the veggie lovers, a simple way to make a vegetarian dish in less amount of time is to use the vegetable whole. Eliminating the need for chopping and peeling, roasted carrots is an easy dish to pop into the oven and only requires 5 minutes of prep time.

Simply glaze some dutch carrots (~$7) with honey, sprinkle some sesame seeds over, and season with salt and pepper. Then, they’re ready to sit in the oven for about 30 minutes to soften before you can serve. 

Pro tip: Fresh vegetables such as carrots and celery sticks can be eaten raw so pair them with a dip such as a beetroot hummus for a simple and healthy appetiser.

6. Sliced Ham

lush platters charcuterie board
Image credit: @lushplatters 

Admit it, we all want a charcuterie board to be a part of our feast. Technically this one doesn’t even require cooking, just some creative and delicate assembling of goodies. So, it’s the easiest atas dish to recreate of them all. 

artisanal groceries charcuterie board

Since it’s the Christmas season we’d say get sliced ham ($16.98) but any cold cuts will do. Add a variety of cheese (from ~$7) with crackers and some fresh fruits (from ~$2) for that pop of colour. 

Fill up the gaps with nuts and olives ($10.98). Good to share and pretty for the ‘Gram; what’s not to love?

7. Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

coconut chocolate ice cream artisanal groceries

Not everyone is cut out for the science of baking. We’ve heard plenty of stories of cakes getting burnt and cookies turning out rock-solid. So save yourself the trouble and get a tub of Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream ($15.98) for dessert to serve with some fresh fruits.

You can make it even more fun by creating a DIY station for party guests to create their own sundae with various toppings such as rainbow sprinkles and nutella. Even the vegans will be able to join in thanks to the plant-based option, suitable for those with lactose intolerances too. Psst … the serveware is usually what makes it look like an atas dessert.

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amazon little farms artisanal groceries

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